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Hello, everyone! Teeth gritted, we continue on towards November.

  • Internally, we’re getting some things set up so we can cross-train a few staff members to be able to make minor text and HTML bugfixes, hopefully making better use of Frimble’s time.
  • The backend tech for getting the profile pronoun field change pushed live is still in progress
  • The “also on” services list has been tidied with no-longer running services removed
  • Bugs:
    • Frimble has fixed the Chrome https redirect problem
    • A bug with the Best of RSS feed has been resolved
    • The issue with some emails from us not getting received has been solved.
General Advisory Board
  • The next BIPOC Advisory Board Meeting is being scheduled.
  • The full meeting minutes from meeting #1 have been approved and are posted on the Board page.
  • Meeting #2 was held on 10/11 and the minutes are being reviewed from that meeting.
  • We are paying an honorarium per meeting for each board member, and we welcome funding for it! If you want to help with this, you can do that via the Funding Page. Just send a message via the Contact Form or to and let us know to earmark your contribution for that purpose.
  • If any POC are interested in participating in the board or receiving meeting notes regularly, please email
  • Loup continues with work on the GDPR compliance documents, a formal Privacy Policy, and similar tasks.
  • Several questions on the FAQ have been updated, and updates will continue. (It’s a very long FAQ.) As always, if you see problems or have questions, contact us!
Thanks! We'll post another Site Update on Nov. 6. (previous updates)
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