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My dog ate my podcast synopsis. It's me, it's Jessamyn, it's a podcast recorded in the deep past of before the long weekend, it's about 90 minutes.

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- no Jessamyn it's not Pingu
- no Josh it's not
Gunther O'Brian
- also we briefly discussed The Myth of Pruitt-Igoe

- nobody wants to work anymore

- Shape: The Hidden Geometry of Information, Biology, Strategy, Democracy, and Everything Else by escabeche
- Blaseball is a Horror Game by restless_nomad
- Violent Penguin (Series One) by dng
- An electro cover of Laurie Anderson's "From The Air" by Artifice_Eternity
- Art by Josh Millard by cortex

- cats and their Muslim humans who just would like some peace and quiet by cendawanita
- Simplifier by Foci for Analysis
- The invention of trousers. by Bee'sWing
- El Mago by chavenet
- One Two Three FOUR Five, Six Seven Eight NINE Ten, Eleven Twelve ... by metabaroque
- "Fitness is a journey and we all start somewhere" by brainwane
- "My brain just gave up" by hanov3r
- We are all the same inside, the real inside, the brain by sammyo
- Neurotypical Syndrome and the Double Empathy Problem by brook horse
- The resistable rise of the Tartarian empire by ivan ivanych samovar
- As long as you're still pulling something, you're racing by cortex
- "The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are crucified alone." by mecran01

Ask MetaFilter
- What song is this? by Trespassers William
- Very long paperback books? by Jacqueline
- What novels do you re-read and why? by BWA
- Drawing for the dumb dummies? by Melismata
- Cat lost in unfamiliar territory by tinymojo
- What will you keep from a year in Shelter-in-Place? by Toddles
- songs with interpretations the songwriter denied by kevinbelt

- Saturday Night Live: Anya Taylor-Joy / Lil Nas X by rhizome
- Eurovision Club

- Music podcast is back! Turn On Some Music by greenish

- Modern Pen Pal Project by chiefthe
- Gender & metafilter names by Margalo Epps
- Rosemary's Baby's Day Out by DirtyOldTown
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Here's a link I didn't have at the time: Black Birders Week is this week!
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Thanks for the shout! I did write one of the pieces, but for Reasons the group is variously pseudonymous so I am not claiming it publicly. We're working on a second issue that should be out in the next couple weeks, with a romance theme rather than horror.
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You can cut a cake into 8 pieces with 3 cuts, though, if you're not restricted to "every cut must pass through the top of the cake".

Also, eeeeee! I think this is the first of my posts to the Blue to get talked about in the podcast.
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Fun podcast. I'm glad to see it continue. One of these days, I expect I'll meet our hosts. I'll try very hard to remember that even though I've listened to them chat for hundreds of hours, they have no idea who the fuck I am. I'll behave appropriately.

After the discussion in askme thread about long books, I bought an audio book copy of Anathem, without realizing that I already had a slightly different audio book as well as a paper book. We'll see how the new one turns out. I'd argue it's the best SF book in the century, and easilly among my favorite 20 works of fiction. At least the first 95% of it. The end is okay too.

I was kind of surprised by the idea that it included lots of technical stuff and have absolutely no memory of an important math equation, despite having read it at least three times. I have no doubt both are true. But, I'm a spectacularly poor judge of such things. (I teach grad classes closely related to stuff in the last half of the book, and the main character is so similar to me as a young adult that it makes me a bit embarrassed.) To me, it's all about the world-building and the details of the monastic instution. That book delivers what I always hope to get from steam punk fiction, except that the details aren't disappointing.

But, I definitely understand feeling annoyed by reading a book that one's friends like. For me, it's Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. I really like the author. I have great respect for people who love it. The abstract is right up my alley. But, it took me 2000 pages to gather the courage to quite reading it. Every page just left me feeling angry. Cheers to those who either love or hate long books.
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(To be clear, the main character is similar to me except for saving the world, changing our understanding of the universe, etc. He's awkward and obsessive like me. My mentor was great, but he just taught me to solder well. But, he's not yet a thousander.)
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cortex - what was the bird your friend saw?! You can’t leave us hanging like that!
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Turns out I was thinking about a completely different number of fireflies.
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I was caught completely off-guard by the phrase "they found a man buried in trousers" because my brain interpreted it as "...buried under trousers".
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