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Recently I discovered a recipe for so-called one-ingredient watermelon sorbet. It's basically frozen, seeded watermelon chunks that you freeze, then break up in a blender, then refreeze. It was unexpectedly tasty. Also, on a podcast today I heard Colin Hay and his song "Come Tumblin' Down" for the first time, which was fun. What tasty and/or lovely things are helping you cope during these sad, hard times?
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I've been enjoying Alicia Keys' Tiny Desk concert.
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I saw Colin Hay do an in-store a few years ago, it was maybe 30 people standing around listening to him, he was indeed lovely.

Iced herbal tea is doing me a lot of good in the heat we've been dealing with in Toronto. Generic lemon zinger clone, Tazo Passion Starbucks style, and I just bought a box of Orange something or other that I think is going to be delightful.
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Watermelon sorbet sounds great!!! Is this the recipe?
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I was able to go to an outdoor lunch here. I am a simple eater, so I've never had a lunch like that in my life -- first nuts, cheese, and fruit, then oysters, then a soup shooter, then sorbet, then fried chicken, new potatoes, and salad, then some kind of desert-y thing, and then a cookie. I think I may have forgotten a course in there somewhere. There were lovely details like edible blossoms, and a very nice wine. The whole thing took 2 hours and was very expensive but worth every penny.
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I purchased an electric ice-shaver for a whopping $12 from the local random supermarket. Shave ice with a little flavoring on top, maybe with a little ice-cream underneath it. Perfect. And the kids love it because its different than regular desserts. Related I've been serving food to our kids at nights/weekends through a big window in our house while they play outside. If I have bagels for them it's the bagel shop. It its pizza, its the pizza shop. If its shave ice its Inflatablekiwi's Hawaiian experience. etc. Oh my god do they love it - they even pretend to pay me (often with leaves and worms). I fear they may leave Yelp reviews at some stage though.

I've been eating late in the evening because of daylight and heat, but warmed pita bread with red-pepper hummus - simple with a little bit of spice and some raw vegetables or pickles, and big thick cut potato wedges, with tons of smoked paprika, some oil, and whatever spices you want, shaked in a bag and whacked into the oven for 45 minutes have been doing it for me.
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I spent a month last year living in Finland, and developed a taste for Fazer salmiakki chocolate (reaction video!). I brought a bunch of the bars home to Canada with me (along with some amazing cookies which were essentially cardamom Oreos), and rationed them out all winter. I was so sad when it was all gone! Then just before the pandemic I happened to find the very same Fazer Salmiakki bars at a speciality grocery store here. And surprisingly reasonably priced... too reasonable, really... I think I'm actually getting tired of salmiakki chocolate....
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I cannot see the recipe linked to, alas. This is the watermelon recipe I used. I live in Sweden but have never gotten into licorice. Cardamom, on the other hand, has become my jam. Yum.
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The local British shop has kept me in Licorice Allsorts (used to resent them as a kid, love them now), Tunnock's caramel biscuits (eat a small bite at a time), and brandy butter. I love brandy butter but I can't figure out where to store it. Fridge is too cold, countertop is too warm. Maybe it only really works perfectly when on a shelf in the actual UK.

On the subject of frozen watermelon, try frozen banana. Slice it up and freeze it on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, keep frozen in an airtight container for up to maybe 2 weeks. It's surprisingly creamy.

Frozen red grapes are great too. Same cookie sheet method as the bananas, but they keep longer (and get a raisin-y flavour as time goes on).
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Home made granita is our usual go to with seasonal fruit (or veg if you're into that). Pretty easy to make.

Oulipan... are you in Ontario? I have a powerful need for salmiakki chocolate and would love to know where you picked it up.
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I've been making a lot of ice cream. My two favorite ice cream bases are this one from the NY Times (not a paywalled link) and the Jeni's one, with no egg. The NY Times one is simpler and more foolproof but not necessarily better. (It calls for 6 egg yolks but anything from 4 to 6 is good; I think 5 is probably the best.) My standard ice cream when I want something simple is one of those bases (with no vanilla added because I like it better without, but lovers of vanilla could add two teaspoons at the end) with melted chocolate drizzled in during the last few minutes to make chocolate flecks. (Melt 2 oz. of chocolate, then stir in a teaspoon of oil to make it softer and less brittle after it freezes. Drizzle it in with a spoon.)

