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Hey everyone! It's been a wild couple of weeks in the world, but fortunately not quite as wild here in Metafilter HQ. We're celebrating a successful Fundraising Month, chugging forward with a bunch of long-term projects, and beginning to plot some fun stuff for later in the year.

  • A project that jumped to the top of the list this week was an internal tool to help us make sure user requests get captured and tracked accurately across shifts.
  • The backend tech for getting the profile pronoun field change pushed live is still in progress
  • Bugs:
    • Frimble is digging into the Chrome problem with posting and mysteriously mixed http/https
    • They’re also trying to find why some emails are getting lost. If you send a contact form message and don’t get a reply within an hour or two, please try again and/or mefi mail a mod while we try to sort this out.
  • As the US political season heats up, please remember to stay on topic. We are NOT running megathreads; just because it’s political doesn’t mean it goes in a thread about a different political subject.
  • If you missed it, the Fundraising Month Wrap-Up is here!
  • A reminder - you can use IRL to schedule online meetups! Just choose “Online” as the Event Category.
Advisory Board
  • The next BIPOC Advisory Board Meeting is this Sunday, 10/11.
  • You can read about the update from the previous meeting here.
  • We are paying an honorarium per meeting for each board member, and we welcome funding for it! If you want to help with this, you can do that via the Funding Page. Just send a message via the Contact Form or to and let us know to earmark your contribution for that purpose.
  • If any POC are interested in participating in the board or receiving meeting notes regularly, please email
  • Loup continues with work on the GDPR compliance documents, a formal Privacy Policy, and similar tasks.
  • Updates to the FAQ are in progress - anything with the “2020update” tag is slated for review. If you see a question without that tag that seems out of date or confusing, please drop us a line. Likewise let us know if there’s a question you would like to see answered!
Thanks, folks! Look for the next Site Update on Oct. 23. (previous updates)
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