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Following up to Pastor of Muppets' MeTa post, asking for a way to offer up a suggestion for a FPP, and more concretely, Not A Thing's idea of a regular MeTa to create such a space, here's a first thread -- share things you'd like someone to post!

The idea is that this could be a casual space to discuss possible posts, either to be made by someone else, or with someone as partner.

I'm envisioning someone offering an idea for someone else to pick up, or work with them to create a post. Someone else offers to pick up the idea or collaborate in the thread, to avoid duplicative work. Then coordination could happen via MeMail or other means, to be handled by the interested parties, but these are just my early ideas. It's free form, go nuts!
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The Drafts and collaborations page on the MeFi Wiki has some prior ideas, as does the previous thread, if you're interested in was was previously discussed.
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Oh, I missed that there was that on the wiki, thanks flt!
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Sure! I threw that together years ago, and a few people put up their ideas, but it has gotten pretty dusty since then.
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Thanks, I didn't know about the wiki page - I'm currently putting my first FPP together and have some other topics lined up.

I hadn't even thought of putting obituaries up but when Keith Flint died I starting putting an obit together but found it too depressing to write so this is maybe a good avenue for content we think should be out there but cannot handle doing alone.
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I've been thinking about doing something on the apparent breakthrough in treatment for cystic fibrosis, but I'm not sure that I have the medical savvy to do it justice. And that reminded me that I had wanted to do something about sickle cell disease, and how it's under-researched because of racism, but again, I'm not sure I trust myself to get that one right. If anyone wants to run with either of those, go for it!
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I've been thinking about doing something on the apparent breakthrough in treatment for cystic fibrosis, but I'm not sure that I have the medical savvy to do it justice.

I came to say this precise thing! The NPR story with Dr. Collins from the NIH was utterly charming and so hopeful. His quote "patients who were unsure about whether they should bother attending college because they'd always known they would die young are now being told they should think about planning for retirement" got me for sure. (Though $300K/year for treatment is daunting.)
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Yeah, when I was 13, I spent a couple of months in a hospital that was the regional center for cystic fibrosis treatment. At the time, everyone was sure that the big breakthrough was just around the corner, and all those kids had to do was to stay alive a little bit longer and there would be a cure or something close to it. That was 30 years ago, and it’s incredibly bittersweet that the breakthrough has finally come, because I’m sure it’s too late for most or all of the kids I knew. But it’s still amazining.
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Sometimes posts go bad - I'm probably not going to do one on cake again, as several times now it's just brought out the most unpleasant and negative attributes of some MeFites - but sometimes posts go unexpectedly well. The one I put up last night about Christmas included a throwaway link about potatoes and I've woken up to find 40 comments, mostly about said potatoes, on there. Huh.

Therefore I'm compiling an FPP about potatoes, from the focus of cooking them, eating them, recipes. If you have any relevant and interesting links on this subject, please comment here or mail them to me, and I'll consider them for inclusion; thank you.
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FPPs about cake going badly? I must have missed that. sorry Wordshore, your posts are always wonderful.
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@ArbitraryAndCapricious and @AgentRocket: I work in health services research and have experience with cystic fibrosis research specifically, so would be happy to help either/ both of you with a post. I was lucky enough to be there in Nashville last week when Dr. Collins sang the "Dare to Dream" song at the cystic fibrosis conference. :)
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Update: googled one of the kids with CF I knew, because I remembered his name and it's distinctive. He's still alive, and there was a notice about a work thing that he did a couple of months ago. (It's definitely him: he's written stuff about having CF.) It made my day!
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I already said the thing about how there's 'colors' of noise like white noise, pink noise, brown noise and I don't understand it.

Also, feather stars are neat.
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