Crone Island might be real October 2, 2019 3:58 PM   Subscribe

Or so says the NYT.
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Haha - I can’t read below the headline without logging in, but I assume it’s about Kihnu?! I never thought about it being Crone Island! I lived in Estonia for a while, 20 years ago (eek - more than that actually) and nearly went to Kihnu last time I was on holiday there, a couple of years ago - we were in Pärnu and just ran out of time. If only I’d twigged that it was the befabled Crone Island, I’d be there now, riding my motorbike & sidecar...
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Isn’t this on the Blue?
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Yes, this is a post on the Blue posted this afternoon.
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I also don’t understand the point of this Meta. This is the same link as the already existing post on the blue. Were there comments deleted from the other post?
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I think this was posted in the spirit of "hey, here's a callback to a major theme of MeFi discussion in the last several years", vs. the post on the blue which is "hey, here's an interesting thing in its own right". Its okay if there's not much to say here, we can just quietly smile at the bit of site referentialia.
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Oh this thing, good. I've been meaning to ask if there is a Mefi island of this sort online somewhere?
If so, can someone send me the address and questionnaire/secret password?
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but are there tacos
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Chrome island?
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Thanks for posting this! I rarely visit the Blue, so I would have definitely missed this awesome article.
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fixed the typo in the title
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+1 for Glinn's query above?
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I will help with tacos in return for directions/secret password/hammock.
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The Crone Island Slack might fit the bill. It's gone through boom periods and periods of waning interest/attention, but I'd like to think it's a nice little corner of Mefi-spinoff internet.
There's two main requirements:
* Read and affirm the Code of Conduct
* Have read either the original thread or the condensed PDF
and then as the only actual questionaire part, answering this (Helps make sure you aren't just a really smart bot)
Why do you want to join Crone Island?
What does emotional labor mean to you and look like in your life? What are you hoping to find?
Going through the linked form works best for making sure the admins can take a look & get back to you in a timely manner
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The secret passphrase is:
To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!
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