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What we've done the past couple of years is set up the MST Club video sharing room (at and embed Shout Factory's official stream of the event there, so we can watch it with other MeFi members and our own chatroom instead of the rapidly-scrolling chat of Twitch/Youtube MSTies. We plan on doing that this year too, BUT NOTE, the official event is this Sunday, November 18th, not on Thanksgiving Day like years past! AND it looks like it's going to consist of ALL OF NEW SEASON 12! For more, look inside....

Our plans are contingent on it being able to embed a stream of the event in our room, from somewhere. If we cannot do that (we've been able to in past years), then the thing is kaput. In that event, I'm assuming people who would be interested would watch an official stream instead. It might be possible, in that case, to pipe it in through our backup site,, at, but it remains to be seen if that would work. Our primary room is the one; is a backup.

I'm considering doing our own On Thanksgiving Day MST marathon on Thursday, of classic episodes from YouTube, if you want to join in on that as well/instead of, under the same general kind of arrangement as our Christmas marathon: as a kind of holiday buffer, something to have for background, a break from meal prep, an escape from family, or something to do if you have no family for the holiday. cytube makes unattended marathons fairly easy to do (the video just pauses indefinitely if no one's in the room), so I'll set it up to go all day on the holiday. Note, this will be pretty much exclusively MST3K, with maybe some other riffing stuff if it can be fielded, but still mostly the riffing of bad movies, instead of with specials mixed in like the Christmas watches.
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I celebrated with this crew last Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was very enjoyable. I look forward to popping in from time to time throughout my work day. I'm Canadian, but our offices are open, so this marathon made the work day so much more tolerable. Happy Thanksgiving MST3K!!
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The info I've seen is that Sunday is classic episodes with some season 12 preview stuff sprinkled in.
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Aaaaah. Turkey Day Marathon.
It makes me so happy, even though I am not a S11 or S12 fan.
Someone who shall forever be enshrined in my own Hall of Fame, digitized all 30 hours of the 1991 Turkey Day Marathon, including bumpers, commercials, EVERYTHING. I clutch it to my chest with the joy of a small child on Christmas morning.
I shall see y'all for the Thursday gathering, if that happens.
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Is that so, paper_chromatographologist? That would be good because it'd take the edge off of having to watch the whole thing, and we could possibly do our own S12 marathon on actual Thanksgiving, via
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Den of Geek explicitly says they're classic episodes. The Shout Factory announcement is a bit more vague:
The pre-holiday “Turkey Day” marathon will showcase six MST3K episodes, as well as brand-new episode intros featuring Joel and Jonah.
So, I don't really know.
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I'm definitely in for the Thanksgiving Day marathon!
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On its channel, ShoutFactoryTV reports:
Sun Nov. 18 - Turkey Day Marathon starts at 12 noon ET/9 am PT. The marathon will be preceded by the documentary We Brought Back MST3K starting at 10 am ET/7 am PT.
After the Marathon ends, we'll continue running classic MST3K episodes back-to-back through the end of the month.
I'll be there for the doc, howsabout you?
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I’m in.
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I've got the twitch channel up in the room already! In fact, currently YouTube videos in CyTube seem to be broken, so it's this or nothing.
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I just had a realization. Consider:
  • Official Turkey Day 2018 this year is, again, a string of classic episodes.
  • Unofficial Turkey Day 2018 this year, on Thanksgiving, is also a string of classic episodes.
  • ShoutFactory's official Twitch stream is showing Official Turkey Day, but also is showing classic MST episode all month long.
  • As verified by me an hour ago, we can host SF's Twitch stream in the MST Club cytube room.
  • Plus, with YouTube being broken in cytube right now, it might be our only option. Just checked, it's working now, it must have been a transitory thing.
Put it all together and cancel fractions and such, and I think what we'll do is just leave the Twitch stream up for the week. When "Official" Turkey Day is over, you can keep watching or don't. Our marathon can just be theirs when Thanksgiving Day comes along, unless we want to watch specific episodes.

