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Judging by the brilliance of comments Mefites are amazing writers, and I for one would love to read your fanfic!

Most recently seen in this thread I know we have a few fandom creators out there, and I thought we could enjoy each other's work. Fic, art, cosplay, filk, all is welcome and will be appreciated. What's your best story? Your favorite fandom? The genius headcanon? The silly plotbunny that turned into a 50k world-melting epic?

Also specifically maybe if yours was Animorphs related that'd be pure magic.
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I have only one piece of fanfic, back when I got an idea that simply would not let me go: a crossover between X-files and the 10th Doctor. ....I made The Doctor swear and made Mulder use the phrase "fucked-up space booze".
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I made AMVs / whatever the right term is for fan-edited music videos in non-anime fandoms* from 2004-2014 or so. I was never particularly good at it, but it was a blast anyway. I got into competitions at local cons a couple of times. They're fun to watch on a big screen. The scene was not to my liking, sadly.

*Like vidding in some ways, but not originating in the vidding scene.

Shared an Artist Alley fancraft table in about the same era. We made fibercrafts, mostly. Quilts and homemade plushies and stuff, riffing on fandoms. Our sales collapsed once Kickstarter brought professional plushie manufacturing within the reach of more artists, and we didn't know how to pivot elsewhere. It was fun while it lasted.

All my writing since c. 2004 has been "original", but I did some fic at the turn of the millennium. I miss that too. I feel like as I get Old, committing an entire book series / movie series / TV show plus a corpus of other people's fic to memory seems so daunting. I have to make notes on my original stuff to keep from screwing continuity, and I don't have to worry about context or tropes or the interplay between other fic writers' work the way you do in a fandom scene. Hats off to everyone who can do that!
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I really need to finish my goddamn Hannibal/Star Trek AU thanks for the reminder
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At one time in the increasingly distant past, I belonged to a writing group. Each month we'd complete 500 word assignments and then read them out loud and do light critique. One month, the assignment was FanFic.

I decided to write a bit of dialogue for The West Wing, and it may have gotten slightly out of hand.
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I wrote this short Harry Potter fic which tries to flesh out one of the less-developed characters from the books.
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I've written only one fanfic I think is any good. I wrote another but I sort of hate it; if you're dying to read it, it's linked to my userid on the fanfic site. I actually wrote another one, but never posted it anywhere.

This has sort of kicked my fanfic-writing brain into gear, though, so thanks!
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I'm glad you posted this. I've been wondering if It's Raining Florence Henderson has some writing to share ever since I read this contribution in an ffp re 2 sentence horror stories.

When the dead began to rise, it wasn't the erstwhile humans that got to me - they were menacing but mostly impersonal, and easily enough disposed of. What really bothered me were the rats, with their flattened heads and shattered backs, their traps dragging and clattering behind them like castanets furiously keeping time; like surrogate heartbeats, insistent and accusing.
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Ahh, a reminder that I'm still mad at The Whelk for writing such a fantastic Calvin and Hobbes story and then not giving me the next five minutes. Leave 'em wanting more my ass. You monster.
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I have written... well, a great deal of fanfiction over the years. I wish I were still writing, frankly, but at the moment the well is dry.

I'll drop some links to representative stories, I guess:

Five Things That Never Happened to Eustace Clarence Scrubb, Narnia. "Five Things" stories are collections of short AUs, and I love the form. Here's another one, about Jack O'Neil from Stargate.

I also love apocalypses, so I have destroyed the world many times. Among them, Life During Wartime, a very long series about Mulder and Scully and the gang, and the end of the world. I also ended the world in Stargate a couple of times; here's one.

I wrote a ridiculous amount of Stargate fic; one of my favorites is the one in which Daniel Jackson becomes a professional archaeologist for an environmental consulting firm instead of joining the Stargate program: Shovel-Bum.

