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Is it possible and desirable to add Internet Archive links to old posts?

While looking for the weather presenter's dress post from 2015, Tomorrow's forecast is the same, but purple, I was distraught to find that the link no longer worked. Luckily has it, so I could show the dress to a friend. Back in 2017, Rhaomi's epic 10-year anniversary post also involved quite a bit of digging on for several of the links. On Wikipedia, which also has significant problems with link rot, they use InternetArchiveBot to automatically add additional archive links for dead sites, as well as the preserve the site as of the posting date. While the w3c says "Cool URL's don't change, unfortunately cool URLs do change when sites go off line, rearrange their databases, transfer to new owners, etc.

So would it be worth having a way for human's flag posts to have links added?

And if so, would it be worth having a crawler that checks links and automatically flags them with suggested archive links?
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I like this idea. Usually one of the challenges of finding links for things is working out which timestamped crawl in the archives to reference. In the case of old MeFi posts & comments though, we know the date and time that the URL was referenced.

I wasn't sure whether you'd still need to query to find what crawl dates are available close to the timestamp of the post - but it looks like you can actually just link to an arbitrary timestamp, e.g:

and it will automatically redirect to the next available crawl after that time, in this case:

So if you wanted to add an archive link to every link on MeFi (e.g as some icon next to the link like the file cabinet emoji: 🗄️), that's actually something that could be done entirely on the page rendering side, using the URL and the posting time - there's no need for a bot to crawl through and find the right links in advance.
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Is…is this the singularity?
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This is an excellent idea. THere's so much on I have trouble conceptualizing it, like trying to imagine what life was like before I was born. Good call.
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While I do hate link rot (and thanks for the shout-out!), redirecting countless outbound links to would likely further reduce the site's Google juice.
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I wouldn’t mind archive links below the post if they could be toggled with a user preference. But it’s easy enough to grab a link from if I really want it. There are browser plugins and bookmarklets, too.
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I wish the mods would delete the links to child pron.
Mefite nudist arrested on child sex abuse charges
posted by Ideefixe at 8:59 PM on May 17, 2021

Mod note: Ideefixe, if you stumble across things like that in the archives, hit the contact form, and we will delete them.
posted by Eyebrows McGee (staff) at 7:28 PM on May 27, 2021

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