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I just want to kick the thread off and thank my (seemingly anonymous) gifter for their awesome FRAMED Watership Down triptych. Your generosity, thoughtfulness, and creativity have me overwhelmed. I can't wait to hang it up in my new home. I hope that everyone is as touched by their gift and enjoy theirs as much as I do mine. This secret gift exchange always reminds me how lovely and generous we are to each other here on Metafilter. Wishing you all the happiest days ahead!
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Thanks for the kick in the pants! I've had a bunch of tabs open on my phone for things to shop for since before the election, and they have been neglected since then. My...what are we saying now, Beansee? a big ol mystery person. They are new and have only one extremely insightful comment--is this a lurker, recently joined? Someone who has been around for a while but in a BND account? A brand spanking new friend? No post history to trawl for ideas! So much to puzzle over!
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I got my gifts from atomicstone last week on the 5th, which is the fastest I have ever gotten something from one of my gift matches. They sent me some awesome baking supplies (vanilla and chocolate) and a huge set of Steven Universe stickers, a few of which my wife has already laid claim to. It was a very welcome distraction in the middles of a stressful week! Thanks!
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I’m under quarantine so will have to wait until the 18th to acquire goodies for my person.
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a huge set of Steven Universe stickers

Photos, please! For... uh, science?
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I got a GORGEOUS puzzle from reren yesterday -- thank you so much! (And just in time for a weekend of really foul weather!) Really just perfect.
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My cat got a present today! He loves it and I'm glad he now has better catnip nutrition he previously only had a catnip banana. Photos here. Thank you secret internet friend!
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Carrot is the best cat toy! Max is a handsome kitty, SpaceWarp!
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Aww thanks computech_apolloniajames! As a remember your cats were pretty cute too!

I always tell him he's lucky he's handsome because he's kind of naughty (but really I'd love him either way).
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KingEdRa, I was your gifter this year, and I’m so glad you like the art!! I came across it and said, “YES, THAT”, but the site didn’t have any way for me to enclose a note. Happy winter!
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I have my gift all ready to go - went to the post office to send it out yesterday only to be reminded that it was Veteran's Day. So off to the post office I go again today. Really hope my beansee? beanie? likes it!
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Sent mine out today!
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2/3 parts acquired. Hoping to get it wrapped up and out the door this weekend!

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Mine is going out as soon as the $very_specific_item_or_items arrives at the local (to the recipient) indie bookseller
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I mailed a small box today! Incoming, giftee!
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Ordered a thing today for my giftee because I am second-guessing the other things I got!
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I was gifted today with a lovely postcard with a recipe for Shoo-Fly pie! I'm looking forward to making this for Thanksgiving! Thanks anonymous Mefite!
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This isn’t a thank you but a quick note! If you have a printer you can print postage though PayPal - even if it’s just at random package (if you live in the US). It’s pretty easy! Then you can also schedule a pickup during your regular mail route (if you live in the US and have a mailbox/porch/place you can leave a package) also for free! Just kinda cool!

Also a note that I put the wrong handle in my package and used @hushlander instead of @itsamermaid so if you think it was a mystery person maybe it was meeeeeeee
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I have everything ready for my giftee except the item I've been trying to buy from the local magick shop. I've tried three times and it hasn't been open during the posted hours. Just found out that the shop owner is taking a break and will be back open tomorrow HOORAY! So pumped.
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The cat family(all 4 of them) and the cat mother(me) says thank you to "skunk pig" for the great #1 mouse
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I got my gift!! Super psyched to get something personalized, handmade, and blue. Not to mention that I almost bought a new spoon rest not too long ago! Thank you, unnamed secret MeFite, for the lovely surprise!

My own package is coming together. Have to finish making one part first, then I'll send it out.
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Parts 1 and 2 have arrived, Giftee. Waiting for part 3 to be delivered probably around November 25 so will get it off to Canada Post for you by the December 01 deadline.

I quite like the idea of Beaning a Beansee, and being Beaned in return. I bet a substantial proportion of participants in the MeFi Gift Swap are overthinking what their Giftee/Beansee would like. Thanks, phunniemee! We could call this event MeBean or BeanMe.
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So glad you liked the puzzle, kalimac! Thanks for letting me know.
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MaxWarp is such a handsome beast! Paragon of tabbies!
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People, it's lucky I went out grocery shopping today, or I would not have known of the package left outside the building.
So there I was, trying to remember what I had ordered through this particular delivery service, when I squeed, realizing it was my Mefi Gift!
When I got to the car I almost opened the two wrapped items inside before catching myself. I want to wait a while, and enjoy that kid-like suspense.
The card seems to have my Secret Giver's real name, so I can't credit them by user here.
But you know you who you are, and many thanks!
Meanwhile, I'm in process of getting my giftee's present ready and out. Should be before U.S. Thanksgiving.
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Hi likethenight (and fam!) Thank you so much for the sweet little surprise of the awesome coral nail polish! You picked a perfect color for me and it made me so happy after a long week. Happy holidays!
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I have been beansed! I just got a beautiful brotform proofing basket, and I’m seriously so excited to try it!! What a lovely gift! There was no user name on the box to call out here, so I hope my secret Beansor sees this so they will know how much I appreciate my present 😊

My Beansee’s gift was mailed out on Friday so I’m hoping it gets there soon, and that they like it!

