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California people check in, please. My sister and nephew live in Chico, but they evacuated. The pictures of Oakland looked smoky--I can't imagine what it's like trying to breathe in Chico!
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Alive and well in Santa Monica. One of my regular hiking spots (Paramount Ranch) has apparently burned down and that bodes ill for my other regular spots nearby (Malibu Creek, Circle X, Solstice Canyon, Sandstone Peak).

I probably says something about the apocalyptic nature of living in Los Angeles that if it rained water I would not have anything appropriate to wear but I was already fully geared to handle ashes raining from the sky.
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Davis resident here (~85 miles from Paradise, as the crow flies). It's outrageously smoky here. We went to the mall in Roseville today, as the internet claimed the air quality was better there. It was hazy inside the mall, for Bob's sake. I can't imagine what Chico is like, they must be swimming in particulates. I don't have much to offer, but I have a floor for the night in a child friendly home if anyone needs a place to go.
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We're about 10 miles east of the eastern edge of the Woolsey fire. My husband was able to go by his office in Calabasas today, and found the power was on after being off on Friday. It remains to be seen if he will continue to have an office, or what would happen to his job if the worst happens, but alive is sufficient for now and we'll figure out the rest later.

My heart sinks at the weather forecast for tomorrow. The Santa Anas died down all day today, but it's supposed to be really bad again tomorrow, 30-45 mph winds in the bad directions through Tuesday with single-digit humidity. Air quality here in the east San Fernando Valley is okay, but we had Golden Hours starting about 1:30 this afternoon so it's definitely not missing us entirely.

We're about full up on human living space these days but I can make some floor space for valuables instead of trying to keep them in a car or hotel, if that's useful to anyone, and certainly anyone needing a few hours to do laundry and use the wifi/make phone calls, let me know. I'm in the 118/405 area.
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I'm in Santa Monica. There was ash falling from the sky today, but nothing like during the Skirball fire eleven months ago, which was my introduction to this Southern California delight. The air got somewhat bad here in the afternoon during the brief onshore flow, but it seems to have cleared up (which, I gather is bad for those directly affected by the fire, since it means the offshore winds are picking up again). In any event, I can offer my sleeper sofa (fits two), a couple N95 masks, and the washer and dryer in my building.
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I'm up in San Francisco, and between the fires in the south and the fire in the north, we got hammered by really shitty air quality yesterday and today. My poor Asthmatic mother is completely housebound for the foreseeable future, and I had to wear a mask to water the garden today. The air is yellow and thick, and there is this layer of smoke at the horizon... I can't imagine how much worse it must be if you're geographically closer to either of the big fires. Please stay safe everyone.
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In San Jose visibility is way down due to particulates, and the air smells of fire. We are >200 miles away from the Camp Fire, so I can’t imagine how bad it must be for those closer.

I was camping in Concow a few weeks ago, and a Santa Ana wind came up one night. That was the first time I’d experienced one, and I commented on the fire danger. I’m very sad that the camp ground with its lovely trees is likely now a barren plain filled with ash. And the lovely town of Paradise is no more.
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Everything at my house smells like burnt tires, there's a layer of ash on everything and I have a massive headache, but all of my friends still have their houses and horses.
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I have a Facebook friend who lost her home in Paradise. She and her family are safe, but her dog is missing. Even after seeing all the local videos she shared, I'm having such a hard time comprehending that most of her town is just gone.
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So many memories of music festivals at Paramount Ranch, along with hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. The loss there saddens me tremendously, but it's nothing compared to the loss to people, wildlife, the environment, and much much more throughout the state. Worried about friends in vulnerable areas.

I'm about 20 minutes away from LAX, and could offer a couch and floor space, along with laundry, Wi-Fi, a place for possessions, TLC, and a couple of home cooked meals. Plus the occasional company of my somewhat independent indoor outdoor cat.
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I was in a data center outside of Sacramento on Thursday. When I arrived at 08:30, everything was fine; when I walked out at 15:00, the whole world smelled like campfire.