... and now I've spent too long at the office, scrolling through some of my own writing. Errr.
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My Supernatural-obsessed daughter talked us into a family Supernatural fanfiction contest. Her brother and her father wrote short, funny fics and she and I wrote serious ones. I was pleased with the way mine turned out, so I put it on Archive of Our Own.
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oh hey, suelac, I love that Eustace fic!
...okay fine, I will take the plunge. This Vorkosigan fic is one of mine, among others.
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My AO3 is linked in my profile; most everything under that username is written for Yuletide. A couple of my recent favorites that I've written: the pleasure principle (The Good Place, Eleanor/Tahani), and only a full house gonna have a prayer (Jon Bois' 17776: What Football Will Look Like in the Future).
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I love it, Redstart!
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Ooops, I didn't realize I could like to AO3, will do that now!

I've written, um. A Lot of Steve/Bucky. (Okay and also Steve/Bucky/Nat and Steve/Bucky/Peggy.) It's not great literature or anything, but I love writing it and it makes me happy and it seems to make other people happy.
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I wrote a handful of mostly uncompleted fanfic when I was in middle school. They're not too shabby, if I do say so myself. One of those fics was a very ambitious plan to retell all of .hack//SIGN, my favorite anime at the time, from the first-person perspective of the main character. Now my very ambitious plan pipe dream is to write a Dai Gyakuten Saiban fic where the main character is chosen to lead the defense at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, interspersed with flashbacks showing how he started his law firm, suffered under political persecution for defending left-wing activists and ethnic minorities, and endured the suffering of World War II inflicted both by the Allies and by his own government. If I have time for NaNoWriMo this year, I might take a stab at it.
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o hai, mine is about real people and might not be everyone's cup of tea by any means.
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I wrote something for a bandom big bang a couple years ago. Bandom being all those pop punk warp tour kids around (wow I was off with the years) 2003-2010 or so. It's real people fic though which seems pretty out of favor these days.
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oh hey, suelac, I love that Eustace fic!

Thank you, huimangm!
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I'm on the Archive of our Own list, and I used to write a lot more. I keep trying to restart things but it hasn't seemed to happen yet, and I'm not entirely sure why.
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she's not there: Thank you! What a nice comment. Unfortunately, I haven't written anything new for years, except for things that have been posted here before. My work/life balance is... pretty much non-existent these days. Maybe if I live long enough to retire.
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A long while back I wrote a few pieces. Two I remember fondly:

A four-part Suicide Squad story using the original logic of the Squad: loser supervillains offered suicide missions in return for reduced sentences. Things go pear-shaped, because they always do.

A Hitman story guest-starring the Viking Commando. In the spirit of the original series, I worked in a DCU version of the Swedish Chef, the phrase "drunk on mystic power and cough syrup," and a Wesley Willis song.
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I rarely write fanfic, and it seems I never write in the same fandom twice (or at least I never *finish writing* in the same fandom twice). Almost all of the fic I've written post 1997 or so has been for challenges or exchanges. Nothing just on my own just to write it. I did that earlier in my life, though.

For a huge slash fan who started out as a huge het fan, it's amazing that 95% of my stuff is flat-out gen. I wrote a LOT of Remington Steele/Laura Holt that never saw the light of day because it was so pre-everything and I was like 14 (still in pencil on yellow legal pads in a box under my bed and no you can't see it), and then I wrote a LOT of Picard/Crusher that you can find in olllllllld used zine boxes at cons from coast to coast, and I wrote some Quantum Leap that got published in zines that I'm quite proud of, even today. I still have the letter (!) from the publisher in which she told me everything about my story that she loved and how lucky she was to be publishing it in her zine. Best feeling ever.

It me.

(I'll never write that epic-and I do mean epic-goddamned QL/XF crossover and it will just sit there, eyeing me balefully, until the end of time.)
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So as not to further abuse the edit window:

I do, occasionally, beta (I didn't cross paths with the author until I think chapter 7 or 8; you'll start seeing me mentioned in chapter notes after that).

Oh, and for those of you who enjoy the Yuletide exchange: you're welcome. ✍🏻
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After lurking and reading for many years, I joined AO3 and started writing this year.
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