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Hey all! The Christmas Marathon for this year is up and running! We have MST episodes, other riffing, specials and other bits of weirdness! Over 48 hours of stuff awaits you, for as long, where and when as you can stand it, at our cytu.be room at https://cytu.be/r/Metafilter_MST3KClub. We'll be showing things through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and we've even got some weird movies set up for the rest of today, so come on out if you want or need it! More details inside....

This is what I call a "no-stress" marathon. We're here if you want some fun with silly internet people, or if you need to take a break from dinner preparation or family, or if you want mildly entertaining background stuff going on during these short days or long nights. Tune in at any time in the next two days and you'll find something ridiculous, and drop out whenever you want. That's our promise to you, the random visitor!
Highlights are, as always, the malevolent Ice Cream Bunny, the Star Wars Holiday Special (is it better than Rise of Skywalker? no), Santa's House of Madness and more. We're always rotating in new things, too, and we're open to suggestions if we can find them on YouTube or other compatible video site. Early Christmas morning we have a yule log or two and some timeshifts of Fox Kids and Nick at Nite programming for that pleasant nostalgic irradiated-by-phosphors feeling.
As always, our riff material is bought and paid for, but if you wish to express your own appreciation to the original creators, you can do so at rifftrax.com and mst3k.com. Thanks again, happy holidays, and as foop has been known to say I believe, good night and good gravy!
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Well, I started with Edward E. Murrow's "Good night and good luck", migrated to a Charlie Brownian "good night and good grief", moved on to "good night and good gravy", leading inevitably to "good night and Good Housekeeping". Still considering "good enough", "goodwill", "good news", "good times", "Good Witch of the North", "good old boys", "good omens", and the seasonal "Good King Wenceslas".
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Six years and going strong! No wonder I feel so old!
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I'll be in later this morning and afternoon. Got to run some errands at the grocery store but thank you for making this place feel like a second home. Looking forward to some fun and some weird. Cheers.
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This'll be the Swayziest Christmas of them all!
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I've been watching secretly without comment
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and the seasonal "Good King Wenceslas"

as updated by cortex
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We're approaching the Ice Cream Bunny portion of the proceedings. "Merry Christmas everyone! Hurr! Hurr! Hurrr!"
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Happy Life Day!
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Thanks to all the marathoners who helped with username selection!
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One of these days, I'll make it.
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Welcome to Metafilter polytope subirb enby-of-piano-dice, and StarkRoads! Thanks for making it to the show this year everyone! I'll do a recap report tomorrow, have happy remaining holidays everyone!
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This was my first time and I quite enjoyed it!! big thanks to JHarris and crew for running this. I'll be back next year!
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Final report:
Fewer people made it to the show overall this year, but people seemed to stick around longer? Which, I dunno, some people might have been busier? Again, it's all intended to be no stress, come if you feel like it. We maxed out at 19 concurrent viewers, in the later hours of the 25th. We had fewer technical problems overall than usual, which I attribute to one of the co-hosts' server space and technical skill.

As the show has continued from year to year, we've been building up a larger library of specials and riffs, which means we don't get around to showing all the things we have every year. So things like Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol don't get shown every time. Slowly riffing has become more prominent, as our collection of Rifftrax increases and, with season 11, the addition of a third MST Christmas episode; in the past we've watched MST Jack Frost as part of the show, but we didn't this time.

We tended to show specials and episodes in the early hours of each day. Also, we secretly began the marathon a day early this time, for MST Club regulars, leading off with a day-long sequence of some of the weirder pre-roll and post-show movies we've watched throughout the year.

If you missed the show, as usual, we will be doing a short encore on December 31st for New Year's Eve, although the things we show will have less of an overt theme. And of course, every Thursday during most of the year we have MST Club, where we watch an episode of Mystery Science Theater with accompanying amusements. We've talked in the past about doing a second marathon-style some time in the middle of the year, but no time ever seems as compelling, and with as much dedicated themed content, as Christmas. Ah well, we again hope to be back next year, and that you can make it then as well.
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Really you guys need to focus, consider rotating between anything Alf and the Donny & Marie Star Wars Special.
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I am not sure what you mean. We showed both, but Alf is like 45 minutes, while the Donny & Marie was actually just a bit of a longer show as was only around 13 or so minutes. The main marathon is 48 hours, which is a lot of time to fill; we just have more stuff than we can show in that window.

Maybe next year we'll do 72 official hours again, but the first day of that will be almost entirely specials and Christmas episodes. That much back-breaking joviality might be taking things too far?
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And we'd like to do things other than Christmas in this kind of format sometimes; it's just that Christmas is kind of a unique opportunity. Even with people who don't celebrate it, our version is irreverent enough that folks who don't particularly care for it can still laugh at it.
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Someday I plan to actually watch Road House. With or without my next of kin.
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JHarris - I missed it because I was looking for the announcement in Fanfare. It didn't occur to me to look in Metatalk.
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Awww. But yeah, it's not specially related to one show, so there's really no place for it in Fanfare. There's still the New Years' Eve show at least.
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And, asperity, I have the Rifftrax for Roadhouse! I need to figure out how to mix RT audio into an audio file for video room shows.
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The New Year's Eve show is going on now, in the same place for those interested
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