Friday, motorcycling to work from East San Jose to Sunnyvale, everything was hazy and muted and more campfire smells. The sunrise, in my side mirrors, was a baleful red eye hovering just over my shoulder. Sunset Friday was even creepier.

I didn't go outside today at all.
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I’m in the East Bay. Air quality is shitty, but I’m fine. I think I’m too far away to really help people, but memail me if you need something and I’ll do whatever I can. Got a spare bedroom (in a small apartment) for short-term needs.
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Noticeably smoky/dark sky during the day. Smells like ash outside. Had to run some errands today and get groceries, but am planning to stay inside the rest of the weekend. I have family and coworkers closer to the fires and am keeping fingers crossed.

Stay safe, everyone.
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Air has been bad in the east bay. The sun on Friday was red at midday. I had to work today, and I’ve felt like absolute shit all day. Super tired, slight headache, nauseous. Everyone at work felt awful. This sucks.

Here I am complaining about the smoke, knowing what happened to Paradise. It’s just awful. I hope folks are OK.
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RIP paramount ranch
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I'm in Sonoma County. Horrible air, plus everyone's getting triggered from the reminders of the devastating fires last year. I talked to a middle-school teacher who said the kids were really upset on Thursday; it seemed like part of the reason they closed all the schools in the county on Friday was due to the kids' anxiety, not just the air quality. Local agencies and government officials are all posting and sending around counseling resources.

Love to everyone more closely affected by the current fires.
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SoCal and West Valley friends, I’m around if you need help with anything. In the West Valley foothills, so keeping my hopes up but my car packed. My heart goes out to everyone in that perimeter, and the people in Chico— unimaginable. BTW, I’m using this map to track the fire perimeter and evac zones, and it’s been really helpful for peace of mind. Love to all of you.
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I'm in the East Bay. It wasn't too bad this morning: chilly and apparently clear, but by 10 you could start to smell the fires again, and the light is going weird again now. I spent much of yesterday indoors, and I'm bored enough to go out this afternoon. I'm dosing myself with Advil-D, it helps with the headache at least.

The BAAQMD map has improved a little bit, but the EPA air quality website has been hammered for the last few days.
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RIP camp hess kramer
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I know that one family of my acquaintance lost everything but their lives in Paradise. Another couple of friends managed to trailer out of Paradise in time but don't know if their home still stands, which seems unlikely at this point. Family in the North Bay are housebound because of the smoke traveling into their skies. I weep for California and pray for everyone's safety.

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Santa Monica here. I’m on the bluffs so was never really a danger, although it’s day two of the smoke advisory so I’m locked up tight indoors. The good news is that we just heard from friends who evacuated and they're okay and in the Palisades. The sad news is, I learned that an old friend's family home is gone but at least the living beings are safe and I have my memories. My heart goes out to everyone who is impacted in the state.
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Looking for an elsietheeel, contraption and Amber Voyeur.
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Ambrosia Voyeur, via Facebook, has been safe. elsietheeel has been posting recently, but I'm not sure about her or contraption.
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Oh no, not Camp Hess Kramer, too. Sad news, as well, about Peter Strauss Ranch. I have a college friend who's mourning her old Northern California summer camp. But all that sorrow pales at the news forensic specialists are coming to Paradise to help identify charred bone fragments they found. Thirty-two confirmed dead, I think, and many more missing.
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I'm in the South Bay and there's no real danger here, the air is better than it was but is still not great. No biking to work for a few days. We're down to merely "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" according to the EPA.

We drove up to Berkeley over the weekend and the air was terrible, which is crazy when you consider that it's 200 miles away from the Camp Fire up by Chico. The satellite photos are pretty unreal.

It's not much compared to all the homes and lives lost though in Paradise and Thousand Oaks/Malibu.
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I just wanted to send my love to all of you who are impacted by the fires. Stay safe.
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A friend's father lost his house and everything in it in Paradise (fortunately he evacuated safely), and I'm following anything here with resources I can pass on. So much love to everyone affected by this.
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I'm in the East Bay. Terrible, terrible air quality, no walks, no outdoor anything, and asthmatic kitty is miserable. But we're safe here, and that's what counts!

