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I just had a shitty breakup, and I don't survive post break-ups well. But the Hive is full of wise loving people who give good advice, so please share all the good Ask threads and comments you've seen and loved. I know ya'll have good things stashed away in your favorites.
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This was my anon breakup Q! The specifics might not be 100% relevant to your situation but mefites provided a bucket of wisdom and thoughts that I return to for strength whenever a romantic thing heads south, and which you may too find helpful. Best wishes in this tough time.
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I don't mind sharing with you my favorites results for "breakup." Not everything that comes up with that search is directly relevant to your situation, but you'll find a good few AskMe threads there that might work.

Much love!
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I don't know if you're at a point post-breakup or an age where this Ask MetaFilter question would be good for you, but I just came back across it and love it. It's very hopeful.
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I had a comment I liked in this thread which was about how to really deal with the love you don't have anymore especially in a breakup where nothing really went wrong.
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One of my first Asks got me the full gamut of good advice (dear God, how was that 13 years ago?!)
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Not about surviving a breakup, but enjoying no longer being coupled, I got great answers to my question What do you or did you enjoy about being single? Bathroom privacy, snore-less sleep in the whole bed, playing the music you like, eating what you want, there's so much there...
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