Second Annual Metafilter Valentine Mail Exchange! January 12, 2019 6:39 PM   Subscribe

I'm organizing another mefi valentine mail exchange, and you're all invited!

This is a classroom-style valentines exchange and any kind of valentine is fine! You'll be matched with a group of awesome mefites to send and receive 12ish-15ish valentines within your group.

It's easy. Contact me by memail by 9pm Mountain Time on Sunday, Jan 20 and let me know:

Your name
Your mailing address
Your email
Whether you'd prefer to send US only or anywhere
If you wouldn't mind sending a valentine or two to a latecomer

I'll email addresses back to you on Monday, January 21!

Lurkers and new members welcome! Join us!

Does it matter what kind of valentines I send?
Not one bit. Construction paper hearts, dorky kids' valentines from grade school, masterpieces of doilies and ribbon, postcards dappled with heart stickers, your kitten's pawprints on the back of a CVS receipt, it's all good. The important thing is just to share some happy through the mail at a time when most of use could use a little more of that.

Is this part of that Metafilter Card Club I keep hearing about?
It is Card Club-adjacent, in that we all love sending and getting mail. You'll need to enroll here, though, to be part of the classroom-style exchange.

I'm nervous about postage for sending globally from the US. What's that like?
It's not bad at all. If your valentine is the right weight/size for standard mail, you can use a $1.15 global stamp from the post office. About 10 percent of our valentines last year were from abroad.

Hooray for valentines!
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This was so much fun last year! I am consulting my supplies, expect to hear from me shortly, and THANK YOU!!!
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Yay mochapickle, thanks for doing this again! Silly puns and construction paper hearts for everyone!
posted by the primroses were over at 7:55 PM on January 12, 2019 [2 favorites]

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Yes again!
posted by tipsyBumblebee at 9:01 PM on January 12, 2019 [2 favorites]

I'm excited to participate this year! Also, if you are a both a lover of Valentine's cards and a fan of Law and Order SVU, send me a me-mail with your address and I will send the first 5 people a special card.
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Hurray, yes please
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As it's Metafilter Knitting day, I'll be killing an hour in the vicinity of Michael's this morning, so I'll see if inspiration strikes. I quonsared for the first time this year and enjoyed it more than I expected, so now I'm enthused about these exchange things. (If you were in my music exchange group in, oh, 2012 or so when I completely failed and you are now shaking your fist at me, me-mail me.)

Also, will someone tell me how to join the main card club?
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Main card club: email me at :)

Yaaay, I'm excited to do this! Thanks, mochapickle!
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Yay! I loved doing the holiday card exchange and look forward to this one!!
posted by bookrach at 6:28 AM on January 13, 2019 [2 favorites]

Woo! Signed up. :)
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Yay for this.
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Sounds fun! I'm in :)
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I love these card exchanges, I'm in!
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I'm so in! I totally fucked up Christmas this year and have promised everyone IRL that I will make it up to them on Valentine's Day, so this fits right in with my plan.
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I think yes to Valentines!
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Yay, sounds fun, I'm in!
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Yay! Thanks for doing this, mochapickle! So excited!
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I'm in, I'm excited! I need pink construction paper!
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But I'm not ready to take down my holiday cards. :(

Except this sounds too good.
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Yay, can't wait!
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Yay signed up! This will be fun.
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Oh yeah oh yeah! I totally missed seeing this MetaTalk, glad I went back and looked for one. But I am so in! Even though I'm not ready to take down my holiday cards either.
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Today, I learned that US postage cost is increasing on January 27th. Get your stamps now.
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I am in!
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I'm squeaking in under the wire - my collection of never-used vintage class Valentines no longer spark joy for me - so it's the perfect way to let go of some of them!
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Corrective experience for mandatory , reluctantly sent classroom valentines, from and to cool, motivated nerds! How could you lose? I'm so down for this.
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Hi everyone! Just got home after a long day!

