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Can you please help me find a thread on the green that was about how to write emails that have the best chance of eliciting the desired action/response? I'm thinking someone submitted their proposed email phrasing and people responded with critiques and also little hints about how to structure emails. Thank you for the help.
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Was it this one about offsite parking?
posted by gaybobbie at 9:06 AM on February 21, 2019

Oh! I think it was. Thanks so much.
posted by veggieboy at 9:44 AM on February 21, 2019

Wasn't there another one with a magic phrase that was almost passive-aggressive? It was something like a subject line I remember as, "I guess you don't want this opportunity" but it wasn't that downtrodden.
posted by frecklefaerie at 7:04 PM on February 21, 2019

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