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It'd be neat if a FF post could be bumped back into view (either on the main page or maybe in a sidebar). When a sequel is released, we could bump the previous films... When a new season is about to come out of a show, we could bump the season posts of previous seasons... When a film that has been in theatrical release hits streaming we could bump it... When a new version of a previously released film gets a release, we could bump that...

It could be a neat way to get more mileage out of pre-existing threads.

Maybe there could be a form on existing threads to suggest bumping them, with a drop down to choose the reason why... The bumped threads could be shown in the sidebar if that makes more sense than the front page.
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That's part of the rational for the "Current conversations" sections of the beta version of a new FF front page, that organic activity in a discussion thread could resurface it without needing any other special intervention.

That said, I can see an argument for wanting to be able to kind of bump without specifically requiring commentary, when trying to make something visible in the run-up to (or in tandem with the release of) a sequel etc. Especially since we want to keep actual discussion-of-the-sequel out of the previous work's threads for spoiler reasons.

I think it's two basic implementation things: a way for the site/staff to actually cause a bumped item to show up in a featured spot, and a way for the userbase to suggest those bumps with a button push. Right now if we had the internal mechanism for making a bump happen, even just flagging an older thread with a note would work to put it on our todo list, but it's certainly worth thinking about something a little nicer and more obvious mechanical for the user side of things.
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This is a good idea.
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When an update comes along/
You must bump it
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There was a discussion about this a while ago, but nothing seems to have come of it. It's a shame; this seems like an enormous missed opportunity to me.
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I’ve long wished that in FanFare a comment in a thread bumped the thread to the top.

As someone who doesn't usually engage with the media it seems other mefites really enjoy, I don't think this is a great idea.

I think that instead having a bump button that can be activated after a post reaches a certain age or maybe that can only be pressed so often per account or something would be cooler.

I have been slowly posting all the Friday the 13th movies on Friday the 13th over the past five years or so and someone posted Jason X prior to my scheduled time. No biggy, obviously, but I would have liked to have bumped it to the front page to coincide with my own posting schedule.
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Ever since I saw this comment by dinty_moore I've been using the recent comments view, which just bumps up any post with a new comment. It's pretty great, has let me notice comments and posts I wouldn't have otherwise, and I wish it were a clear navigation option on the front FF page. (Maybe it is and I can't find it?)

I'd been using the beta page for a while which is also nice, but they don't serve quite the same purpose. One thing I like about the recent comments view is that its algorithm is straightforward and that it shows comment counts. The beta page doesn't display comment counts, and sometimes the way the algorithm seems to work confuses me.

Whatever UI the main page winds up with, I think the specific nature of FanFare means that offering a few different views with different ways of accessing the content ends up enriching the site.
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I'd like something like this for movies that have posts made about them while they have only had a limited release and then end up several pages back by the time most people are able to actually see them.
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