What happened to the MeFi Deleted sites? June 25, 2020 1:04 PM   Subscribe

Seems they haven’t been updated in a year or so. Searched the archives but couldn’t find any announcement.
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Heya, I'm assuming we're talking about mefideleted (and related askmedeleted) blogspot blogs. Not sure why they're not updating; they're not maintained by MetaFilter directly, and when they've gone down in the past it's usually been because of some service issue or RSS showstopper causing the blog to stop updating correctly.

I found this post from March 2019, and going off comments in there I've emailed cj_ to check in about it, see if they're still the maintainer or if I should poke someone else. Hopefully they'll be able to get it resolved.

Independent of the blog, which just as I understand it filters the MeFi RSS feed, you can also look for deleted posts directly on the site using one of the various deleted posts scripts that exist. There's a list of browser scripts on the wiki; I know Plutor's "Mefi Deleted Posts" script has gotten a lot of use in the past, though I don't know whether and which scripts currently work well on what browsers. Folks using one of those currently may have specific suggestions.
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I knew we should have paid up for the enterprise monitoring.
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I memailed cj_ about the outage on 14 October, 2019, the day after the last comment he posted anywhere here, and never got a response.
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I miss them, too. 😢
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And me as well. 😢
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Aw, I hope cj_ is okay? Anyone have contact information for cj_?

Also, glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed reading those. I found them so interesting!
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I was just searching for these earlier in the week and wondered what had happened. I hope cj_ is ok!
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As cortex alludes, if you use an RSS reader to read the site, you'll see pretty much all of the deleted posts!
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So, I know cj_ off-site and can confirm he's ok, just not active on MeFi anymore.
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Huh. Spooky! I not-10-minutes ago checked mefideleted for the first time in probably over a year, and noticed the last post date. Then unrelatedly decided to do my ~once monthly Metatalk check. And here we are.
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Would it be possible for someone else to take over the scripts?
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Would it be possible for someone else to take over the scripts?

I'm curious about that too; totally understandable if cj_ isn't up for maintaining it anymore, and if it'd be workable to hand it off to someone else that might be a good solution. I'll follow up if I hear back from them. Alterscape, if you feel like it'd be appropriate to check in about that that'd be totally welcome too.

The other angle there is: someone can spin up a new version from scratch if it's not easy or practical to hand things over. These have always been unofficial DIY blogs (cj_ managing these isn't the first iteration over the years) and if someone feels like rigging up a new one that's totally fine too. Probably some useful lessons learned about parsing the RSS feed over the years but the basic mechanic ("look for gaps in otherwise sequential MeFi/Ask postids") is really simple.
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Alterscape, if you feel like it'd be appropriate to check in about that that'd be totally welcome too.

If you end up checking in with them, whether they're able to hand stuff over or not, tell them thanks.
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As someone with the most recently deleted post I DON"T MISS IT AT ALL THANKS
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I enjoyed looking at them as an informative way to understand why certain posts and asks were getting deleted to better understand what's worth posting and what isn't going to be up to par.
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Ditto acidnova, with a note that what goes and why changes over time.

But that means someone would need to re-claim that role, either getting the sites passed forward from cj_, or starting something new.

Is there an easy way to automate this, or is it something most easily done by hand, checking for deletions on the sites via Deleted Posts add-on or looking for missing digits in the orderly sequence of things?
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I don't know anything in particular about how implementing it automatically would be best done. I know over the history of these blogs it wasn't always automated; back in the day when puke&cry was maintaining a version of them I'm pretty sure he just updated them manually every day or two. Which works but means the failure point is someone getting busy or distracted or dealing with a hardship, hence the appeal of automatically working from the RSS feed or whatnot.
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I've been playing around with a really ugly script that finds deleted posts from the RSS feed and turns them into a simple blog. If cj_ doesn't want to maintain this anymore, I can set that up using something like GitHub Actions so it should (until something breaks somewhere of course) update itself.
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I really miss the Deleted AskMe site and would love to see it return, so thanks for this question.
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Hi all -- there's a working userscript for this on the mefiscripts github. I updated Plutor's old script and it still works with the Tampermonkey browser add-on / extension.

It's called Mefi Deleted Posts (Restyled) and allows you to see deleted posts on the front page of MeFi/Ask/etc. I edited the styling to make the deletion reason stand out from the post: example image. It also worked with Greasemonkey in the past, but I haven't tested it with the latest Greasemonkey version.
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For those who prefer blogs, here's a start of a new version of the MeFi Deleted Posts blog: https://mefi-deleted.github.io/. It updates automatically on a schedule by scanning the RSS feed for gaps in the post ids.

If people find this useful, I'll expand it to include the green over the weekend, make it a little less ugly, maybe backfill older deleted posts to fill in the gap so that one post is less lonely.

(zenon, my sincere apologies for singling out your post with this—it's the only gap from the posts on the RSS feed)
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As a complete ignoramus on things technical, can someone advise me how I would go about installing these scripts on a Kindle? Or even whether I could? Kindle uses Silk as its browser, so would I have to change to something else?
Sorry for the stupid questions - I'm good at asking them but pretty useless at everything else techy.
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I’d appreciate the expansion to AskMe as well. Looks good so far - thank you!
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Yes, thank you, zachlipton!! I've missed the deleted posts and questions pages. I definitely found them useful - they really helped me understand what was and wasn't appropriate on Metafilter. If you have the time to make one for AskMe as well, that would be great. Thanks again!
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Count me in as another person who is kind of fascinated by the deletions. I'll be so happy to see them accessible again. Thanks!
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Rangefinder... it's working great for me. Thanks!!!
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I also would appreciate an expansion to include AskMe. Thanks for doing this!
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Another thanks to you, zachlipton - that's a great site, and it's really nice to have the Ask deletions as well.

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AskMe deletions are on the site, though not distinguished visibly right now. I also fixed a few issues where some deleted threads were missing or disappeared. I'll improve the visuals on the blog and clean up a few known issues, and pull requests are welcome if you want to make any improvements.

I think I'm going to stick with purposefully leaving the usernames of deleted posts off, unlike the old blog. They're easily visible just a click away on the post ID, and I like keeping the focus on the deletion and providing transparency of moderator actions rather than shaming people for having their posts deleted.
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Incredible! Thanks so much, zachlipton! I also like the removal of the username—nice work!
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> can someone advise me how I would go about installing these scripts on a Kindle? Or even whether I could? Kindle uses Silk as its browser, so would I have to change to something else?

Martha My Dear Prudence - I don't have a Kindle so I can't say for sure, but it sounds Firefox is available to install for Kindle Fire (example -- it appears you'll need to switch some security settings though). After Firefox is installed, you can then go into the Firefox menu to look for an "Add-ons" option (for instance on Firefox for Android, the menu has an "Add-ons" option that offers a link to "Browse Firefox's Recommended Extensions"). See if you can install the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey extension.

If you can, then go to the userscript page to install the script. For instance, if a script is on github, go to the individual script page, then select "Raw" link near the top to see if you get a prompt to install the script.

(Again I haven't tried this on a Kindle, so I don't know if or how well it would work)
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