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Many mefites play MMO/MMORPGs and I thought it might be nice to create a space to share our contacts with one another so we can go on some raids together. Whether it's World of Warcraft (WoW), Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), Black Desert Online (BDO), Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2), Eve Online (EO), Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), Guild Wars 2 (GW2), Runescape, Star Trek Online (STO), whatever MMO you play, let us share our gamer tags/contacts/character names and join in a virtual space of our choosing to get our game on.
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Thanks to this great post from Fizz I am now playing FF14 and loving it. I'm not sure if there's some unique identifier outside of just character name required to connect in the game, but I'm here. Would love some in-game pals.
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@lazaruslong, I sent a request.

Also, this is me. [FFXIV]
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Just playing Vermintide 2 a couple days ago. Anyone play? if so, pm me!
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If anyone plays Warframe, my partner plays a ton and would love to have more non-randos to play with. They aren't on Metafilter, but their opinion of MeFites is, "The people on that site are so nice," so.
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I'm playing FFXIV. I'm on crystal instead of aether so I can't friend you, Fizz or Lazarus, but for anyone on Crystal I'm here.
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I just started Torn a few days ago (only about 15 years behind the times). Not really getting it yet - seems very grindy. I log in, go to the gym, do about five low level crimes (click click click done), and then can't do anything else for a few hours. It seems there's not much else I can do until I get my stats up enough to join a faction, receive missions, or travel?
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On the offchance that anyone else is playing classic WoW on the EU PvE RP server Hydraxian Waterlords, hit me up. And if anyone is looking for a reasonably chill EU server I can totally recommend it - PvE RP servers tend to attract kind, nerdy folks and a lot less of the edgelord bullshit that you find on PvP servers. I don't do much active RP but I've always strongly preferred the vibe on RP servers.
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I was also inspired by Fizz's post to give FFXIV a try, and I'm on the "crystal" data server here.
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I'm on FFXIV (Aether datacenter, Faerie server) and this is me. You can't send friend requests to offline people, but if you see me on feel free to ping me. I'm always happy to help people run any content!
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I'm on crystal servers, Malboro to be exact and am here! I likely won't be back on for a few days but I'll check in!
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FFXIV: Here I am. I'm not the best ever but I'd be happy to help you with anything if I'm logged in.
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I look forward to adding a few of you to my contact list later this evening. I think the thing I'm most concerned about is whether or not I'm using my hotbar/button layouts correctly (playing on PS4). I feel like I'm playing wrong, but it's also because I'm new and things are overwhelming. Maybe it just takes time to adjust.
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It definitely takes times to adjust, Fizz. The game does a pretty good job of easing you into it, but it's still overwhelming at the start, and the overwhelm comes back at a couple points where the difficulty increases. I can report from the other side that you do get the hang of it, and that I, at least, really enjoy the moment when you do a fight that used to be just plain overwhelming and find that you've learned it to the point where it's legible and you react to what it's throwing at you without even thinking. That feeling is definitely the reason I keep coming back to this game time and time again.

Reading guides on your class helps, and looking up guides to dungeons also helps me, and is something that I actually enjoy? But then again I tend to enjoy being overprepared for life in general, so ymmv. A couple of my friends who play on PS4 found this guide useful, even though not all of them are playing dragoon.