One thing we might could do additional is, when Season 12 premieres on Thanksgiving, to show it in our room, although I will have to miss part of it myself due to family commitments that day.
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currently in the room right now, can confirm that stuff is currently playing (Joel's talking about the difference between himself and his character on the show). Therefore I guess that the marathon vis a vis metafilter is just USA turkey day/whenever we're in there!
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Shout Factory is showing MST stuff all month long, but the official marathon, with has Joel and Jonah hosting and Season 12 previews, starts at noon Eastern.
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I'm definitely into it. I saw the notification on Twitch and YouTube but came here to make sure I celebrated with y'all.
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It was great to see everyone yesterday, I'm REALLY looking forward to Thursday's gathering. I'll probably be back and forth, helping, visiting and eating, but I'll be there always in spirit.
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This is the decision so far, it's provisional at the moment for we have a couple of viability checks to do, but this is our plan:

Netflix premieres Season 12, "The Gauntlet," six episodes, on Thansgiving Day, this coming Thursday. We will use this as the basis of our own Turkey Day in our room, at, starting at Noon, Eastern.

For review: the episode are (order provisional but probably right):
1201 MAC AND ME (!)
1202 ATLANTIC RIM (An Asylum mockbuster!)
1205 KILLER FISH, and
1206 ATOR THE FIGHTING EAGLE, which I'm especially looking forward to for the show finally riffing the move that CAVE DWELLERS is a sequel to

Between episodes, the plan is to show short, funny Netflix stuff, both as a palette cleanser and to try to start episodes on the hour.

One problem though is that I myself will, unfortunately, not be in the chat the whole time, I have some other things to get done that day. I should be in for most of it though.

In this regard, does anyone have any short (30m or less, 15m or less is ideal) Netflix shows we could use?
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We're set for Season 12, starting at Noon Eastern time! I've already seen the first two episodes and they're both winners!
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Turkey Day 2018 Conclusion:

Other than an early (pre-movie) visit by a jerk with a Pepe avatar who was quickly nullified by turning of audio and video chat, it went well. We had to leave the room "Open," since the alternatives required membership or invite links to enter. This meant that actually put our show on their open rooms page, and we did get a few outside visitors, but other than that HateFrog at the start they were well-behaved, and a couple even riffed along, as far as I remember.

I have to include that caveat because, unfortunately, I missed substantial parts of the show when I, whose sleep schedule has been particularly bonkers lately, passed out at times. I still managed to catch some key moments though, like the return of a long, long missing character, and Jonah's inventive comeuppance to Kinga for making him watch six terrible movies in a row.

We ended up abandoning plans to space out the episodes, opting instead to finish around 9 PM Eastern, which turned out to be the right call. worked well throughout, and when I had to leave a handful of time to relocate due to family concerns, the room didn't kick anyone out.

The show ends with many of the cast on the way to Earth to participate in the "Deep Hurting" tour while Kinga and Max are subjected to the most bizarre pitch for school band equipment there has ever been or will ever be. The show's future is, once again, in question. Other people than I have noticed that Season 12 is an abbreviated season, like Season 7 back when the show was about to be axed by Comedy Central, the kind of run that looks more like the sponsor is fulfilling legal responsibilities than a full-throated backing of the show. Netflix has claimed that, while fans love the show, it doesn't make many inroads with non-fans. Some have speculated that a factor is that Netflix doesn't own the show, unlike many of their other properties.

A 13th season, of course, would be terrific. Word is that Joel had multiple places to choose from when the Kickstarter ended, but I do not know what the status of those are. These days, popular TV shows like Simpsons and South Park, and even many other shows, just go on season after season. I hope that MST3K, the Nomadic Show, rarely at home, always in transit, can find a better place to rest for awhile.

Anyway, we're still on for our 5th annual No-Stress Christmas Marathon, December 24th & 25th (still debating 23rd). Details in MetaTalk as that approaches.
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Thank you for everything you do, and thank you for this update, @JHarris!
I'm sorry I could not make it, but my morning, from about 6am until noon, was filled with older episodes, so I was happy. As long as there's SOME MST3k on Thanksgiving it's all good.
I got my Classic MST3k fix, but couldn't make it for NuMST3k. The Gauntlet is on my watchlist.
Hopefully I'll see y'all on Christmas/Christmas Eve, but you'll have to duke it out with 24 hours of A Christmas Story.

- Bill
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Well we go for *48* hours, and we have a huge variety of things, not just MST!
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