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I can't remember which colour board it was on, but there was a post/comment outlining two complementary attitudes/behaviours that were expected by bosses and enacted in the workplace by employees who were seen to be playing the game right. They were about performing what is asked without quibble.

Either in the post/comment, or nearby, was an example of the opposite of these two behaviours/attitudes. And therein I saw myself and it was such a bump of awareness that I forgot to favourite/bookmark the page.

The general gist of the two points was do your job, don't be a snowflake, but the actual commentary was more specific and a few sentences long.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? It's not either of these two threads: I'd love to have a copy of those points as I'll need them to succeed at work this year (yikes).
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I definitely remember this comment and I am pretty sure it was on the blue and in the Popular comments section for a few days. I would say sometime in November or December. I tried searching for a few words or phrases but I didn't have any luck. I do think there was some reference to generational differences and used the terms Millennial or Generation X.
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Thanks soelo. That rings a bell. I have had a brief browse through Nov posts but found nothing yet.
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