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On a touchscreen (iPhone XS portrait mode), about half the time I try to favourite a comment, I end up clicking through to the list of who’s favourited it. I don’t *think* I have particularly fat fingers... do other folks run into this? Any chance of adding an extra em of space there on mobile?
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This happened to me on an iPhone all the time. I have an Android now and I don't read on my phone as much so I don't know how much it's still a problem. I think it probably is, though, because even on my iPad I sometimes experience this.
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On Android the word favorite(s) isn't a link. I seem to recall it was changed specifically to solve this problem. Is it using different formatting for the iPhone browser, I wonder?
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Oh yes, sure enough. I do think I prefer that, yeah.
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This seems a pretty small pony and I, too, would benefit from its implementation.
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Hey I thought I was the only one who did this! I would also like this pony.
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With me, it’s usually the poster’s name I thumb, or the flag exclamation mark.
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Yes please!
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I accidentally hit the ! all too often. I wish the spacing was greater between that and the +.
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I have tiny bird fingers and this happens to me. Would love the extra space!
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This happens to me all the time. Sometimes it takes several tries to successfully favorite something.
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This seems like a helpful UI tweak. I always finding myself hitting the wrong thing here too.
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Do people know about the swipe-to-favorite thingy?
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Do people know about the swipe-to-favorite thingy?

Say what now?
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It doesn’t work for me.
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Me neither, but oddly I had favorited that comment by pb at some point in the past so I must have been happy with it at some point? I have no recollection of any of this.
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I have this problem all the time - and I'm on an android so apparently I shouldn't?

I'm excited about this swipe to favourite thing which I now remember reading at the time and immediately forgetting because I had the wrong sort of phone.
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So does it really say "Favourites" if you're outside the US or did the OP just write it that way out of habit?
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On an iPhone 7 (Modern theme), the word "favorites" on favorited comments in this thread is not a link.

On Windows 10 (Modern Dark theme), "favorites" is part of the "2 favorites" link.
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Does no one do the "two-finger reverse pinch" to zoom in on whatever you want to tap on?
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Swipe to favorite only works (if indeed it still works at all) on Classic theme.
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And I am also on Android (8, if that matters) and "favorites" is not linked in either Classic or Modern theme. Maybe folks have mobile browser settings that request the desktop site?

(I switched to Modern to check, and boy, it really is nice on a phone, but the green accent color just ruins it. I repeat my request for a Yellow/Green toggle within the Modern theme.)
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Just enabled swipe to favorite on iOS. Seems to work fine.
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Giddy up, little pony and lets get this done!
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I have this problem all the time - and I'm on an android so apparently I shouldn't?

By any chance do you have the favourite count disabled so it just says 'has favorites'?
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do you have the favourite count disabled
No I don't! But actually thinking about it I do I use the web browser version on my phone to get the related links at the bottom, which for some reason don't show up on the mobile site.
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Huh, that's strange. I get them in Modern Dark.
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I have found some success recently putting a little space between myself and all favorite and like buttons.
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And if we're getting fussy about the swipe feature (works fine on my iPhone 7), note that it will not work on new comments after you've tapped "x new comments, show," you need to refresh the entire page.
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(And then you've tapped "100 new comments, show" in a megathread. You scroll down, read, and then remember that the swiping doesn't work, so you get mildly aggravated. You refresh, which takes forever since the thread is 3,000 comments long, and you get a little more mildly aggravated.)
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This has come up before. As I recall, the compromise between page real estate and functionality was to add the “add as favorite” link to the page that lists who has favorited. So if you accidentally hit the number, you can favorite from there and then go back to that comment.
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Wait, but on FanFare on mobile, “favorites” is part of the link. Or at least it is today.
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Does no one do the "two-finger reverse pinch"

I got yelled at by the referee when I did that....
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My iss is that the "+" to fav something is really small on my 5.5" Android 6.0.1. When I try and press the plus button to fav something I either have to try multiple times or zoom in to get it to work. I am not particularly fat fingered, and my device has a 5.5" screen. I would prefer it to be a font size or two larger. Not enough to alter the layout much, just enough to be able to hit it on the first try.
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This is indeed a fine pony, one which is worth more than my $0.02, and I also thank Melismata for mentioning the swipe-to-favorite functionality, which I didn't know about. Works for me on an iPhone 6s.
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Having started this thread, I realize I have no idea what happens next in pony-land. Do mods keep an eye on feature request threads?
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We do! More importantly we have internal todo lists this stuff lands on. When things are chill and nothing else is pressing, this stuff can get real-time pony manifestation action, but right now there’s a lot of other stuff in the active pipeline so we’ll sneak it in more on a “when we’re able” basis.
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