My aunt in Chico is fine, thankfully. But poor Paradise - it's just gone.
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RIP camp hess kramer

JCA Shalom has also sustained substantial damage, but I don't know if it's completely gone or not. I do know the staff, animals, and Torahs were all evacuated in plenty of time.
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i went to jca's summer sessions; temple beth hillel had weekend retreats at hess kramer during the school year.

sad news for both.
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Still can’t go outside without getting light-headed. Did some errands yesterday and felt like shit after an hour.

The smoke seems better today, but they’ve just extended the air quality warnings through Friday.
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Hello hello hello, I am fine. Me and most of my kith and kin are on the opposite side of the Sierras, where the skies are blue, the air is clean, and it's been in the low teens at night. But this weekend we were at a tribal event in Sacramento and the air was absolutely appalling. I'm still coughing up gunk.

A work friend has been sharing animal rescues and missing people information on her Facebook feed all weekend and it's been heartbreaking.
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Anyone heard from mudpuppie?
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Anyone heard from mudpuppie?

Yes, she's safe.
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We evacuated twice: first from Oak Park, then from my in-laws' in Thousand Oaks. The flames were coming over the ridge as we escaped eastward on the 101. That was Thursday night. We were convinced from the local news coverage that our entire neighborhood and nearby towns were reduced to ashes. Happily, it wasn't nearly so apocalyptic. Some houses by the hills are gone, but the vast majority are intact. We just got back in today, and what little I've seen seems almost normal.

I'm worried about the state of Camp Kinneret. Looking from the 101, the hillside it sits against is charcoal.
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I'm glad you and your house are safe, dbscissors.
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Seconding all the comments about air quality in Sacramento. Whenever we have fires east or west of us all the smoke seems to come down here. Feel like I have climbed to 7,000 feet just walking around and the light is really bizarre. Smells like smoke constantly.

Also - interesting side note - We can't have the smoke detector plugged in in the bathrooms at our RV park because it just goes off constantly. We are about 100 miles from any fire....
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Here at UC Davis they've cancelled classes on account of air quality. This hasn't happened before as long as I've been here (nearly 20 years).
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I am totally flabbergasted that they canceled classes at UCD and Sac State. Alas, UCD remains open. Meanwhile, nobody's closing the schools for children, which seems weird to me.
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I am in Novato, north of SF. Because of the Sonoma fires last year, I'm all set with air cleaners in my house plus A/C. Had them running all weekend. Did very little outdoors. When I made a grocery run on Sunday, I was appalled to see people out and about in the crummy air (181 to 200 on the index which is Unhealty) running/speed walking, walking dogs, bike riding (a man and two small kids!) all without any masks. Our local ACE Hardware was giving out free N95 masks--other random folks have been passing them out as well. Even with my precautions, my throat is feeling raw.

I've been donating to various groups for people and pets. My handyman said he has property in Butte County. He went to check on it and it is OK and not threatened, so he started taking in animals that had to be moved. Brought back a dog he found wandering loose and is tracking down its owners.
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My husband just left to meet up with his coworkers at their office in Calabasas, and they're all taking back the equipment they took with them when they left, so I guess confidence is okay-ish there that the air is usable and the threat is low.

Frankly I do not love it. I would have preferred they wait one more day as I think the wind is supposed to settle down tomorrow, but their work is remote-unfriendly due to file sizes and software limitations so they need to all be in one place together. I told him to stay on top of the news all day.
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I am totally flabbergasted that they canceled classes at UCD and Sac State. Alas, UCD remains open. Meanwhile, nobody's closing the schools for children, which seems weird to me.

If you consider that, most of the time, going to college involves a significant amount of walking across campus and to your car and stuff like that. Going to school usually means getting dropped off with minimal movement unless you're outside for PE or recess -- and I think valley schools are keeping kids inside today.
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Some schools (for children) in parts of Napa and Sonoma Counties are closed due to air quality. .
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After announcing that UCD would be back and open again as of 9 p.m. last night, as of this morning the campus is now closed due to people presumably complaining/arguing against it.
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Have been indoors pretty much the whole time since last Friday; I intended to participate in a 'Protect Mueller' protest in Walnut Creek on Friday night, but the air quality was horrendous by then and I reluctantly canceled my attendance. We have a HEPA filter (thanks Costco) and luckily I had just changed the filters. Cats, partner, and I are safe and coping but I'm going a little stir-crazy. My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires - watching the news the images appear apocalyptic, I can't imagine the loss and devastation.

