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A few months ago on the Blue (I think), someone posted a comment with link to either an article or a social media post about how a particular bar owner kept his place clean of Proud Boys, Nazi sympathizers, etc. Can someone help me find it?

I'm around 99 percent certain I read this somewhere on MetaFilter, but I'm not finding it in my favorites or anything. The gist of it was that the person telling the story was at a bar and a guy wearing some sort of Proud Boys regalia came and sat down at the bar and ordered a drink; the guy apparently legitimately wasn't there to make trouble or anything, but just wanted a drink. Still, the bartender, who I think maybe also was the owner, apparently wouldn't serve the guy and told him in no uncertain terms to get out, and the guy got up and left. The bartender then observed that you absolutely could not allow those people onto the premises, period end of sentence, in any capacity, because even if they just came in to drink, serving even one of them meant that others would view the business as welcoming to them, and then before you knew it, your bar basically turned into a Proud Boys gathering place and that was that.

As I said, I'm almost positive I read this here somewhere. Can anyone help me out?
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I’ve found the story on upworthy. Haven’t found it on mefi yet, but I’ll keep looking.
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I think it's come up a few times in the last couple years, but the one I turned up on a search was this comment and some discussion following, which is linking to this twitter thread from June of last year.
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Thanks, Night_owl and cortex, that’s exactly what I was looking for! You're the best.
posted by holborne at 2:13 PM on January 9, 2021

As the MeFite fraying has said (and even said about that Twitter thread): "If you ever see one nazi in a bar, you’re in a nazi bar."
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I tracked down the end of the Twitter thread since Twitter's broken threading cut it off for me.
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true story. A man in a German uniform walk into a bar on Flint Michigan, 1971. 28 seconds from Hi to sidewalk.
sobered up, friend of my uncle's.

the only guy I ever met who served in 3 different armies between 1939-1945.
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