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I hope this correspondence finds you well. I recently received several stunning Valentines from various mefites, which made me reflect on the joys of epistolary ephemera....

Perhaps you would also like to write a thank you note for recent Valentines, or a dispatch from the frontlines of the anticapitalist war on Valentines day, or a report to the Ornithological Society of your recent Superb Owl festivities, or a captain's log entry from your current voyages? Et cetera.

Kindest regards,
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Gentle readers, I recently received a package from Australia courtesy of ninazer0. This wonderful person kindly offered to go to an IKEA just before Christmas 2021 to buy the Christmas tree fabric panel that I wanted badly for future holidays but which was not on sale here in Sweden (or many other places, for that matter, given my late discovery of its existence).

It is true I could have made my own. It is true I could have just skipped the whole matter. Instead, I posted an AskMe and lovely ninazer0 volunteered to buy the panel and ship it far away to me. The package arrived this week, and I could not be more thrilled. ninazer0 also included an adorable cat-shaped card in the package, so I am filled with the warmth of MetaFilter-fueled fellowship today.

Many thanks to ninazer0 for her efforts and to the primroses were over for this excellent post. Best wishes to all!
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I received lovely valentines from the MeFites assigned to me in this year’s card exchange, plus I received a bonus card from probably not that Karen Blair along with a packet of Zinnia seeds. I was on Karen’s list from Valentine’s day a year ago, but she kept me in mind this year. Unexpected things bring me so much happiness.
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I have also really enjoyed the Mefi valentines I’ve received this year (on top of all the fun winter solstice cards near the turn of the year). I put them all up behind me so the collage spices up the backdrop for all my Teams calls. Fellow Mefis, your cards get worldwide media exposure!
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I have only gotten one of my Mefi valentines so far..... :-(
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Don't be sad! I have it on good authority at least one is in transit!
I also got some very cute and hilarious Valentines!
And maybe sent some late ones.
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I've received five so far and no doubt more will be arriving. I love them all! I don't want to single anyone out because I don't want anyone else to feel slighted. You are all so wonderful, so kind, and so creative! Thank you, everyone!
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I've gotten a bunch of Valentine's. All my supplies are set up to send mine, but, well, life. I'm going to work on them after work so they can go out in tomorrow's mail.
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I've received some cards so far and I'm sure more on the way:)
This is my first time exchanging Valentine's card. I really enjoyed sending and receiving beautiful hand made cards . Every card I received was unique ,creative and beautiful with special messages( quotes & poems) inside. Thanks to childoftethys for sending me the wonderful poem "Still I rise" by Maya Angelou!!

Thank you all and the primroses were over for organizing this.
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I didn't participate this year but EC: if you want to trust your addy to a random mefite and send it to my MF mail inbox, I'll send you a valentine! Even one which includes my thoughts on Last Year At Marienbad!
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I got two more, all is well!
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But what the heck, I'mma let you bust on Last Year at Mareinbad anyway if you want!
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I got three Valentines cards early, in January!
On Wednesday I got a couple more. We only seem to get regular USPS mail about once a week right now; the weather, and the horrible ongoing efforts to destroy the service.
So my late-Valentines, hopefully early for St Patricks if that's your thing, Happy Spring, etc., cards, will be going out....soon. Apologies to all on my list.
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The Valentines this year were top notch. Poetry, seeds, stickers, cute lil' paper-based keepsakes - thank you all for participating and to you, the primroses were over, for organizing!
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Hooray for valentines! I've received several already and they're all delightful. I think the one from the UK was addressed in some sort of magical ink maybe, it was so pretty and shimmery!

Mine went out in today's mail & I'm so sorry to send them late. Mine're also... um... slightly bumpy in their envelopes so I'm hoping that doesn't jam up the mail machines. Either way, please know they were sent with love.

Thank you, the primroses were over, for organizing all the valentine fun!
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I'm so happy with the Valentines I've received so far- I love that each one is unique, and they make going to the postbox a joy. Thanks everyone!
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Several more valentines have arrived within the past two weeks and they are all delightful! YAY!
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