I can see the trail from my window and it amazes me that people are out walking, running even, on the trail - the air quality is very bad for everyone.

I Googled "Butte County fire victims donation" and was surprised that google has a top-result window pointing to their donation fund ("Google provides this donation service to help you direct your funds for effective local impact"). Never seen this before (with link to FAQ).
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Curbed has some info on where to find respirator masks in the Bay Area

If anyone in SF needs a mask, Omni (the storage company) is giving a bunch away. Also feel free to memail me; I've got a couple extras.
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Air quality was way worse today. Just getting to work by public transit has been a nightmare. I felt like garbage by the time I got to work in Berkeley. I hate to think what kind of damage this smoke is doing to me. I’ve felt mentally foggy since last week.

ALL the masks are gone from everywhere in the East Bay, including all the places that were giving them away for free. The only people I know who have masks are reusing the ones they bought last year.
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Wow, the air quality website has basically crashed for California now. And UCD remains closed for a second day.
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I've been using the BAAQMD site for air quality numbers in the Bay Area (though in SF, they're just always bad, so not much to check) and the PurpleAir map for more realtime but unofficial numbers (their sensors tend to read a little high given these concentrations, but they correlate closely with the official readings). Both have seemed more stable than the AirNow site.
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a fire broke out near foxfield riding center, but they were able to put it out. as of right now they're ok.
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The PurpleAir numbers for the East Bay are super high today. Some weird meteorological anomaly, I guess.
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My mom's in the worst of it, she says you can smell it even indoors there.
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And UCD closes for a third day in a row, to be revisited again on Sunday by 5 p.m.
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Yeah, apparently the cold air is creating an inversion later that traps the smoke. It was so awful today at work. I can’t even smell the smoke anymore, but we could all feel it in the store.

Schools are closed through next week, and friends with kids are scrambling to figure out what to do with their kids.
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I'm in East Bay, and I'd been mostly not noticing the air quality issues (family noticed a lot; apparently my lungs are uncertain there's a difference between "air in same room with smoker" and "air that involves smoke from much more distant fire"), but today my throat was scratchy and I wound up drinking lots of tea. And yeah, cold at night; worse smoke in the daytime.

Interesting to see lots of masks on the way to and from work. I haven't grabbed one because my experience has always been that they fog my glasses.
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so 5 days ago or so it was just awful- do not leave house awful, and it's been getting better every day, until yesterday when I had some unavoidable DR's appointments that led me to Noe Valley and then downtown, which showed me that it's only been getting better in the Alemany corridor. Walking down Van Ness every 2nd person was wearing a mask. And then today I got all the frantic emails telling me not to bother to show up for lecture and when watering the garden my eyes were watering... The problem with me is the masks that are recommended for this make me anxious so I don't wear them. What about a flu mask, would that do anything? It makes me less bugs-under-my-skin than the proper ones. Because I have important errands to run for my family this weekend, and I don't think I can avoid leaving the house.
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Looking for an elsietheeel, contraption and Amber Voyeur.

Oh hey, things are fine where we are, just hadn't seen this thread. The Thomas Fire burned right to the edge of our neighborhood so we don't have enough fuel around to be under direct threat for a couple more years at least, and the winds have been such that we haven't even had much smoke impact.
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Hey East Bay:
I'm doing a lighting run to Stockton today and back to Oakland by tonight. They have masks (my friend manages a Home Depot or something, says air's been smoky in Stockton but no one's wearing masks, and the store stocked up). Anyone dying here in Oakland/Berkeley want me to pick one up by tonight? MeMail me.
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Also, not sure if this is an appropriate place to stick this, but anyone interested in helping the neediest folks affected by the Woolsey Fire in Camarillo could consider donating to 805 Undocufund, which is providing aid to undocumented people afraid to go through official channels, including field workers forced to continue picking produce outside in the smoke and ash.
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I'm down the valley in Stanislaus county, but our air quality is also so bad that the CSU campus here closed starting last Wednesday, and is scheduled to resume classes on Monday (but we'll see). The air is horrible, on my way this morning to buy a substantial particulate filter mask so that I can work in the yard some, but even inside it's pretty gross.