Two unexpectedly lovely songs:

I Drink Beer - Dan Reeder
Astro Zombies - Steve Gunn
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Ashwagandha, I'm not in Ontario – but if you're ever visiting Montreal, check out Boucherie Atlantique! They have tons of Finnish products. I spend way too much money on lingonberry jam there.
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To clarify, drizzling melted chocolate into ice cream is something you do after the mix is in the ice cream maker, a few minutes before it's finished.
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Like a lot of people, I jumped on the sourdough thing at the start of the pandemic, and it worked, and I ended up with a lovely sourdough starter. Unfortunately I tend to get more and more of it, because it turns out I don't bake a lot of sourdough loaves.

Also, I like crumpets, but most crumpet recipes take hours, and I don't really like spending hours baking before breakfast.

Enter this sourdough crumpet recipe. It's delicious, and it solves the "crumpets take too long" problem at the same time as it solves the "I have too much sourdough starter" problem.
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Two ingredient bagels. If you are expecting a NY or Montreal bagel you will be disappointed. Otherwise fast and tasty.
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I am making deep dish pizza for dinner, it's a guaranteed morale booster in this house. Because my husband was a vegetarian when we first met and started eating pizza together, I always make it with artichokes, mushrooms, and black olives - deep dish pizza with meat in it is just too heavy for me, but pizza with lots of veggies is perfect.
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I have a cherry tree that I planted 20 years ago. A few years ago it was in the way of the new deck I wanted to build so I had the deck built around it and it's a glorious thing to sit under the cherry blossoms in spring and surrounded by ripening fruit in June and July.

However, many years in the past the cherries have been plagued with cherry fruit fly (disgusting little worms that fill the center of the cherry with worm shit) unless I spray with spinosad once a week, which is a huge pain in the ass in the best of times and impossible with a shoulder injury, so I was resigned to a bummer year for cherries. WAS I EVER WRONG!!! I have the most astounding crop of absolutely enormous, delicious, perfectly pest-free cherries in the entire history of this tree. I have string lights winding through the tree and we sit out there in the balmy air at night, drinking bourbon and playing gin rummy in a cave of branches heavy with with shiny dark red cherries, and you can hear all the neighbors hanging out in their yards too and it's so atmospheric and, well, delightful.

Last night we started picking them and this weekend I'll be making pickled cherries, brandied cherries, spiced cherry jam, and putting a bunch of them in the rumtopf I have going, and the rest in the freezer.

Also my dog has been eating the ones I drop when picking and he had the biggest poop ever this morning.
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HotToddy, thanks for the wonderful story. There are three cherry trees in the park between my office and where I live. Only one of them has truly good cherries and it’s a monster tree and all the best cherries are at the top of the tree. This is a public part and people have literally broken off limbs, which is monstrous, trying to get to the cherries. I just scavenge a few of the fallen ones. When I lived in California, I went cherry picking at a farm a couple of times and it was glorious.
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I am cooking zero. Reading zero. Effort of any kind is off the menu. Tasty/lovely, however!

Lately it has been nothing but frosting videos ~16 hrs/day. Here's one that demos a scalded cream cheese icing that colors nicely, pipes well, holds a shape even when hot, and isn't too sweet. No idea if any of those attributes are accurate, but it doesn't matter when you're watching a perfect peony bloom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhe9n_KpJ78

Before this it was jiggly cakes, and before that it was the untoppable MIXTYLE, but with the techno off and a podcast going.
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A friend (S) and I giggled our way through a work video meeting today, texting on the side. It was bad enough that one of our other friends (W) msgd S and said "You and Gorgik are having too much fun". S immediately msgd me and said "Hold up a sign that says 'Hi W!'". Which I wrote but did not actually hold up, because W would have been very embarrassed.

It was silly and stupid. But definitely lovely.
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You can just freeze grapes and peeled banana chunks as is, I skip the baking sheet (and only freeze a single layer of bananas per container. I also just freeze berries in quart bags and it works well enough for baked goods.