Working on final touches to the lists and sending in a bit -- stay tuned!
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Okay, everything's sent! This year we have five awesome teams, named of course after conversation hearts:


Check yer inboxes! And let me know if anything looks awry!
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And oh! If you're finding this thread after the deadline and don't want to miss out, memail me and I WILL BE SURE YOU GET A VALENTINE.
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Oh now that’s odd, I’m sending team Hubba Hubba GOOD puns.
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I guarantee you mine are bad and amazing
posted by duffell at 7:15 AM on January 23, 2019 [4 favorites]

I picked up mine on Tuesday, and they are so gloriously punny, which is the best. I hope to get them out this weekend, although I think I might need to get bigger envelopes, since mine I think are just under USPS requirements. Because of course they are.
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To my surprise, as I am usually a champion procrastinator, I have all my valentines for this exchange in the mail already. They are marked with an OH BABY conversation heart on the back of the envelope, if you desire to save up your cards for February 14th.

Now I am warmed up to tackle a letter a day in February, a goal spurred by needlegrrl's awesome post on International Correspondence Writing Month. The card exchanges organized by needlegrrl, mochapickle and Fig have been so much fun, and resulted in me sending more mail to non-Mefi loved ones as well. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Head up, my folks, I got my first Valentine today–No, dufell, YOU are the real "dear"!–so I checked my gmail spam and voíla, there was the email I was waiting for.

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Wow the primroses were over, so impressed and excited to get an early OH BABY card!

Team OH BABY, I have no puns but get ready for some fun lenticular action! *wink* *smile*
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I just put mine in the mail! They are handmade postcards with a various bad metafilter related poems (half of them) or just cheesy valentine puns (the other half of them).
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Oh Babies...the valentine's are winging there way over the frozen tundra and scorching lands.....
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I put my batch of Oh Baby Valentines in the mail yesterday, so hopefully they are flying on the wings of love to all of you. I've also gotten one!!

I did not go in for many puns or poems, but I did use stickers like an enthusiastic five year old, so you have that to look forward to.
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Oh, yay, (wink wink) I just got my first valentine from y'all. (I sent all mine already. )

They are handmade postcards

I am impressed! Nicely done!
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I got Valentines! I have some that have been sitting in my tote bag all stamped and addressed and ready to send since last weekend. That's the kind of week it was. And then some that I'm going to work on this Sunday after some MAJOR UNPLEASANTNESS on Saturday is out of the way. Something to look forward to!
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Gah ... I ordered a set of Valentines that seemed cute at the time, but when they arrived and I opened the package I was suddenly Not So Fond of them.

Just ordered a new set that I'll be happier sending to folks. I apologize in advance to my group because it's likely the cards won't get to you till after February 14... but they will get there.
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LOVE BUG set from Illinois is postal. And I have received my first, from bjgeiger! Thank you kindly, bjgeiger. You are also Tops. :D
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I have to apologize to Team Oh Baby! I miscounted the number of envelopes I had, so while most of your cards are now making their way to you, a few may be waiting a little longer. I will make up for it with extra stickers.

Thank you for your patience, you lovely people. I've received a couple myself already!
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I have had to delay getting/mailing my Valentine's cards to issues with my apartment building, so Team Hubba Hubba will be getting some sweetness after the 14th!
posted by googlebombed at 7:15 PM on February 7, 2019 [1 favorite]

I fell on some black ice earlier this week and fractured my wrist, so my cards won't be going out until Monday. (Good news, it's my non-dominant hand; bad news, turns out I use that hand lots.) Sorry about the delay, Team Hubba Hubba.
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Thanks for nothing, Canada Post. I really thought my Valentine's pins would be thin enough for letter-mail, but turns out no. So instead of paying $7/card in postage, I had to slice open, remove pins and reseal all my cards. They are winging their way to you now, Team Hubba Hubba!
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I fell on some black ice earlier this week and fractured my wrist
That is awful camyram, I am so sorry to hear it! Hopefully some cards will cheer you and you will have a full recovery soon.
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You guys! These are so so fun! (Wink Wink here) I have gotten a few and each one so creative and sweet. I was in RiteAid yesterday and the cashier mentioned that all their valentine cards are on sale at 70% off. I'm going back to check out what they have for next or some other year, LOL! I also have to get some stickers.
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Just sent out about half of mine today! I'm waiting for another order of cards to arrive for the rest; probably won't quite make it in time for the 14th, alas. I've also gotten two lovely cards from MeFites already, so thank you!
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