Seeing all the kids walk and bike home from school yesterday, many of them had masks on and it definitely looked pretty dystopian against the orange, brown and gray sky.
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I haven't grabbed one because my experience has always been that they fog my glasses.

Yeah, I have the same problem. I literally can't see with one on, so what's the point. Not that there's any legit ones to be had in the area though, so oh well.
I did find out that my asthmatic relatives are actually doing okay, or at least my aunt is and she got a real mask. The baby's birthday party is tomorrow and I'm told that they're going to install the rented bouncy house inside the house, which is gonna be REAL INTERESTING.
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Los Rios Community College District closed for the week and CSU Chico is closed until the 26th.

My boss (who is also trained as a peer counselor) and some other coworkers (psychiatrists/psychologists/social workers) are going down to Paradise this weekend to provide support to first responders. Their situation is so grim...not only are they going around finding bodies in houses and cars, but they've also lost their own homes and they're doing this work in familiar places. I can't even imagine.
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They told everyone at work to WFH home today with the bad air and so many school closures. Where "everyone" is about 40,000+ people around the bay area. SF is possibly the worst it's been all week today.
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My very sensible office manager brought in a bunch of N95 masks this morning, so I have 2. May allow me to walk the dog tomorrow, anyway.
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Oh, and the Big Game has been cancelled for the first time in 55 years. (Stanford-Cal)
posted by suelac at 2:36 PM on November 16, 2018

Yeah, but in that case it's just a Stanfordian conspiracy to keep Cal from rightfully reclaiming the Axe.
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Months ago, we booked a trip to Hawaii for this week as a rest after the madness of the election. So just by chance we have (so far) missed the worst of it at our home in Tracy, where the poor air quality is exceeded only by Chico. We’re told that visibility is half a mile, which is not unusual, except we’re used to fog instead of smoke. Some residents are angry that the Tracy schools are open because they don’t want to send their children outside. The school district says that they’re concerned about parents being able to make alternate child care arrangements since 70% of our households have at least one person who commutes to the Bay Area every day. A lot of masks have been distributed, however the fire department has put out a notice that N95 respirator masks are not recommended for most people. Does anybody have a suggestion for a better alternative?
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Sacramento County is saying they'll stop distributing masks even as the city says they'll give out more. As I understand the problem, it's impossible for a lot of people to get a good seal (children, most types of facial hair, not all masks fit all faces) and some people have trouble breathing if the mask does fit properly (I recently gave an extra to a homeless woman who was visibly having trouble with the smoke, and then she was having trouble breathing through the mask, not entirely an improvement). And nobody is doing real respirator fit testing like would happen in a workplace situation. So the authorities are worried that people will get masks, they think they're fine, and then they go out (or worse, go jogging) and expose themselves.

Staying indoors, ideally with an air purifier, seems to be the main advice to the extent you can, with a properly fitting mask if it works for you when you really need to go out.
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OK, Oakland is now actively hazardous. Home Depot is full of large pallet-sized holes where the box fans (used to make DIY air purifiers) used to be. I'm going to load my truck full of tools and camping gear and escape to.. somewhere. Waiting to hear back on where (Portland, Arizona, Tahoe) someone might have handyman work for me. I feel blessed to have a hole in my work schedule starting up just about now and am mostly-functional truck.
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I also went on the most 2018 Tinder date imaginable yesterday. We went to Home Depot to try to find supplies for the box fan-furnace filter air purifiers. I picked the guy up while wearing my construction respirator. He's also a carpenter and was wearing his. We didn't take them off til we were in the store, and got our first look at each other there. It turns out we've met before, which wasn't obvious from our online photos.
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