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I know there's a wiki of MeFi authors, and I know we already have MeFi Music... but I'm guessing that a lot of people here have podcasts or YouTube / Vimeo channels or books or albums or animation or artwork or other creative outlets. Any chance we can create a master directory (like the MeFi Mall) of these links for people who... might suddenly have a lot of unfilled time on their hands?
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Adjacent to this: How does one get added to the author list? (And if anybody wants a surly fairy to color, hit me up. Don’t want to self-promote, but I have a page that can be found online to print for free.)
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There's a wiki for mefi authors?
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Do we/did we have a specifically blog-having list of Mefites? A few of us still do that (very sporadically!) and it would be nice.
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I know there was a MeTa thread that collected a blog list, but I just checked if it was posted on the Wiki and couldn't find it.
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The MeFi wiki does have a list of MetaFilter members who are published authors: Published Authors.
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I can add a full podcast season in the next month or so. It's ostensibly about mukbangs, but it's more of a body horror musical about soy meat and the hubris of a podcast producer.

Basically, if you can't leave your house to get psychedelics, you can listen to this instead.
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Mefite Visual Artists are here (including me!) All of the Mefi Wiki member lists of different kinds are here.
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I've put ebook files of all the books I've written here
They're fantasy and science fiction set in South Africa. Sort of hope punk / bio punk . With extra dogs. You can find out more about my books here to see if they're your kind of thing.

I'm not sure what the best way it to make the books available for download, this is a link to a GDrive folder. Please let me know if you can't access.
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Gliin: Do we/did we have a specifically blog-having list of Mefites? A few of us still do that (very sporadically!) and it would be nice.
There was definitely a list somewhere, but now I can't find it. (I like your artwork, btw). There are probably many of us who have slightly interesting pages that aren't quite MF Projects or front page material but may fill in the time now.

In the meantime: Planet or Hair Care Product
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