I have been doing a lot of physical labor at work and at home, so it’s all snacks all the time around here. Pizza! Chilipeño tortilla chips! I’m getting a box of chef’s choice pastries from a local cafe to share with a friend this weekend and I’m excited about it. I also get free berries and veg from work, which is delicious and helps to balance out the impulse for fast calories.
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Enjoying tasty / lovely coffee from my new espresso machine. It's an upgrade over my old one and I'm just blown away by the improvement - layers of flavour and body / depth I only previously experienced in speciality coffee shops.

Strangely, my friends and neighbours are popping over for visits a lot more than normal. Must be my scintillating wit and conversation.
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My apple tree has been ripe for the last few weeks. Just moved in last year, and this season l learned how to tell when they're crisp and perfect to eat. Last year I kept picking over ripe ones. Gotta get em before they're too red.
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I bought some strawberries a while back and then I got some store bought brownies. Lately, since my husband died less than a week ago, and he loved chocolate, I have been layering strawberries, brownies, and vanilla ice cream, which I knew he would have loved.
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I have a bowl right now with four actually perfect plums in it, down from an original eight. I have not had plums this good in years. They don't just dribble a bit but actually startle you by gushing juice when you bite into them. I have no idea what I did to deserve them.
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pint of ice cream + Katmai bear cam = <3
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I have never had creme fraiche before, but today the store was out of sour cream, and so I bought creme fraiche and tried it on a potato, and...and I will never go back to sour cream ever again. Oh my god, the deluxe fattiness! All I want to do is immerse my entire face into a vat of cream.
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I've been spending a lot of time in the park. Mostly walks, but about a month ago I saw some guys chilling out in hammocks with beer and sandwiches and hold up, why don't I have a hammock?

So now a couple nights a week I walk down to the park after work and rig up my hammock next to the creek, and read till it starts to get dark (and 90% of the time doze off a little), and tell you what, it is so pleasant.
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My husbear made cherry ice cream (we live in WA, so cherries get cheap suddenly every year), and it was entirely delightful.

Also, more Colin Hay, might be new to you, from his first solo album... Hold Me. Always makes me feel joyful.
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Roasted oca!
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After some four months or so... binging on hamburgers.
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Deliberately overbrewed raspberry mate poured into a skull mug containing 8 frozen Cherry Lifesavers. Frozen because they shatter when encountering the heat of the tea, which increases their surface area while adding an agreeable auditory component to the experience.

It is important to stir/shake as little as possible after pouring, so that over the course of ten minutes you slowly transition from drinking an overly tart fruity tea to something a half-step down from Kool-Aid by the end. An exceptional pick-me-up, though I often pair it with a caffeine pill just to be sure.
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Can't believe I forgot to add: the skull mug is essential because it definitely looks like you're drinking the blood of your enemies.
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This is nice. I like seeing all of y'all happy.
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Marie Mon Dieu, my condolences on the loss of your husband. I’m glad you have things to enjoy that remind you of him.
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We're entering the good pickin' season for 🍅tomatoes and 🍑peaches here in western Pennsylvania.
I just scored some Saturn peaches, (my favorite variety,) and I am gonna DESTROY several tomato & mayo sandwiches this week.
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I baked chicken thighs on a little grill in the oven, marinated with garlic butter, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh garlic and brown sugar with a shmoosh of crushed rosemary and lashings of salt and pepper. Baked it 200c for 25 minutes skin down and then skin up for 15 minutes or until the skin browned and crisped up.

I cooked five with the intention of having two and then two tomorrow for lunch and the other for a sandwich or something. I have one left because I could not.stop.eating.
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My favorite lockdown lunch is chilaquiles in more or less the Rick Bayless recipe. You heat a small quantity of stock and a small quantity of salsa (his chipotle salsa which is sorta blah on its own is good in this) and then put some crunched up tortilla chips in the pot and shake it all up. Let it sit a minute while you finish frying an egg or two, put them on top with ideally some cheese and onions, Roberto es tu tio: chilaquiles.
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I made duck a l'orange with duck fat mashed potatoes & arugula almond salad from a Hello Fresh box for dinner last night. It's the first time I cooked duck at home, and it was amazing. My daughter mailed us delicious decorated mask-themed cookies and it was a feast.

