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Oh, and hey, big ol' honkin' congrats to Blisterlips and griphus for doing this whole having an adorable baby thing. Hey there, Helio Edward, welcome to MetaFilter.

I already used the title joke on griphus' Instagram and I'm not apologizing
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OMG congratulations to you both, cannot believe I missed this but my social media attendance has been spotty of late, partly because early May is the BEST time to be born: well done small Helio and exhausted parents. He is beautiful!
posted by mygothlaundry at 10:47 AM on May 12

Welcome, little one! And congratulations to Blisterlips and griphus!
posted by MonkeyToes at 10:52 AM on May 12

So happy for you!
posted by Eyebrows McGee (staff) at 11:02 AM on May 12

Congratulations - he is a lovely baby!
posted by ChuraChura at 11:12 AM on May 12

Congratulations, friends!
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OMMGGGGG what a cutie! Congratulations!
posted by lalex at 11:26 AM on May 12

Congratulations and welcome, young griphus-blisterlips!
posted by Lynsey at 11:59 AM on May 12

Congrats! I’m local, happy to drop chocolate or some other snack or delicacy off any time it’d be convenient.
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congratulations! Mazel tov! Best wishes!
posted by theora55 at 12:11 PM on May 12

Welcome, little one!
posted by mochapickle at 12:55 PM on May 12

Yusss that baby! Mazel tov everyone.
posted by jessamyn (retired) at 1:12 PM on May 12

Congratulations! Early May babies and MeFi babies rule.
posted by limeonaire at 1:22 PM on May 12

Here comes the son!

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What a cutie! Congrats!
posted by Weeping_angel at 1:52 PM on May 12

posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 1:58 PM on May 12

Whaaaaaaaat?!? Wonderful! Congrats, you two!
posted by lazaruslong at 2:17 PM on May 12

Baby! Congrats, you guys.
posted by bondcliff at 2:36 PM on May 12

Also, I had no idea that Griphus' wife was a Mefite.
posted by bondcliff at 2:44 PM on May 12

That is a fine, fine looking tiny human. Excellent baking job. Mazel tov.
posted by DarlingBri at 3:04 PM on May 12

Congratulations! Exquisite head of hair on that babé!
posted by ITheCosmos at 3:27 PM on May 12

That is a freakin great baby you made, congrats!
posted by billiebee at 3:31 PM on May 12

exceptionally squishy
posted by poffin boffin at 3:33 PM on May 12

I am usually not SQUEEEE about babies but that is one cute baby.
posted by a humble nudibranch at 3:34 PM on May 12

posted by Fig at 3:59 PM on May 12

Oh, how adorable. Have fun, you guys!
posted by heyho at 4:09 PM on May 12

Congratulations you guys!
posted by smoke at 4:15 PM on May 12

Hello little baby! Congratulations to the whole family!
posted by cooker girl at 4:16 PM on May 12

Welcome to the world, Helio!
posted by lazuli at 4:17 PM on May 12

I’m not a big baby person, but doggone if that isn’t one seriously adorable baby.

Congratulations to all involved!
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Oh! Simply precious. Welcome, little one!
posted by bookmammal at 4:52 PM on May 12

Congrats!!! Mazel tov!
posted by Fizz at 5:34 PM on May 12

That is a rather fine looking tiny person you’ve made! May you and the baby be happy and healthy.
posted by computech_apolloniajames at 5:48 PM on May 12

aaaa thank you everyone from us both!!!
posted by griphus at 6:04 PM on May 12 [3 favorites]

Don't thank me! I had nothing to do with this!
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Congratulations to you both! What a beautiful and clearly beloved baby.
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 6:50 PM on May 12



Pictures...soon please.
posted by clavdivs at 6:52 PM on May 12

...хорошо, больше фотографий.
posted by clavdivs at 6:53 PM on May 12

Mazel tov!