Love this tradition- so glad I overcame my hesitation and joined a few years ago. Thank you so much to the organizers!
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I mailed out my gift last week, and just now I got an email that my gift is on the way to me. They're both scheduled to arrive the same day, which is a delightful coincidence!
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itsamermaid, thanks very much for posting that info!
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Canada Post lets you pay and print a postage label as well. I used it a lot last holiday season. I'll use it this year as well.
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Heya, @gemmy, glad you liked the gift! Totally forgot to include my handle in the note.
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My Giftee will get one thing tomorrow and the like maybe a week? The sender was a little hazy. 😯

Fingers crossed!
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My giftee's gift was supposed to ship on the 13th! Hopefully it will arrive soon :)
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Thanks to @Katemonkey for the exotic hardwoods. They are so fun to play with and enjoy. Purple Heart is one of my favorite woods to work with and there are so many great colors in the box. I’m sure something amazing will come out of it when the inspiration strikes me.
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Thank you, jason6, for the delicious-smelling coffee and beautiful card! Thank you also for information on your local roaster—I’m always looking for yummy socially responsible coffee, so this is absolutely perfect!
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I got such a wonderful gift! It lost a few days in transit when a helpful neighbor snagging my packages for me cause we've had a bunch of package thieves, but forgot to text me and I just got to open it today. IT'S PERFECT! An advent tea calendar, which I'd been eying for myself for months! And the cutest She-Ra shirt that make me do a happy dance in the kitchen to my partner's bemusement. The gifter name is a real first name, so I'm hesitant to tag anyone, as I'm not totally sure if this is a username or a real name or both, but thank you so much. I feel like I won all the beans in the world! I'm the king of the bean world!
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Sent my package off yesterday, should arrive on Thursday!
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My gift is marked as out for delivery today, the 17th.
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Pretty Good Talker that is some extremely amusing symmetry, given the AMAZING handmade coffee advent calendar you sent me! I love it so much, thank you!!
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Wonderful package received from Widdershins! Despite the vagueness of my guidance, you went above and beyond. In no particular order - the Oregon ornament is stunning and will have pride of place this year, the jigsaw puzzle is both timely ( just finished the first of 3 Magic Puzzle Company Puzzles) and on point for this household, the chocolate will be savored and The Screaming Goat!!!! I think the pocket guide is even more fun than the goat itself. Once the herd assembles here in the spring I will post pics. Thank you again and Happy Beans to All
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Got my gift today! I would like to thank @insectosaurus for the excellent Zingerman's chocolates (I tried one already, and will eat more later), and the hot sauce from the Brinery (which I will be trying very soon!) Much Mahalos to you!!!!
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Many thanks to Puss Killian for my stellar Golden Girls makeup bag from Etsy! It's super well made and brings me lots of joy this holiday season. Thank you for being a friend!
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Yay ZenMajek - so glad you liked it! The screaming goat made me snort every time I listened to it : )
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Accck!!! I got a mystery Amazon package today and was DELIGHTED to find it contained some Bees Knees Spicy Honey AND a bunch of adorable enamel pins - including at least one I’ve had my eye on for ages. Thank you so much Twicketface! After a weird, terrible, occasionally wonderful, exhausting year, what a delight to get something from a stranger that is so thoughtful and perfect.
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Yay, knownassociate, so glad you like it! Hope you can use it in the After Times, to travel down the road and back again.
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Mailed my gift today, should arrive by 11/21!
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Pretty Good Talker, I was your MeFi gifter! Your packages arrived way ahead of my card, and I'm glad everything got delivered safely.
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You are very welcome, killaseal! And my gift from hellogoodbye arrived yesterday too - thank you so much for the delightful and perfect embroidered cat towels and the tea. Hooray for giving and receiving!
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Valancy Rachel sent me a lovely box of fancy snacks. I came home from a long day of extremely tedious WHIMS training to tea and cookies! Lemon curd!

