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I thought I saw an AskMe about how to set up a sewing table to minimize back pain, but I can't find it now. Can anyone point me towards it? I've seen this AskMe about lino cutting, but that's not the same.
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Is it this one?
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No, although that’s good. I thought there were chair / posture recommendations. Maybe it wasn’t AskMe after all.
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I found an OSHA page on decent ergo setup for sewing. Feet flat on the floor, knees ninety, lower back straight, elbows ninety - I had to gin up a drop in table to get close, and it’s changed my sewing style; I sit farther from the machine, see nothing behind the needle, feed from further in front. I think it’s better sewing when I don’t screw up but there’s a learning curve.
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To answer the problem rather than the question: an old-fashioned typewriter table is low enough to put the bed of a portable machine at about normal table height. The wheels and the drop leaf are also convenient but if you can't find an inexpensive one at a second hand store you might consider cutting down a regular table.
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I see I half-answered as though this were an Ask.... maybe there hasn’t been one for sewing and there should be?
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Weirdly the one MonkeyToes found is the one that seems the most familiar; I must've stumbled on it while looking things up and then thought it was more recent.
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