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Lets's share links and spread the word on anti-racism community resources and anti-racism fundraising. I've seen some fantastic threads on Twitter that cover some of this, but it would be useful if Mefites could aggregate links for their local bail bond/mutual aid funds, as well as links to protest/anti-racism toolkits from around the world. Here's a great list of mutual aid funds (Threader link of an original Twitter thread, for easier reading). This post should serve as a catch-all thread for a broad range of resources that will enable and embolden Mefites to get involved in the continuous work that is anti-racism activism, whether they're protesting in-person, donating from home, or want to help in other ways if they're unable to protest in-person or donate.

Additional resources and links can include but are not limited to:
- Official Black Lives Matter Toolkits
- Campaign Zero's 10 Step Policy Solution List (a lot of great info and data here for people who want to become better versed in systemic racism and its solutions; please consider donating to support their work)
- Protester Resources & Toolkits from AmnestyUSA, ACLU, and CCLA
- Non-profit, independent media outlets doing extremely important on-the-ground work right now like Unicorn Riot and ProPublica, both of which are always in need of your donations. This can also include independent/freelance activists/journalists on Twitter.
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Here's a list of national, regional, and local bail funds.

A few Portland things:
- The Black Resilience Fund distributing direct grocery and bill aid to Portland's black community
- Don't Shoot PDX is a community advocacy and organizing group
- the Black United Fund of Oregon focuses on directing charitable funding to underserved and low income areas
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Could we get this listed on the sidebar so that people know there's a way for MeFites to help out? Please and thank you.
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Here's a list of resources and calls to action my employer has put together: -- there's a lot of overlap with the above, naturally.
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National Association of Black Journalists re: black journalists who are being targeted while covering protests.
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I've been donating to local bail funds and writing letters to my local police agencies demanding to know what, exactly, they are prepared to change to make Vermont a more just state. I'm aware that this may go nowhere useful but they are the police we have, right now, and I want them to know they are on notice, right now.

I also suggest that (in addition to what else people decide to do in terms of protest and solidarity) people with time/energy work within their institutions to point out racist histories and anti-racist paths forward. These can be small things like "How are we going to get the hallway paintings that are all white men to be more reflective of our population?" to "How do we get more work by Black poets in our public libraries?" to point out two paths that are in my profession. Because of structural racism often these turn into big hassles,not just "Oh I did not realize,I'll fix this immediately!"situations.

And in terms of anti-racist work in my profession: the #critlib hashtag is a good one to follow, the BCALA is the sort of "institutional" work-within-the-system organization (which is part of it) and LibrariesWeHere is the group for BIPOC library and archive workers. Both do anti-racist work, in different formats.

And from a book perspective, if you're someone who has read or may be reading How to be an Antiracist by Dr Kendi, here is a good LibGuide about that book with many more avenues for exploration.
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Not on the big list is UCI4COLA, which is UC Irvine grad students doing mutual aid and political action against the university concerning grad student support it makes available during this time. Many of you, I imagine, were once precarious grad students and can imagine what it would be like to watch your time-to-completion ticking away during this period while struggling with added costs. This particular fund was recommended to me by an activist Black professor friend as being driven by student of color there, and it would be really nice if we could get them over the top of their goal.
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Just a note - I didn't think about it until I started poking around on Mutual Aid LA's volunteer page but there are all kinds of opportunities for virtual volunteer work if you're not able to go out/be around people currently, whether that's phone calls or digital work, graphic design, video editing etc. Check your local listings, as they say.
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For people who can't donate, I thought this YouTube video was pretty cool - it's an hour long and full of art and music from Black creators, and the creator is donating the ad revenue to the organizations listed at the beginning of the video.
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Love for you all. It’s time we sorted the last of our racism out, if may take time, but I believe.
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Jessamyn, can you try again with that last link?
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Fixed it!
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The South Seattle Emerald covers both news in South-East and Central Seattle (including our historic redlined zone) and news important to people of color in Seattle. (The neighborhoods are largely Black and 1st/2nd generation immigrant Asian-American.)

Not this time! works on changing laws and other specific things to reduce police killings.

There are a number of Black Lives Matter chapters-- I recommend donating to your local one, if you have one. And getting on the mailing list.
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If this is okay, a friend who is one of the Pittsburgh protest organizers also runs a very mutual-aid style fund there. They're putting all the contributions they get lately toward protest supplies and bail, if it turns out to be necessary. Here they are doing their thing with a megaphone.
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Seattle bail resources to donate to:

Northwest Community Bail Fund (cash bail for marginalized people charged with crimes)

BLM Freedom Fund (BLM Seattle & King County’s bail fund - says it’s fully funded right now and you can donate to the chapter instead, but I have already donated to the chapter and am bookmarking this too in case need arises again)
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Oh, also: blog from Public Health Seattle & King County about protesting safely in a pandemic.
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Austin, TX: Shaka Smart lists places to give
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Is anybody protesting in DC or NOVA this weekend? There are a lot of protests happening, and I’m not sure which to go to or what is going on with transportation. I have a car and am in NOVA if anybody has plans but would like to carpool. (I would prefer to carpool, actually).

I am worried about the protests in terms of covid, and that kept me home last weekend — but I have heard from various activists over the past few days that having a diverse group of protesters is really helping to amplify the message and keep momentum growing, so I feel like if having my white body in the crowd is helpful then I need to go.

There is a vigil happening tonight close by me in Virginia but there is an emphasis on prayer and meditation there and that’s just not where my head is at.

Anyhow, if you feel comfortable memailing me and making plans with me for this weekend, please do.
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Rural MeFites, the excellent people at the Rural Organizing Project in Oregon are hosting this strategy session for rural and small-town organizers tonight (June 4th) at 6:30 Pacific!
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I've been sharing this spreadsheet of black-owned bookstores: I think it's more complete than most others that I see on the internet, and if people want to do reading, well, here's where they can buy from.
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Here is a statement from Particles for Justice, a group of (mostly) theoretical particle physicists originally formed to speak out against sexism in physics, calling for an academic strike for Black lives on June 10th. [Full disclosure, I am a pre-release signatory, but not an author.]

The Canadian Association of Physicists has already rearranged the schedule of this week's [virtual] Congress to remove all meetings and talks from the 10th and replace them with a dedicated session to discuss anti-Black racism.
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