I really enjoy helping new players, so feel free to hit me up here or on discord (Bridgebury#5610) with questions or if anyone on crystal wants someone to run content with.
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could be fun to have a lil discord for ff14 or other MMOs that mefites can chill in perhaps
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i think mefightclub still runs one, perhaps we could use that?
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I'd be down for either of those options.
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sweet. i asked in the mefightclub jawn to see if they will add an ff14 channel for us.
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I dip into Lord of the Rings Online periodically. My main is Cainwen Ciaphas on the Crickhollow server. I haven't done "endgame" stuff in forever, though, and I don't really intend to start back up.
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Why not set up a big MUD or MOO or perhaps everyone get an account at LambdaMoo which I just checked is online. Build out a mifi wing to the 'house' and just be retrocovid.
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Well, this thread is the kick in the pants I needed to finally register a Discord account. My username is coratdamar. I've nevvvvvver used Discord before but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I've done Star Trek Online in the past, may or may not get back into it, but Fizz has inspired me to do the FFXIV free trial.
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I just bought Planet Zoo this weekend and spent 3 straight days playing it. SO good. I don't know how it works but there seems to be a way to visit friends' zoos? If you also play Planet Zoo, I'm phunniemee there, too. My baby warthogs are adorable.
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I started with Star Wars Galaxies around 2001? I was a member of the BBC guild, richest people on our server, but Sony killed the game. It was a grind killing Jedis at the end. As far as WoW is concerned, I think I tried it on beta, but unsure. When Wow was released, my wife became the first level 60 character in our guild. She beat me by seconds :). I was very upset at doing the grind for the Winterspring Frostsaber mount, and then Blizzard nerfed it, so anyone could purchase it. My one claim to fame in WoW, was when I posted on Blizzard's forums on how to run WoW under Linux, with better framerates then Windows lol. I still occasionally play WoW.
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hey so thanks to the kindly mods over there, we have a channel for FF14 on the mefightclub discord server now. come ride cactuars and pwn chocobos with us. or the other way 'round.
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baegucb, you probably know this already but there are various SWG private servers still running; my partner plays on one from time to time.
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Nice to see a bunch of folks in FFXIV. I'm currently beating my head against an annoying Slay the Spire achievement but summer is here and that means MMOs so I'll pop in when I'm back.
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ride cactuars and pwn you with chocobos?
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ride cactuars and pwn you with chocobos?

There's a sort of cactuar mount you can get from the Gold Saucer, and you can teach your chocobo how to fight alongside you (tip: level healer first, then attacker (DPS), then defender (tank) on your bo.)

And there was the chocobopocolypse of 4.3, where it turns out a bunch of red chocobos can ruin everyone's day with Choco Meteor.
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And there was the chocobopocolypse of 4.3, where it turns out a bunch of red chocobos can ruin everyone's day with Choco Meteor.

easily top 10 sentences on this website
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Red Dead Online (PC): Komboloi (Rockstar Social Club)
The Division 2 (PC): Luxarific-mefi

Would love to ride horses and run around DC/NYC with y'all, if anyone's in the mood.
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I’ve just discovered ESO and would happily play with some more folks, ideally who are equally bad at gaming as I. I’m a giant murder cat with a dog.
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With the pandemic and people being home, Elendor MUSH has seen a small renaissance of activity. Stop by if you're at all interested in roleplay in Middle-earth using words so that your imagination can run free! Stop by our Discord server if you have questions.

/sales pitch
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I only play one game right now. The greatest game in existence: Deep Rock Galactic. It is much more a MUSE than a MMORPG, as this is a perfect simulation of how dwarves mine the farthest reaches of the planet Hoxxes IV.

If you think, wait - that's not an MMORPG - think again. You get on the mining rig... order a metric ton of beer with either yourself or your mates (even PUGs are pretty amazing), select a mission which you'll likely get overrun in because of how loaded you got at the bar... then pile into the drop ship to snag a few minerals. Critics that matter have praised the game. Critics that have panned the game either failed to play the game enough to understand the variety in the game (there are layers - and if you pick 'easy' thinking that it will give you the full experience - think again), or they didn't develop the spacial awareness in their limited amount of play... (Getting *back* to the drop pod is a skill that takes spatial awareness and planning that is developed after 10-15 missions or so)

Bonus: The Bob Ross Guide to Drilling
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I’ve just discovered ESO and would happily play with some more folks, ideally who are equally bad at gaming as I. I’m a giant murder cat with a dog.

I have a CP160 MagSorc I'm finally learning how to optimize & a handful of lesser alts of various classes & races so whatever level you're at I can probably match it. PC/NA, drop me a line & let's connect.
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