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Hi! Does any Mefite have a LearnedLeague referral I can use? I think I missed the new season but I'd like to be ready for the next one. Thanks!
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For people who may not know about Learned League, it's an online trivia league that is fairly competitive, but has levels so that schmoes like me who enjoy trivia but aren't Jeopardy-level good can also happily participate with people at their level. It's online, and during regular seasons you are obligated to answer, and provide defense against, six trivia questions. In the in-between season time there are One-day specials and Minileagues that are crafted by members on various topics.

Here are the other MeTa threads about Learned League. There is a small fee to join after you try your first season and see if you like it (I think it's $30 for a regular members and there are a few perqs available to people who subscribe at higher levels). While the userbase is more US-based than not, they really work hard to have questions that will mostly appeal to a worldwide audience. They're GLBTQ-friendly (there's a code of conduct that is enforced and a wide range of gender-indication options) though the userbase does seem to skew cis male. I've been a member there since 2010.

The two main things you have to promise when you join are: don't forfeit (i.e. not play your assigned match) and don't cheat. Billiken I'd be happy to refer you if we have a short email convo about how much I am a stickler for the rules, but if other people want to use this space to talk about LL, have at it!
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I'd also be interested in a referral if someone has one available.
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The registration deadline for this season is tonight (at almost-midnight Pacific time). I think it’s too late for referrals for new players, but I’m not 100% sure, and anyway there’s next season.

If you want in the private rundle, you need to sign up by tonight, and you probably also need to find a friend, because we need an even number of players and right now we have 14. If we wind up with an odd number and you’re on the bubble, well, there’s always next season.
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bfranklin, I used up my referral for this season, but drop me a memail with your email if you want one for next season (which will begin in November). See jessamyn's caveats on not forfeiting and cheating, which are very important!
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I have two for this season. Memail your real name + email and notarized pinky swear not to cheat.

FYI, because I didn't know when I first joined, only premier and above members can join private rundles, so any prospective members wanting to chill with the cool kids in Huffy Puffy's Mefi rundle need to play a regular season (free) and then pony up USD $50/year.

I might be willing to sponsor a broke trivia head if I figure out how to claim it as a charitable donation.
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Yeah, and it's probably too late to get a membership upgrade through in time to sign up today, but if you MeMail me I can send you the registration information for next season so you can jump on it when it's time.

If you sign up for a super-elite membership ("Commissioner's Circle", $100) you can create your own private rundle and you also pick out a T-shirt, tote bag, mouse pad, apron, coffee mug, or hat. You can also get one or more of those things next summer if you proctor the LL Championship. Remember, nothing says "I'm cool" like a dark blue clownball T-shirt.

(You can also upgrade for a prorated fee to either Premier or CC partway through the year. You don't get the swag, though.)

You can only be in one private rundle per season though, so if you start your own we will probably actually not judge you from the MeFi one because they're private so we won't be able to tell.
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I can refer you. Memail if interested.
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I have referrals available for anyone who may be interested. Feel free to memail me.
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Yeah, we're sadly past deadline for the season LL that's about to start, but also throwing it out there -- MeMail me if you want a referral for the fall season.
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This thread inspired me to renew my membership and give LL another go, after an uninspired first season. Thanks guys!

(I also have a referral...)
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I’m (BehrerS) in my rookie season in R Memorial. I’m loving it. I’ll definitely be joining and will probably be interested in joining the MeFi private rundle next season.

This got me to post on metafilter for the first time in years!
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I only check things seldomly, so I'm way late on this, but I wanted to chime in and say that if anyone wants a referral for next season, just let me know.
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The annual LearnedLeague Championship results will be revealed this week! They'll scarf the 2020 LL Champion with the results of round 4 on Thursday.

Everyone who finished in the top 3 of an A rundle in the past year is required to participate in the LL Championship, which is played as 4 consecutive "One Day Specials", and are conducted in live (via video conference) one-on-one sessions with a proctor. These sessions took place over July and August. The results will be revealed round-by-round starting Tuesday night. There's a "cut", like in golf, of the bottom half of the standings after round 2, and scores for rounds 3 and 4 are only posted for the top half.
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#86 after round 1. I'll be a-plummetin' from here.
We do have a Mefite in the top 20.
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Finished 95th, so we had 2 Mefites finish in the top 100!
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Congrats!! We've been talking in the LL forums (my second favorite online nerd forum) about trying to get more women and other underrepresented (BIPOC, NB, Non-US) folks in the League. If you are someone who fits any of those categories and would like a referral (and a mentor to help you figure it all out) feel free to ping me.
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