This kind of abundance makes me feel guilty sometimes, but I am trying to learn not to postpone joy.

(I am so sorry about your husband Marie Mon Dieu)
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Ridiculous hair styles, MergeDragons! and White Claw.
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I've been grazing on lots of fresh strawberries and cherries the last few days. I've left a bowl on the counter for pits, and it's filling up.

oulipian: I spent a month last year living in Finland, and developed a taste for Fazer salmiakki chocolate (reaction video! ). I brought a bunch of the bars home to Canada with me (along with some amazing cookies which were essentially cardamom Oreos), and rationed them out all winter. I was so sad when it was all gone!

Oh man! The last time I had salmiakki was when I picked some up at the Hoito in Thunder Bay last summer. Sadly, the Hoito is going through some financial problems at the moment.

Marie Mon Dieu, so sorry for your loss.
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I have a powerful need for salmiakki chocolate and would love to know where you picked it up.

Ashwagandha, Viking Foods ships, although their online store isn't up at the moment. They normally carry salmiakki, including chocolate.
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I have a rare 3-day weekend, and I'm cat-sitting for a friend's lovely cat who wants pets immediately upon entering his room, followed by food. So sweet.
I also made curry chicken thighs on the grill, with fruit salad. Delicious!
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Metafilter: I often pair it with a caffeine pill just to be sure.
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My garden has been mostly underwhelming this year due to various factors, but my basil is Off. The. Chain and so I have been experimenting with different ways to use it besides pesto, with some helpful suggestions from the Twitterverse.
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I wish to amend my comments above about shave ice. I was unaware at the time of my comment that adding blue-raspberry vodka to make alcoholic shave ice was a thing. I am now. I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused to people who have already had their shave ice without alcohol added.

*Checks freezer and finds Malibu, Baileys, and more vodka*. Excellent.
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I am contemplating making this noodles in chilled soybean soup recipe, as it seems easier than the traditional way involving soaking, cooking, and grinding soybeans. Noodles in chilled soybean soup is a summertime dish in Korea. My mom used to drag out a traditional Korean millstone and grind the soybeans by hand, refusing to use her blender or food processor for this purpose. Of course the really easy way out is just to get chilled bean soup ramyun ,,,
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In the past couple of days I harvested the first new potatoes from my three containers out back. I thought: "potato salad!" So I tried to mix up some aioli...

...and now I have egg/lemon/garlic/mustard/olive oil SOUP. The gods look down and laugh.

I hate to waste the ingredients, so I've stuck it in the fridge... anyone have any ideas for what to do with failed aioli?
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I mentioned to my husbear that aioli would be nice on the sandwiches he suggested for tonight and he got all confident about some Serious Eats recipe he had read, and so I just humored him and said yes, make that.

Aioli is notoriously difficult.

I have no suggestions but maybe a tiny bit as an omelette topping?
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He has presented me with successful aioli. Kudos to my husbear.
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I've been making smitten kitchen's Lemon Yogurt Anything cake once a week and then eating it nightly with vanilla ice cream.

I had a dentist checkup today, and I have a filling - the doc asked me if I was maybe eating a little more sugar than usual and I almost laughed in her face.
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Wait, why is aioili difficult? Now I'm suddenly thinking I'm doing it wrong...
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A nice little mainstream musical gem is Kygo / Tina Turner with What's Love Got to Do with It, released two days ago.
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Thanks to b3ta I've spent a couple of satisfying minutes playing the game Gotta Eat The Plums! With William Carlos Williams.
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Carrot cake Oreos are pretty great.
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Traditional aioli can be difficult because it’s made with only garlic and oil. That’s not what Pallas Athena tried to make, which is really more like garlic mayonnaise.