I have not mailed my gift yet. I need to get a THING to go with it and I can't do that until the weekend. But things are in the works!
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THANK YOU SECRET BEANSER!! I have been given not one, but TWO OTTERLY AWESOME OTTER MASKS! Which is ABSOLUTELY perfect, and I couldn't be more delighted-- not only are they ottery, but they're also miles better than any other masks I've found; they tend to be either too big or too small, but my secret fram down in Portland has NAILED IT with these, they're GREAT! They're actually -comfortable-, and of course they are adorable because OTTERSSSSS!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! When this is all over, come back up to Whidbey and I will buy you a beverage of your choice!!
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Wheeeee!!! I got the 2nd and 3rd parts of my gift! Thank you @ThePinkSuperhero for the Whoopie Pie teaser postcard and a collection of various infused olive oils + chocolate! Happy happy day!
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Robin of Trocksley
OMG this gift is absolutely perfect! Sustainably sourced smoke materials, gorgeous chocolate and various witchy things have absolutely made my day!!! The rose petals are such an elegant touch also. I feel so cared for and special. Thank you again 💞
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So glad you like all the things, crunchy potato!! I loved putting it together for you!
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Thanks so much for the cat cookie cutters and sprinkles!!! I love them. I think I'll make cookies this weekend during our zoom baking club.
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kellygrape, your perfect gift of Nomad drinking chocolate arrived today and I am already enjoying a cup. So yummy! So hygge! thank you❤️
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rhiannonstone, thank you for the exquisitely delicious chocolate bar, which I couldn't resist sampling as soon as I opened the box, and the hot chocolate mix that I'm sure will also be delicious. This has been a challenging week at times, and it's lovely to take a little break to savor something sweet.
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the otter lady, I got your package yesterday, and it was absolutely delightful! I don't know if you knew this, but I went to college in Seattle (SPU) and I spent a lot of time at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island!

So it was a nostalgic delight to have so many cool things from your part of the world, and that used to be my part of the world. The caramels are SO delicious, and I'm a sucker for anything with passion fruit. I'm so excited to try the smoked mussels and tuna - two of my favourite things! My daughter already stole the corn and cool stone (I think it's bear-shaped?) and the soap's clove smell actually came out of the package before I even opened it.

I also got your package just after getting the news that I won't get to see my sister had to cancel her trip for next week (it would have been the first time in a year we would have seen each other), and it was so helpful to have something good as consolation. I'm also HELLA impressed at how much you got into that tiny package.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm sending my package to my giftee this afternoon, but it's international so it probably will take a while to get there...
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box Yay I'm so glad! You mentioned chocolate and local and I immediately knew you needed some Dandelion goodies. Made just down the street from me! Hoping things get a little less challenging soon.
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What an assortment of delights arrived yesterday from darsh! I am so excited about the variety of chocolates I don’t even know where to start. The adorable Ungandan stuffed hippo ornament is making me look forward to putting up a tree for the first time this year. And the pen with a barrel made of walnut and olive woods—just gorgeous! Thank you, darsh, for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
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The last piece of what I'm gifting arrived today and all that remains is packing it up, my favorite part of the gifting process because I get to put stickers on things!
posted by phunniemee at 1:21 PM on November 20

My giftee's guidance fit me to a T so I was able to mostly shop my apartment to gather an assortment of treasures. Not satisfied, yesterday I put my rudimentary sewing skills to work to make a wonky little something which I hope she will enjoy. I happily boxed everything up last night with notes about the various things and today it's off via FedEx. Such a joyful experience in these stressful times!
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Thank you, ellieBOA, for the very nice stationery gifts, exactly my catnip, and your lovely card. Love the little Leuchtturm 2017. She’s a cutie! I’ve used the paper from the notebook and some of the highlighters to prepare my own gift for...someone, which should go out tomorrow. Thank you curious nu and mochapickle and anyone else who has helped, for organising this year. You all made my day!
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Guster4lovers, Yay! The rock is a "clay baby" from the beach by my house in Clinton and the corn is a heirloom mix (glass Gem, painted mountain, etc) that I've just been growing from saved seed for about 4-5 years, to get a strain that can handle our short growing season-- if you plant it, I'd love to hear how it goes! Happy Beans! 🥰🥰🥰
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A big ringing Thanks to my gifter, who sent a lovely beer-themed bike bell that was made in sunny California! (They very nicely combined two of my likes.) This will go directly on my commuting/errand bike, which I use all around Boston. I wish I could be more specific about the gifter, but they didn't leave their name or handle in the package! If you are out there, dear Gifter, please reach out in the thread or MeFi Mail.
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I have to say my Secret Bean gave me exactly what I asked for and it showed up exactly when I needed it. Thank you knownassociate!

(I also see Pretty Good Talker got some more sweet She Ra swag and that makes my heart smile!)

My bean is expected to get "something" Sunday, than other somethings later, but I don't want to say those dates, as to keep the surprise of how many packages and when they show up.

