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Sometime quite recently I read a comment that somebody made about moving away from your city and employers due to covid. The point that they were making was that while employers were ok for us to do this while there was not much choice to work from home or not, once the pandemic was over, employers would require most of their staff to be back in the office. Therefore making a decision to move permanently thousands of miles away would not be in your best long term interest for your career. They went into more detail but that was the crux of it. Ring any bells?
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this one?
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Yes, that was fast! Thank you.
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My point wasn't that employers would require most staff to be back in the office. My intent was to communicate that's a possibility. I don't think there's sufficient evidence to extrapolate into the future to make a career decision.

For what it's worth, my large tech company employer seems to be planning for a range of possibilities ranging from permanent WFH for a large portion of the company all the way to complete return to office with minimal WFH provisions.
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For what it's worth, I have friends in senior positions at large companies that are purposefully moving before post-COVID work from home is formalized, so that they can argue (on ability to work from home and salary "localization") that they're grandfathered in.
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Earlier question in a similar vein, with an HR-informed answer.
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Saeculorum, on rereading your post now I can see that’s what you meant but in my defence, I was trying to remember a comment made a month ago and unfortunately didn’t get the content perfectly. Part of the reason I was looking for it again ;) I agree very much with what you wrote and wanted to share it but also make sure I got it right!
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