PA, I’m not sure what technique you used, but it sounds like you broke the emulsion by using too much oil. The good news is that you can fix a broken mayonnaise with the addition of a bit more water and emulsifier, handily found in the form of an egg yolk. Just start with an egg yolk and incorporate the broken mayonnaise just as you would if it were the oil. I have found it almost foolproof to put the non-oil ingredients in the bottom of a tall narrow container, put the oil (or broken mayonnaise in this case) on top, lower a stick blender all the way to the bottom, start it up and slowly draw it up to the top of the container. It will emulsify the mayonnaise progressively as the blender rises. Once you have reached the top of the container you can plunge the blender a few times to make sure everything is incorporated. Doesn’t take more than 60 seconds from start to finish.
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Splunge - we made your two ingredient bagels this morning. They are actually damn good. Had a couple of little helpers - so the flavors varied from cheddar with chocolate chip and everything mix bagel through to chedder with triple chocolate chip and everything mix bagel. With strawberry cream cheese or peanut butter.

They all got demolished pretty quickly.
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Pretty much everything I ever plant dies except for two fig trees. The two of them have been hanging out since about 2013 doing not much. But turns out that this summer is The Summer of the Fig. Every morning I make a weird fruit cocktail featuring: four or five figs, maybe a strawberry if one is ripe, and usually a single tiny, incredibly sour Everglades tomato. These figs... I don't understand it. I put the trees in the ground and ran off for the next five or ten years, like I tend to do. The ground in question is dry sand augmented with stray cat crap on occasion. Nevertheless, the trees are suddenly bursting with fruit. Eating the figs is like being punched in the face with a bag of sugar. How do they do it? I have given them absolutely nothing and deserve nothing from them, yet they are surfeiting me with their delectable weird marmalade.
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I started listening to the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast this past week, and while lovely might not be the right word, I’ve come to look forward to very slowly catching up on the 170+ episodes!
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Welcome to Nightvale also did live performances too pre-COVID. Perhaps they will again!
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Today I made battered fried congrio (conger eel), a Chilean sea-side staple, for the first time. It came out OK, but too oily. I might try again.
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Cooking my way through the America's Test Kitchen cookbook/magazine selection (61 recipes so far). Dessert by San Jose's own Treat Ice Cream factory. Facebook link.
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Chilled Peach soup (with mint)
Atlantic Beach Pie
Thundercat records
Glitter face masks
Peach/Sungold/Burrata salad (it's peach season)
Planting flowers
Overspending on cut flowers at the farmer's market and arranging them all over the house
Playing the piano again (I finally got my piano back when I bought the new house)
Learning "Here's That Rainy Day" (I'm a month in and, uh, not Bill Evans yet)
Looking at the water under the deck
Closing my eyes in the sun and breeze and imagining, even though I am 140 miles inland, that I can smell the sea air
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nebulawindphone: I have a bowl right now with four actually perfect plums in it . . . I have no idea what I did to deserve them.

You weren't William Carlos Williams?
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As for the lovely thing that's helped me: Float Up
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I am told I was a very evil person for making this yesterday. We also made these, so I think we balanced it all out.
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Roberto es tu tio: chilaquiles.

I love you Meta Filter!
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I've had a fairly hectic week, but it's over now. One thing I did during the week was make a batch of a corn bisque from one of my Moosewood cookbooks (although not the one I recommend all the time), to use up the 4 ears of corn I got from the CSA last week, and then last night I made a half batch of some savory zucchini-cheddar muffins from that same cookbook since it said those went well together. They do, and I've got yet more packed in my tiffin for lunch today.

Tomorrow I anticipate getting yet more corn on the cob. And for that...I am treating myself to a seafood boil sometime this weekend. I've got potatoes, I'll be getting more corn, I've got some other random root veg that will work - I'll just need to get the seafood (in smaller quantities since it's just me) and that'll sort me out.
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Have you ever eaten corn raw, Empress? If it’s super fresh and sweet, it can be really delightful just munched off the cob while it’s just warm from the sun.
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Today I made Chile con Carne for the first time, turned out good IMO, though I haven't eaten much of the Mexican or TexMex kind. I used Merken (Mapuche smoked chile peppers with other spices) instead of Mexican chiles, so it turned out a Chilean Chile con Carne.
posted by signal at 1:51 PM on August 2, 2020

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