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It's July, which is podcast season, or so the man at the podcast store told me. So jessamyn and I bought ourselves a podcast and took it out on the lake and, honestly, I don't know where I'm going with this. It's Friday, I'm pooped, we talk about MeFi stuff a bunch, it's about 90 minutes long, here you go.

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- 165 is a number but did you know it was also a year
- there's a book called Lost Butt, it's about a lost butt
- jessamyn and not_on_display have been playing scrabble for ten years, how about a spreadsheet
- also, jess on the ALA talking about racism in the library sector

- EU National with mgmt/admin background - possible business collaboration by Meatbomb
- Product Manager by nolnacs
- Redesign My Website by Atrahasis
- API Technical Writer by phoenixy

- singingbush.online by overeducated_alligator
- The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS by thomaspark (MeFi Post)
- Break Into Us by avapoet
- Kaggle Birdcall Identification Competition by kaibutsu

- "Take me out with the crowd" by jessamyn
- ə ə ə the most versatile vowel by spamandkimchi
- The Mysteries of Majorana by vacapinta
- An Overwhelming Band for Overwhelming Times by yasaman
- Are you hearing unusual levels of fireworks? by seanmpuckett
- I Will Nuke My Own Country Because God Wants Us Dead by 1970s Antihero
- Easing functions by Foci for Analysis
- The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS by Going To Maine
- Solutions and Other Problems by JHarris
- Goldman Sachs is Sans a lot of things, if you ask me by jedicus
- "Being open right now is dangerous, miserable, and borderline abusive." by jenfullmoon

Ask MeFi
- a comment by jessamyn
- Solo Zen by kalapierson
- Can I fix my own space bar on this stupid keyboard? by jessamyn
- Where are the first-person stories on abortion in this scenario? by Anonymous
- Question Regarding Reporting on Global Warming or Cooling by WCityMike
- How do people with synesthesia experience partial matches or changes? by Bugbread
- What's the correct term? by einekleine
- Here's some photos of my loft. Plant advice? by dobbs
- Choose between cataract surgery + possible covid exposure at hospital by alady
- a low stakes question about guest manners. by fingersandtoes

- Let's start a Mefi BIPOC advisory board by travelingthyme
- Let's Talk About Race (baby) by arabidopsis
- Feature Request: prevent racial slurs from being posted by xtine
- The flag button's design is bad enough to be a social justice issue by nebulawindphone
- Person of Color thread #5 (I think?) by primalux
- What happened to the MeFi Deleted sites? by stillmoving
- I happen to be the obscure expert you need by daisyace

MeFi Music
Featured in this ep:
- everything i wanted (Billie Eilish cover) by Corduroy
- Activity Indicating Activity by Foosnark
- Rag Doll by aesop
- Hey It's Okay cover by lucidium
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Would just like to say I won opening game of this season's Scrabble.
posted by jessamyn (retired) at 6:58 PM on July 3, 2020 [2 favorites]

Oh we didn't even talk about Learned League this time! I forfeited like four times and finished middle of the pack in bottom rundle so I clearly wasn't the only person having a hard time. Better than my total washout last season, tho.
posted by cortex (staff) at 7:01 PM on July 3, 2020 [1 favorite]

oh hey, Jess, how are you?
posted by cortex (staff) at 7:03 PM on July 3, 2020

Not bad, playing Scrabble. I'll say hi to n_o_d for you.
posted by jessamyn (retired) at 7:03 PM on July 3, 2020

posted by cortex (staff) at 7:03 PM on July 3, 2020 [1 favorite]

jessamyn could you also say hi to n_o_d for me please?
posted by Meatbomb at 9:30 AM on July 4, 2020

Hi cortex! Hey Meatbomb! Jessamyn is not my administrative assistant, however much I may need assistance.

HELLO WORLD! Yeah, Jessamyn won scrabble™ last night, too, and is two wins, no losses for the season. I have some catching up to do!

However, tonight is MOVIE NIGHT! Scrabble postponed due to fuzzy spinning guitars.
posted by not_on_display at 11:15 AM on July 4, 2020 [2 favorites]

How to use the MacOS emoji picker:
1. find the glyph you want.
2. double click on it. It will automatically be inserted at the cursor of whatever text field you had focused before summoning the emoji picker.
posted by ardgedee at 2:23 PM on July 7, 2020


well I'll be damned.
posted by jessamyn (retired) at 2:28 PM on July 7, 2020

Thanks for the FF Black Monday shoutout! Definitely come chat if anyone else is watching, I need to catch up on the recent 2 episodes and will be posting those!
posted by ellieBOA at 8:48 AM on July 10, 2020 [1 favorite]

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