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Some heartwarming news from Ask Metafilter: justalisteningman's cat Fromage, who went missing on Wednesday, has been recovered safe and sound. All is well, you may breathe normally now.

I just wanted to highlight this in case you, like me, came across this Ask prior to Fromage's return and were worrying about her and her family. She's back home now.
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Yay for the return of the cat!
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Was it wearing a hat?
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I am, however, disappointed that there have been no pictures of Fromage....
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Yay kitty!
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Was it kept warm by snuggling with a friendly bear?

Jokes aside, this is fantastic happy news to read!
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I remember a few years ago when I was catsitting for friends who were in Europe. The indoor-outdoor cat decided not to come home for three days. I decided that I would wait a week before contacting them in Europe. On the third day, he was there on the back porch, looking annoyed that I was keeping him from the warm house. "Feed me now," he said as he walked past me to the kitchen.
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If you like a good cat rescue story and haven't been on MeFi as long as me, you might be interested in checking out the Adventures of Tina at Devil's Tower.
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Thank goodness, Fromage, you had me worried! Now I will go eat cheese to celebrate!
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Decades ago, when I was a grad student, a cat belonging to one of my housemates disappeared and was gone for several months. We'd given him up, my housemate had grieved him after living with fear and uncertainty, etc. And then one day another of my housemates opened the door and he came strolling up the porch steps and into the house, looking very little the worse for wear, and as if he'd been coming and going normally that whole time. Who knows what adventures he had?

I'm so glad Fromage is home. It's terrible being afraid and not knowing.
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I am so glad Fromage is safe!
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Oh thank goodness, so glad to hear the good news! I couldn’t bear to click on that post...
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Bienvenue Fromage!
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Wonderful! Stay home now, Fromage!
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Hooray for Fromage! A couple of my family's own cats disappeared and then reappeared out of nowhere, and it was so scary :(

I remember a few years ago when I was catsitting for friends who were in Europe. The indoor-outdoor cat decided not to come home for three days.

In the late 70s, my family house-sat for the critic John Leonard (then editing the NYTRB). His family had two cats at the time, one of which was a very demanding Siamese named Catherine. Catherine just barely tolerated my father, who was on his own there for a few days, but when the rest of us showed up? NUH-UH. Off she went, much to my parents' horror ("oh hai, lost your purebred Siamese"). A few days later, we were notified that Catherine had moved into an abandoned restaurant behind the house, where someone who had recognized her was keeping her fed. Leonard seemed amused by this more than anything else. (She promptly returned once we interlopers left.)
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One of our cats somehow got out of her carrier, squeezed out a two-inch gap in the window, and jumped out of a moving car while we were moving house when I was in high school. We saw her tuck, roll, and then run away into the cornfields.

We stayed and looked for her as long as we could with the other cats in the car. A family in the neighborhood said a cat fitting her description started showing up with their barn cats, but she was too wild to approach. They said they were happy to keep feeding her, and that was the best we could do.

I'm so glad Fromage came home
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Hooray for happy news!
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I'm so happy to hear Fromage is home!

This past Monday, I found a little grey and white cat huddled under the curve of a propped-up snow shovel at my back door. It was the only thing keeping her out of the wind. She was so pretty and friendly, beautiful fur, clearly not feral. Crying the most plaintive, heart-melting cries.

I couldn't let her in because I have two senior cats of my own. I fed her canned food mixed with warm water. She wolfed down 3 cans. I went inside and threw together a makeshift shelter from a Rubbermaid bin but she had already left. I called the neighbors but no one knew of her.

She came back Tuesday morning. This time I propped the snow shovel by the dryer vent and turned the dryer on high, hoping to give her a warm little space. Fed her again, 3 more cans with plenty of water. And then she was gone.

The worst of the weather happened Tuesday night. About 8 inches of snow, temps in the minus 20s, terrible frigid winds. She didn't come back Wednesday morning. Or Thursday or Friday. Of course I imagined the worst.

Well, today she came back. Early this morning. It was such a relief to see her! I turned on the dryer and fed her again. I was just opening the third can when my aunt mentioned the name of another neighbor, one whose house is set way back off the road. A neighbor I'd never met, one I hadn't thought to call. We tracked their cell phone number down online ( for the win) and called. It's their cat! Her name is Nala!

The neighbor explained that they had recently moved away but Nala kept getting out and coming back to their old house here on my road. They'd been looking for her for over a week. And the timing was perfect: they happened to be back at their old house when I called, and immediately came and got her.

Hooray for happy news indeed!
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True story, as related by my former theater professor: He comes home one night. It's dark, it's pouring down rain. He opens his front door and ZIP! out comes his cat, who runs off into the night. Crap. Close door, go back out. Walk up and down the neighborhood, getting soaked to the bone, calling cat's name. Start checking under cars: no cat. Try another car: no cat. Check yet another car: cat! Dive under car, grab cat, wrestle cat under coat, make mad wet dash back to the safety of home. Open front door...

And there is his husband, dry and content, holding the missing cat.


Look inside coat: it's a completely different cat! Never seen before, and very confused! It's magic!

Naturally, they did the only thing they could do under the circumstances: they adopted the new cat and named him Presto.
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Omg. I was totally following that and worried. But cats really almost always come back.

Great news.
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