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Thank you to mochapickle for organizing such a fun Valentine Exchange for the second year in a row! My mailbox has been full of fun/funny/charming/creative valentines all month. This thread is to oooh, aahh and otherwise chortle about the fun cards (and if Fig's card exchange brought you V-Day goodness, or if you sent/received Valentines in other capacities, please do share here)!

Special thanks to Team WINK WINK - I've been loving all of the creative cards. And the "Everyone Needs A Hug" magnet is on my fridge, thanks mochapickle!
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Oh good, I wanted a place to say thanks and especially comment on the very cool idea of cards that hang from things. Every single card has been unique and special and delightful utterly! Team WINK WINK here, and I have not even received all of them yet.
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Go team love bug <3
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Cortex / Secretariat, your punny Valentine's ornament was the best little mailbox surprise. We've been loving every one of the cards--each one with their own unique style!
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Thank you so much, TEAM OH BABY, for all your gorgeous letters! I mailed mine the day before Valentines because I am terrible with timing but they shall arrive eventually.
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I can't tell you the last time I received something in the mail that wasn't either a bill, or or an invitation to spend money buying a really rather expensive vegetable spiralizer for a young niece or nephew's wedding registry. Thanks to TEAM HUBBA HUBBA for the good cheer -- and especially mochapickle, because thanks to that magnet, I've received more hugs in three days than I have had in months!

The weather over the past two weeks in Canadaland means mine might be slow in coming, but I held each one to my heart and stuffed the envelopes full of good wishes and loving thoughts. Thanks, strangers from the internet!
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Team WINK WINK, my sincere apologies that your cards are late! Life got in the way and I ended up sending them out using an internet mail service, which took some of the fun out of it, but if I didn’t do that I would have gotten to March without sending anything and would have felt so guilty! Theoretically they started arriving today - I ordered them Wednesday and was told they were mailed on Friday, so, within the next few days everyone should get theirs.

Thank you all for the fun and lovely cards! Mochapickle, thank you for organizing.
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YES!!! Thank you team WINK WINK!!

I ran into my mailman the other day. "So you're Gray Duck," he said. "You have a lot of friends."
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My lovely valentine peeps!

Thank you all so much for participating and making this such a joy to organize. That post-holiday slump gets me every year, but all your valentines and memails have really helped make my January/February a lot more fun!

I can't get over the variety of awesome valentines that have come in! Each one is pure perfection. :)

Lots of love and hugs to everyone!
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I’ve loved the #meficardclub tag on Instagram! You are all creative and adorable!
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firei, I am glad for late cards! Something still to look forward to in the mailbox.

And for sure, thanks so much to mochapickle for organizing this.
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I mailed mine the day before Valentines because I am terrible with timing but they shall arrive eventually.

Arrived yesterday to NYC!

Somehow my brain disconnected "send valentines to people" from "receive valentines in mail box", so a wave will arrive and there will be two or three days where I go "Ooh! Mail!", forget about it again and get surprised all over again.
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OMG hurray! I am so glad! Yours arrived right on Valentine's. Thank you so much! 💌

Also as a former stamp collector seeing all the postage everyone is using is an additional treat!
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Yes, thanks Team OH BABY! I saved all the early Valentine's I got for February 14th and had a great time looking at them all at once. And then, I got a couple more later that I could open right away! Best of both worlds!

Thanks for organizing this mochapickle, and thanks to everyone for the amazing cards.
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Thanks Team OH BABY for the wonderful fun of your great valentines! And mochapickle, you are a wonder for pulling this all together!

Like the primroses were over, I saved mine for the 14th, which is highly unusual me as I usually rip my mail open on the walk home from the mailbox so this was also an exercise in patience for me!

Thanks again to everyone and I'm looking forward to the next valentimes!
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On Feb 1, there was a catastrophic sprinkler failure on the 3rd floor of the 4 storey building I live in. Due to the flooding from this, everyone had to completely move out of their units by this past Monday so repairs can get underway. I was one of the lucky ones in that all my stuff was ok and I have a place to live in the interim. But my cards won't be sent till Tuesday, so Team HubbaHubba, will be getting their cards in the week and half. I received 1 prior (thanks duffell!!) to the incident so I hope Canada Post is still holding mail for my building. If anyone gets returned mail from me, that's why. I look forward to getting my cards and you getting yours!!!
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Team ONLY YOU reporting for duty! My last batch of cards is in the mail as of Friday, and I've already gotten so many delightful cards from you all! I've been having a really rough week so it's a great pick-me-up to see them all decorating my fridge.
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My "Everyone needs a hug" magnet is on my dryer, cheering me up with every load. Thanks mochapickle! And also to everyone who sent brilliant hanging cards, cards addressed to Dovey, sweet personal notes, little handmade works of art . . . and I believe that covers all of you! This was so much fun!
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Best V-Day ever: love freely given.
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Oh! I meant to mention the other metafilter snailmail exchanges going on this spring!

- Duffell is hosting a Telephone Pictionary mail exchange game, with signups through the end of February. Check the link for details on how the game works!

- Fig continues to host the year-round, enormously popular Mefi Card Club. Signups are always open, and Fig makes it incredibly easy to participate (or opt out if you're busy) each month.

Hooray for happymail!
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Team Hubba Hubba, I loved all of your valentines very much ! Thank you!

And thank you for organizing, mochapickle!
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I have been delighted to receive your Valentines in the mail, Team OH BABY! ♥

Thank you, mochapickle, for pulling all this together.
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Thank you, mochapickle and all my fellow Wink Winkers! This card exchange is way better—and far more creative—than the ones I remember from elementary school!
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It's been so much fun to get cards from my fellow OH BABIES. They're currently hanging over my work desk from one of those photo-mobile thingies so I'm happy every time I look up at them.
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Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh Baby, you are the bee’s knees! And mochapickle, you are the cat’s pajammies! Thank you all!
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Still feeling the Valentine's love from Hubba Hubba! Thanks everyone!!
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Another WINK WINK here, thanking you all for the barrage of warmfuzzies I got checking the mailbox over the past couple weeks.
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And for giving me an opportunity to mail stuff.

I gotta get back on card club. For sure.
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Team ONLY YOU - still getting cards in my mailbox! Love everyone's cards and all the stickers and magnets and erasers. Makes me feel like a little kid again...

I took the extra cards I had assembled and gave them to my 3 young nieces over the weekend. Then they told me about the cards they got in their classes - and all the stickers and magnets and erasers:)
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Yay! The hearts keep on coming! I got three more vantiles/vantelines/valtemes in the mail today from my fellow WINK WINKs!
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Team Oh Baby Australia, both of yours arrived today!
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I came in to say that Team Oh Baby has provided me the BEST valentines with thoughtful messages and the gift of time expressed in creating/decorating cards.
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I got more cards yesterday from the Oh Baby 💕 bunch and they made me so happy.
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(I just bought some pretty cute discount Valentines. I'm ready for next year!)
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Team HUBBAHUBBA, thank you for all the great cards! I got a whole bunch more yesterday in my PO Box. It was a great way to spend my lunch hour at work last night.
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Team HUBBA HUBBA, we've been having a weird problem with mail delivery and wound up getting a bunch of mail from random dates spanning the last couple of months delivered today! And a BUNCH of your cards were in the batch. I don't even mind that they got here weirdly late, I was just so happy to see them :-) <3 <3 <3
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