Just need to hang in there for the next 20 years or so...
posted by AugustWest at 6:55 PM on May 12

What a sunshiney little fellow. Congratulations and welcome. :)
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That's one good-looking kid. Well done, you lot!
posted by wenestvedt at 7:21 PM on May 12

Congratulations! So happy for you guys. He's a beaut, too.
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 8:02 PM on May 12

Welcome, kiddo! Congrats, Blisterlips and griphus!
posted by rangefinder 1.4 at 8:25 PM on May 12

Y'all done good. Mazel tov!
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 8:48 PM on May 12

mazel tov!
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Aww, so cute! Congrats!
posted by Marie Mon Dieu at 1:14 AM on May 13

Hello, Helio. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. At the outside, you've got about a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, Helio—God damn it, you've got to be kind.

Current MeFi Baby Count: 36.
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posted by Too-Ticky at 2:40 AM on May 13

That's a grade-A primo bebeh you got yourself there! Well done, you crazy kids!
posted by The Underpants Monster at 2:51 AM on May 13

posted by hugbucket at 2:58 AM on May 13

That is definitely a delectable baby.
posted by drlith at 3:35 AM on May 13

Welcome, baby.
posted by GenjiandProust at 3:57 AM on May 13

Yay! Congratulations!
posted by Orange Dinosaur Slide at 4:55 AM on May 13

Congrats, guys! And welcome, little one!
posted by Harald74 at 5:13 AM on May 13

mazel tov!
posted by brujita at 5:19 AM on May 13

Huzzah! Congratulations!
posted by briank at 6:00 AM on May 13

Congratulations! What a sweet and beautiful baby! Smell his little head for me, please. That newborn smell is the closest we get to what Heaven smells like, I think.
posted by Aquifer at 8:20 AM on May 13

Congrats! Good luck! Let me know if you'd like me to take a nap for you or anything.
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That is one cute baby! Congratulations, and happy birthday, tiny human!
posted by sarcasticah at 8:26 AM on May 13

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Hooray for babies! I saw on Twitter, but I'll be happy here too!
posted by xingcat at 10:02 AM on May 13

That baby is perfect and adorable and making me reconsider my whole non-child life!!!
posted by bquarters at 12:51 PM on May 13

Cuute! Congratulations on increasing the available cuteness round these parts!
posted by RandomInconsistencies at 3:06 PM on May 13

Consummate babying. You guys baby with the best of them.
posted by XMLicious at 7:39 PM on May 13

Congratulations! What a cutie.
posted by ellieBOA at 10:48 PM on May 13

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Oh, this is lovely to hear. Mazel tov & right on! Wishing you all much health and great joy in getting to know each other. (Also I know all babies are beautiful etc. but I really like the cut of that kid’s jib.)
posted by miles per flower at 7:20 AM on May 14

Yay baby!

posted by Kattullus at 9:18 AM on May 14

Yay and congratulations!
posted by cybercoitus interruptus at 6:01 PM on May 15

Congratulations you guys! What an adorable baby!
posted by Foci for Analysis at 9:28 PM on May 15

Oh, lovely. And now I know who the ubiquitous Anais NIN is in my Twitter feed. I need more baby pics in my life.
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 11:31 PM on May 15

Yay, congrats to all of you!
posted by carter at 6:34 AM on May 16

OMG congratulations!
posted by doop at 12:16 PM on May 16

Congratulations you guys!
posted by ambrosen at 11:25 AM on May 17

Aww, congrats!!!!!
posted by gtrwolf at 12:21 AM on May 18

What a good baby. 14/10 would snorgle.
posted by Nancy_LockIsLit_Palmer at 12:15 PM on May 18

posted by Katjusa Roquette at 1:17 PM on May 18

Congratulations, he is absolutely gorgeous!
posted by daybeforetheday at 5:55 PM on May 18

congrats! also, griphus, your twitter headline is so damn funny.
posted by FirstMateKate at 11:17 AM on May 19

posted by ob1quixote at 11:35 AM on May 19

Congratulations!! You all look adorable <3
posted by mumimor at 10:50 AM on May 20

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