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Since August 28, brainwane has posted a short story or selections of short stories every single day to the blue

Now that over a month of daily short stories has elapsed I just wanted to call out brainwane for some very deserved kudos. And if people have somehow managed to miss the posts, now is a great chance to review them, they're gems.
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Well done, brainwane! I've really enjoyed the range of stories from such a diversity of sources and writers.
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Just noting that August 28th was, is, and always will be a great day to start things!

Thanks brainwane!
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This has been really fun, brainwane. Thank you for the great stories!
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Yes! These posts have been fantastic, brainwane, and I really appreciate them.

My favorite might be "Fifty Years in the Virtuous City" & "The Sultana's Dream"--I've thought about those two stories, and about utopias and dreams, quite often in this past nearly-a-month now.
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I've been really looking forward to your daily posts, brainwane -- they've given me a lot of joy. Thank you so much!
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Yes, thank you, brainwane--truly the best of the web!
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I don't make time to read as many of them as I would like, but thanks so much for the links, the ones I have read have been great.
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These have been wonderful! I was just reading some of the most recent stories.
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Yes - three cheers for brainwane! I've enjoyed every one of these that I've read (haven't read them all). Thank you so much for doing this project, it makes me happy every day I see your post. :)
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I'm so glad people value and appreciate the series. And it means a lot that I've been helping people discover new authors and publishers. Thanks for the comments and messages! They are motivating!

In 2009, my spouse and I solicited submissions, paid authors & artists, and published a short scifi/fantasy anthology. In retrospect I thought: there already exist fantastic indie magazines and presses that get way too little attention. I didn't feel the need to make more of them; I felt a desire to get the word out about the great stuff that already exists.

And then I accidentally nerd-sniped the blue with the "you guys" post which grew to 230 somewhat fractious comments in three days. Partway through that I posted the first in the current story series. It didn't quite start out this way, but as my daily fiction posting kept going, I realized that it was a sort of penance, and I thought I'd go till people had made 230 comments, cumulatively, on the stories posts.

Now we've gotten past that and I have several more queued up. Might keep going till about mid-October, maybe longer.

And: if you want to keep up in particular with new short scifi/fantasy that's free to read online, I posted links to the RSS/Atom/syndication feeds for 11+ online magazines.

Thanks for the shout-out, Cozybee, and thanks again for the comments and the MeMail messages, everyone -- your interest and readership is why I'm doing this.
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I love these posts. Seeing the backstory to them is great, too. In my head, you'd just decided to take 'best of the web' literally, and started posting the best shit you could find.
I've forwarded whole posts and individual story links on so many times that I'm now consciously trying not to flood my peoples' inboxes.
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Hear hear! A tremendous effort!
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I love these posts, thank you so much for putting them together!
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Yes!Yes yes yes yes. It's been great!
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I haven't read them all (yet?) but I've also been appreciating the series!
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It took me way too long to catch on that all of this lovely delicious bite-sized fiction I've been devouring was posted by one person. Adding my voice to the chorus of thanks, brainwane - this series has helped spur me to carve out space for reading in my busy schedule of WFH/virtual schooling/mental breakdowns, and it's been lovely. ♥️
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Brainwane I am so proud of you! And so grateful—you know this has been a hard series of months for me, and the stories you've posted have been a soothing balm and a great distraction.
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It's been very nice to see these, brainwane.
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Thank you, my partner and I are planning to read through them together.
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I am so happy to see this post because I’ve been so happy to see brainwane’s hard work but I haven’t commented. So thanks a bunch, it is much appreciated!
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Thank you so very much! I have read some wonderful stories and always look forward with delight to checking them out.
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Right now I have posts queued up till 31 October, and I am planning to stop there, FYI. Since so many folks appreciate these posts: consider keeping them going.

Some sources of short fiction recommendations: My short fiction recommendations (tagged on Pinboard) (I think "Retriever" and "The Most Important Thing" might particularly appeal to MeFi), Charles Payseur's reviews, joannemerriam's recommendations, No Time To Read A Book Club, Maria Haskins's quarterly short fiction roundups, Ladybusiness.

Collaborative FPP drafting on the wiki can help you work with others and keep a queue going. Once you get into a rhythm it doesn't take that much more to keep it going.
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Made my last post in the series. Thanks again to everyone who commented or MeMailed, especially people who talked about their reactions to the stories!
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What an incredible run - so many awesome posts!
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