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Team Singing Telegram, good news--my latest life crisis took a breather for one day and I got our booklet in the mail. Like, in the actual physical mail stream. I promise. I'm very sorry for the delay!
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Ugh, I'm the slow link in one of my chains, it arrived the same day my kids all starting coming down with a stomach virus and while everyone is recovered I'm still digging out from under the extra housework. TOMORROW! I SWEAR!
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none of mine have arrived yet sad face.
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Life circumstances happen! Thank you to everyone for being understanding! :-) Homo neanderthalensis, I sent a MefiMail your way with some info.

Generally, if you're 2nd or 3rd on your list, it's reasonable to expect your booklet by now. May be worth checking in with the mefite before you on your list. (If you're 4th or later on the list, I say keep the faith for now!)
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I have sent off ESPERANTO (I was #1) and GOLDEN RECORD (I was #2). Haven’t seen the others yet but I’ll try to be prompt when I do!
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I've been curious how long the process would be. I'm in three chains and the earliest spot I'm assigned is 4th, I believe. It'll be a fun surprise in the mail for my last one because I'm sure I'll have pretty much forgotten about it by then. You'll find no expectations of promptness from me - I'd rather everyone take their time and have fun with it than feel rushed.
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I got ours right before I went away for the weekend and then this week has been a wee bit hectic, sorry team! I’ll send it by Friday at the latest, promise.
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I received, doodled in, and sent out the booklet for team semaphore this week! It was SO MUCH FUN.
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Hot Toddy, your situation took precedence so don't even worry about the delay. (I'm on Team Singing Telegram.)
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Hey, I was too torpid to sign up when this started. Can I get in on it, and if so, how?
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Team BABEL FISH book has passed in and out of my hands, so hopefully it's swimming down the line.
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wenestvedt, the original form is still available and you can sign up for the backup queue. I don't have a specific launch date for Telephone Pictionary second chancers yet, but if you sign up you'll be in the mix when we're ready to go.
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I was the slow link in HELIOGRAPH, so my apologies there!

I can't wait to see the complete book!
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I'm on a few teams but have only seen one of them (team PNEUMATIC DISPATCH) which originated 5 blocks away, crossed the USA, and then crossed the USA back to me in the #3 spot. That's my earliest spot.

I will vote for writing in pencil so there's no bleedthrough.
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Signed up, can't wait!!
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I'm #2 in UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR and haven't seen my booklet yet - hoping everything is okay with person #1 and that there haven't been any issues with the mail! Also you're person #2 in the chain where I am #1, and I hope my booklet arrived safely at your door! I totally understand if folks are dealing with life stuff; life can be brutal.
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My PONY EXPRESS packet arrived today!! What a lovely surprise on a long day. I'll fill it out this weekend and send it along to #4. :)
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Esperanto has also had its stop in Chicago and moved along!
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I received two booklets (ANSIBLE and ULTRAWAVE RELAY) in which I was #2. They were sent back to the US last week, hope they crossed the ocean safely!
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I assumed all booklets were being redirected from my residence due to the poor quality of the art I added to ESPERANTO. My apologies to phunniemee's eyes.
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I am #3 on DIPLOMATIC POUCH, #4 on SEMAPHORE, and #7 on PNEUMATIC DISPATCH. I have not seen anything yet. I have some travel coming up starting in late April. I hope things arrive in time for me to do my part before I end up out of pocket for a 21 day stretch...
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coppertop, I was first in SEMAPHORE and sent it along almost immediately! Let's hope it's on its way.
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I forgot all about this so was seriously eyeing this mysterious envelope and expecting some weird scam* so was super excited once I figured it out! It took me about two days to send it back out - I just wanted it to be just right. Heh.

*there's been a lot of strange things happening in my life lately
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Team GOLDEN RECORD, sorry I’ve been sitting on this for four days! Extremely busy work and life period that I keep missing post office hours. I promise to mail it out tomorrow.
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I am very proud of duffell for coming up with these fabulous team names.
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Sorry, it went in the post today! Hopefully should be with you soon once it crosses the Atlantic. Just a heads up though - maybe I’ve read things wrong? But I did my bit on the next blank page as per the instructions, and only when clipping it up did I realise that you’ll have to skip a blank page to be able to hide my bit from #4. Good luck with that and with deciphering what the bejeebus I’ve landed you with...
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Team GOLDEN RECORD, I have our project! I hadn't checked my mail for a few days, so any slowness is on me. I'll send it post haste.
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But I did my bit on the next blank page as per the instructions, and only when clipping it up did I realise that you’ll have to skip a blank page to be able to hide my bit from #4

Uh, I might have been guilty of this too. Sorry, The corpse in the library!
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It was fine, theappleonatree, but now I'm wondering if I did it right myself. Open carefully, Anotherbrick.
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I solved the bleed-through problem by writing “NO PEEKING” and so forth in big letters on the facing page. Seemed to fit into the spirit of the thing, although I’m sure daisyace thought I was wacko.
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Not at all holborne — on the contrary, I stole the idea on my next one. Except I screwed it up, putting the peek-blocker on the next page after mine... so then I added it where it belonged, too.
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OK, as number 6 on one team and number 7 on another, I'm feeling slightly less nervous that I haven't gotten anything yet - sounds like things are proceeding in a relaxed pace, which suits me fine. Protean Charm/Universal Translator 2019! Sock-a-doodle-doo!
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I was 1, 2, 3, and 4, on packets that came pretty quickly and I sent them on their way (Shoe Phone, Singing Telegram, Green Bullet and Babel Fish). Since then, I've been watching for the arrival of the ones where I'm 5 and 6 (and 7, 8, 9, and 9 again, but figuring those may take a while). Any recent sightings of Black Square and Raven?
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Just curious how team Carrier Pigeon is doing. I'm #3 and haven't seen it yet.
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Raven is my bad, my kids apparently do not understand the difference between incoming and outgoing mail and brought it back in the house and put it in a pile of junk mail where it SAT for a few weeks before I finally sorted the pile! Anyway, it went out for real yesterday, no more juvenile assistance with the mail!
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Interocitor in the wind.
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Looking for Green Bullet and Singing Telegram updates.
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I was 2nd on Singing Telegram and 3rd on Green Bullet, fluffy battle kitten, and sent them on their way a while ago.
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I'm 5th on GB and 6th on ST and have not received either.
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Beccasaurus was right after me on both of those, and you are right after her on Green Bullet, and after another couple of folks on Singing Telegram. Hey beccasaurus -- any status update?
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Do we want something like this for all the teams, where we can all go in and pick from the dropdown when we receive and send along booklets? I made it for the four I've received so far... Feel free to add other teams if anyone would like -- or to say NO if this is a bad idea!
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I have Esperanto it’ll be in the post tomorrow!
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Also--I'd encourage folks, if you feel like you should've gotten a booklet by now and aren't seeing it yet, to reply-all to the initial group email I sent you. Not everyone's aware of or checking these MeTa threads.

Some folks are doing this already, but that's probably the best way to ensure your message gets through. We were able to work out some kinks on Team Babel Fish this way.
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I'm running a few "long-play" games in my office (we'll play until we fill up an entire 40-page booklet with one thread). I just took a turn drawing. I was supposed to draw someone playing the flute. Instead of drawing a stick-figure, I got ambitious and tried to draw an actual person, but in the midst of figuring out hand placement and posture and everything else, I realized too late that the flute I'd drawn (with little music notes coming out!) was at sternum-level. So now it's a mysterious autonomous flute.
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This whole game makes me so happy, you guys. SO happy. Thank you, duffell, for organizing this.
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