Offer of Minecraft Server for all you lovely folks March 24, 2020 10:29 AM   Subscribe

Hi there, I don't know if anyone will be interested but if you are, I have a paid up Minecraft server with 50 open slots. It would be an easy way to interact with other Mefites, if you already own the game, and hopefully a nice distraction.

The server is running FoolCraft 3.
The MC version is 1.12.2

Silvermoxy's Server

I don't think you need a password or anything, it was just for me and a friend to play together...but it's been sitting unused for months.

So hopefully ya'll can get some enjoyment out of it. Also, I'm really shit at actually administrating a server, he did a lot of the heavy lifting. So if anyone else has more experience in that sort of thing, send me a message, we can talk about setting you up as an Admin.

Also, I have think that's all the info you need to log-in, but I'll be here for a bit checking in if ya'll need more details.
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I believe the Aporkalypse at MeFightClub is also experiencing a bit of a renaissance. (Also, if you enjoy gaming and talking about games with mefites, you should consider joining us!)
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I might just jump on in the near future - do I need the modpack installed locally?
posted by nubs at 10:47 AM on March 24, 2020

Yes, but you can download it from the link.
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So your modpack is on a different version than the current Foolcraft version. What that means is basically you or your heavy lifter will need to update it on the server side.

If it was an install from your host, it should be as simple as logging into your console and updating - ideally they should have some instructions. At worst, it'll mean updating manually, which means FTP updating all the mods, but that's very very unlikely.
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Ohh, good point. I will update it tonight to match the current version. I'm pretty sure it can update thru the console.
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I am SO TEMPTED but I have limited data, and rely on having data to make an income. How much data would such a session consume, any way of figuring that out? I already have minecraft installed on my computer.
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So, in the interest of making this as easy as possible, I've uninstalled all the mods on my server, and created a new world with what should be the most current release of Minecraft. Now just opening up Multiplayer and putting in the server info should get you connected.

If this doesn't work for anyone let me know.

Otherwise, I just logged on and made the most rudimentary of shelters near the spawn point, and it seems to be working OK for me.

Zumbador, I'll msg you if I can figure out how much data it uses to connect.
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Here's a link that's older, but seems to have some good data.

How Much Network data does Mincraft Use

Evidently playing Vanilla is the way to go, as Mods can induce more data consumption.
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I’m trying to get on using the iOS version. When I try to play, it says, “Unable to connect to world.”

There also aren’t enough characters in the Server Name blank, so I can only put in Silvermoxy’s Ser.”
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Is that Pocket Edition? I think PE isn't compatible with regular servers.
posted by sharp pointy objects at 1:37 PM on March 26, 2020

Might have to spring for it on desktop then.
posted by BrashTech at 1:56 PM on March 26, 2020

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