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thesmallmachine has just won the 2019 LGBTQ SF/F/Horror Lambda Literary Award for his amazing book, The Breath of the Sun. Congratulations!
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Yaaaaay! Congratulations!
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Personally, I first found out about The Breath of the Sun via last year's AskMe post, How to promote a debut fantasy novel?

I must note, however, that not a single person came up with the answer "win a prestigious literary award" as a possible method.
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Haha! It's true, "win a Lambda" was the true Best Answer all along. Thank you so much for posting this; MeFi has been my home for so long, and I never thought I'd come out with my real identity here (as I did in that thread), but I'm so glad I did.

Also, for what it's worth, transitioning and changing my name after the book came out turned out not to be a big deal. If I'd changed my book's name, now, that might've gotten weird.
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Today I am Mefi's Own thesmallmachine.
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That book is by a mefite?!!???!!! That's so great! I just started it after reading the glowing review in Strange Horizons. Hooray, congratulations!

I attend a long-running GLBTQ science fiction book group and I'll definitely suggest this one when we're setting up our next tranche of readings.
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WOW! Congratulations, that's amazing.
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Terrific news--congratulations!
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Woooo! Congrats!!!
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That's amazing!
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Congratulations! Another book placed on my read it soon list.
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Added to the list!
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Huge congratulations!
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Wow, that is amazing! Congrats!!
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Today I am Mefi's Own thesmallmachine.

YOU TOTALLY ARE! I just added The Breath of the Sun to my Books To Read spreadsheet, and I put you in as "MeFi's own".

kyrademon, thank you so much for posting this - I'm not sure I would have been aware of the book otherwise, and now I'm really looking forward to reading it - and I have a friend to recommend it to, as well.

This is such great news!

CONGRATULATIONS, thesmallmachine!
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Congratulations! Awesome news.
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Oh fantastic, congratulations!

I'm adding the book to my list of things to read in the near future!
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Mazel tov!
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Woohoo! That's fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Well done!
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Congratulations!! Like so many others here, I've added this to my TBR list.
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Congratulations! I sent a request to my library to get the book. I'll probably buy it myself in the meantime, though.
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As a librarian, I heartily approve of the book being in more libraries!
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Well done! Breath of the Sun is an amazing book and deserves the win. The AskMe post is weird to look at now as even when I read it I was wondering at the surprising lack of attention something so subtle and well-written was receiving, so it's good to see not just this recognition but also a number of fairly high-profile glowing reviews!
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Hurray thesmallmachine!

I was reading over the description LAMBDA award winners yesterday and thought that The Breath of the Sun was a book that I really should check out. Knowing it's by MeFi's Own thesmallmachine give me extra impetus.
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Yes, Bogi’s review and Strange Horizons came later; it just took a while for review momentum to arrive!
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Today I am Mefi's Own thesmallmachine.

Aw. You've always been, now you just have the commemorative plaque. Congrats, this is so cool.
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I also picked up your book after reading the AskMe and it was a very interesting read. Congratulations on the award!
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Congratulations! That’s awesome!
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Congrats! The Amazon reviews are extremely positive as well. Added to the list.
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Reading it now after I saw this thread. Congratulations!
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Y’all are lovely! Thanks to everyone who read it!
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That's so exciting! Congratulations! :)
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