Thank you for all who are involved with this. Either as a gifter or an admin. This is such a lovely, heartwarming experience every year.
posted by a non mouse, a cow herd at 7:50 PM on November 20 [2 favorites]

oenzemain yay glad you like the gifts!
posted by ellieBOA at 9:49 PM on November 20

I have packaged up my gift, printed a label, scheduled a USPS pickup for Monday, and added the tracking info! Now, the waiting. :) I hope my Secret Bean enjoys their present - I am glad I happened to order at least one duplicate for me, or they might not have gotten at least one of the things I ordered for them. :)
posted by needlegrrl at 10:05 AM on November 21

I have completed packaging my maxwelton-brand MLM-starter-pack kit and will mail it off on Monday. (It's not often that someone will get a gift which will keep on generating income for them as long as their downline sells sufficient numbers, but that's the kind of guy I am.)
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I have received a package from ChuraChura! I’ve only opened the card so far. I’m going to wait until I get my gift out to get into the goodies, probably on Monday.
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Huge thank you to cozenedindigo, who sent me an adorable magnet from their city and a delightful box of chocolate-covered caramels from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop! You truly know the way to my heart, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
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kellygrape, I can’t believe it! Pkg number two surprised me today; and I squeaked when I saw the cioccolata! cocoas of the world, just for me❤️ perfetto! e molti grazie! mm
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My gift should arrive at its destination in the next day or two. In a normal year, I really enjoy shopping locally for the perfect gift. But this is 2020, so my shopping was online and will arrive without the customary card. Here's a clue, though. In a curious twist, I drew the name of someone I had previously gifted.
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obloquy I'm so glad you liked your gift! I felt the same way about the stuffed ornaments - i am putting up a stuffed elephant this year and its making me feel warm happy thinking about it. Enjoy!
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Work finally settled long enough for me to send off the Metagift on Friday (couldn't include a card or else the package would be bumped up from media mail to priority for including "correspondence"). Hope the recipient enjoys it (think Chicago)!
posted by gtrwolf at 7:53 PM on November 22

I've sent things off. Apologies to my giftee for using the internet and not shopping in person and making a personalized package. I haven't been in a store since March and I was trying to persuade myself to do so and was procrastinating, so I decided that gift was better than no gift and used the magic of the internets.
posted by sciencegeek at 8:06 AM on November 23

OH MY GOD I GOT AMAZING PRESENTS FROM MY LOVELY GIFTEE!! I wish they had included their username or a note but thank you so very much, secret santa! My haul:

- Inspirational posters for my wall (set of 4, featuring brown girl <3)
- A fidget ring, rainbow colored
- A BOB ROSS BOBBLEHEAD omg hahaha I love it!

So great! What a wonderful way to kick off the season. Thank you so very much!

I have also now sent out my package, it will go out with the mail today !
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Dear Thomasj.wise,

Thank you for the awesome present. I’m delighted to get something so beautifully crafted. It’s the right color of blue to match my dishes, and a soap dispenser is exactly the kind of thing I would never, ever treat myself to. I’ve been living with the same ugly plastic ones I’ve had for a billion years. Your gift infuses my kitchen with fanciness. I’m delighted to have an arts and crafts aesthetic-worthy experience every time I wash my hands. While things are tough, you brought some luxury and beauty into my life. I’m kvelling.
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Thanks so much kalimac! The apple cider lip balm is on my lips as we speak and it smells so good! Between that and the other lip balm and the mineral soak I'm going to have the most relaxing holiday ever!
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Yay, I'm so glad you like everything (and that it made it in good time)!
posted by kalimac at 4:13 PM on November 23

Oh. Wow.
KingEdRa sent me two beautiful decks of spooky horror-themed playing cards! I put a couple sample pics up on my flickr. The Fulton’s October (by Dan & Dave) ones are suuuuper gorgeous woodcut-style art, and the Campy Creatures ones came in a glow-in-the-dark tuck case, and have neat movie-poster/pulp-cover style artwork for the face cards.

Thanks, KingEdRa! Those are really nifty!

I guess I better send mine out before the deadline overtakes me.
posted by Mister Moofoo at 6:54 PM on November 23 [2 favorites]

After a surprise 12 hour work day I was delighted to find that it is my Bean Day. Thank you so much bunnysquirrel for the adorable yeti pin and fun popup contraption book! The popup planetarium is already bringing joy to humans and (gentle, supervised) cats alike. I will enjoy spiralgraph mode as a reward for packaging my own secret box. Warm beany wishes to all!
posted by esoterrica at 8:50 PM on November 23 [2 favorites]

Thank you skunk pig, what a great gift of different tea flavors
posted by waviolet at 10:36 PM on November 23

You're welcome, and Happy Bean Day to you and yours, esoterrica! And skritches for that gorgeous kitty!
posted by bunnysquirrel at 2:43 AM on November 24

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