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Does anyone remember a post on the Blue that was talking about a theory that depression is an adaptation and/or (to use a metaphor) the same program that your body runs when you're sick, because it's treating emotional pain like physical pain, so we need to slow down and stay in bed until it's over.

I don't remember if I saw it on the Blue, but the Blue is where I learn about most things so if I heard about it, that is probably how. I don't remember the exact wording used (or even the exact idea) to be able to search for it. I think about it all the time and I'd love to have the citations.
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This sounds familiar - do you remember any mention of Darwin and how depression made him focus more intensely on his work?
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This is the one I was thinking of - on reread, it probably isn't right.
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I dont know if it was on the Blue, but I read this article on the topic a while back. I dont proactively go to Medium, so I assume it was on here, or possibly something I found in wanting to read more on the topic.
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do you remember any mention of Darwin and how depression made him focus more intensely on his work?

Ack yes, this rings a bell, at least the concept of wanting to intensely focus on something. I will look at the other links. Thanks!
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Yes, that post is what I was thinking of, thank you meemzi!

Like a fever that helps the immune system fight off infection — increased body temperature sends white blood cells into overdrive — depression might be an unpleasant yet adaptive response to affliction
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Happy to help! :D
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I'm sure you're probably not thinking of this post from 2011 made by some lovely mefite with a name that rhymes with harnop.

But, it's there. :D
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