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Someone (okay, it was Tehhund, obviously) recently favourited an old comment of mine that I've always been ridiculously pleased with -- a This is Just to Say / Lik the Bread mashup. It's not my comment that other people have favourited the most, but it's my comment that I like the most. In keeping a bit with the idea of revisiting the past for the Doubles Jubilee, do you have an all-time favourite of your own comments or posts?
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Hmm. Probably this comment about the couple who were purportedly living the Victorian life.
posted by thomas j wise at 3:35 PM on February 15, 2022 [6 favorites]

I asked for help resisting buying a Webinar and got all kinds of great advice on writing and workflows.
posted by craniac at 3:36 PM on February 15, 2022 [2 favorites]

My response to this comment in the Cizzows in the Hizzouse thread.
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That time my kid realized that I play the long game.
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I think my favorite comment of mine was me dunking on someone who seriously needed dunking on but in the spirit of trying to do better I won't link to it.

But oh man it's funny and he totally deserved it. You guys should see it.
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I think this was my first joke on MetaFilter. It's dumb as hell and therefore near and dear to my heart. I reread it 7 years later and finally got Atrw's clever response which went right over my head the first time.
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I'm fond of Adrian Veidt's Facebook status update.
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I've got a running bit where I make a cameo in Agatha Christie threads and die dramatically: [1] [2] [3]
posted by roger ackroyd at 8:24 PM on February 15, 2022 [9 favorites]

A Great Moment in Parenting
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jacquilynne I don't know if I have a fav me comment, but I had not seen your poem before and I LOVE IT!!! so charming!
posted by supermedusa at 9:48 AM on February 16, 2022

I'm pretty proud that I inadvertently started two thread-spawning derails here.
1a > 1b
> 2b > 2c
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I think the comments I'm most proud of are the famous-poems-as-limericks in the same thread. They're the only ones I can recite from memory or have ever copied and sent to non-mefites. (Leaving aside mixtapes.) My favorite post is the la Chona Challenge. It's not anywhere near the most interesting or important thing I've posted, but I did spend more time on it than anything else. (I'd remove one Brazil fútbol team dance and replace it with something else if I were to do it again.)
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It's hardly a big or critical part of the site, but I am kinda proud of having put forth the idea for our movie clubs.
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Of my older posts, the one I remain most fond of is my post about Claude Degler, mainly because as I was making it I understood what kind of posts I enjoyed putting together.

Also, all these years later, not a single link has rotted, which is remarkable.
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It's hardly a big or critical part of the site, but I am kinda proud of having put forth the idea for our movie clubs.

I don't know. There were a couple years there where I was watching a lot of horror movies, and I'm not really a horror movie guy. Also if I recall the high weird movie club (too lazy to go check what the actual name was) really kind of changed my relationship with film entirely.

Also, the horror club set me off on about seven years worth of posting a Friday the 13th movie every Friday the 13th, which was, for some reason, more tiring than it should have been.
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Throwing Inagadda Velveeta, into a cheese thread, was my magnum opus. Otherwise threads seem to die...
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Wait, isn't everyone else working on a musical about raccoons? (to the tune of “Defying Gravity”)

That’s my favorite comment I actually put work into but honestly I like some of the quick quips and one-liners just as much.
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Well I was just poking fun at someone's wording, nothing especially clever. but it struck me funny, and still does.
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I am all too pleased with these two metafictional bits of film exegesis. Sorry.
posted by chrchr at 6:49 PM on February 16, 2022

This comment where my wife brilliantly trolls me by pretending to confuse MeFi and Reddit. A self-referential comment now nested in a self-referential MetaTalk thread, but it makes me smile.
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One I remember fondly was my suggestion for the mystery bread that appeared on a Mefite’s doorstep.
posted by Glinn at 9:26 PM on February 16, 2022

That's such an odd thing, from a point in time, Glinn -- these days, if mystery bread showed up on your doorstep, you'd think 'someone didn't get their whole Instacart order!' and never really think about it again.
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An autobiographical reply in threetwentytwo's excellent ask on muppet ontology: I have some felt in this game. (Looking back, I can't believe I left out that Monster built my loft bed. Monster was an architect previous to his career as a muppet.)

Also, I coined "muppichlorians" in that same thread, an obviously necessary term that I'm relieved hasn't entered general use. Hapax legomonomnomnom (crumbs fly everywhere)
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I'm linking to vfbg's comment which I found delicious and for which my comment was the [unintended] setup.
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sideshow and rogerroger set me up perfectly for a Bosstones joke on this thread. I'm fairly certain that the only reason I had a chance to make it was because I couldn't sleep and it was like 3 a.m. my time, otherwise I surely would have been beaten to the punch(line).
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I'm still pretty happy about my list of ten things that I can do and that make me feel better. I hope that it may benefit others, too.
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I'll admit to an excessive pride in this cycle of eight haiku in which I tried to exemplify Basho's rules for the content of haiku, rather than just its syllabic structure, while also commenting on the subject matter of the post. Judging by its reception, I'm probably the only one I pleased, but sometimes that's enough.
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I don't know if it was the first time I ever had part of my comment put into a "Metafilter:" construction but it is the one I'm most proud of - my comment and the responding construction from GenjiandProust.
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Back in 2013 maudlin posted a video of snowboarder Seb Toots working his way down from the top of Mont Royal in Montréal. The FPP started with the words "Commuting Canadian style." In a once-in-a-lifetime bit of MeFi serendipity, the last part of his run was literally my daily commute.
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My most favorite comment is an off-the-cuff remark about Google+.
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I guess I’d have to go with Thigh Pad Technicians of Dune
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Coincidentally, The Guardian just published today a personal account by the woman who dodged that meteorite. She says she's loaned it to a university who will give it back to her when they're done studying it, and adds
All the fuss has made me feel protective towards the meteorite. People make money by chopping them into pieces to be sold as jewellery, but I feel this thing that is billions of years old found its way into my bed, and I want to protect it. If I do sell it, I want to find a good home where it will be put on display.
Ruth Hamilton sounds kind of awesome.
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Also, despite no particular connection to either of these things, I have two comments mentioning MEDIAN STRIP in different contexts, and two mentioning SCOOBY DOO, one of which was inspired by a coincidence. Obviously these are the code words I was meant to report here in furtherance of our efforts.
posted by mubba at 4:24 PM on February 18, 2022

I still frequently reread Bring Mischief to the Goat, which got sidebarred and all. I stole all the good anecdotes, incidentally, and the character was a hit.

I'd still move into this bookshop, though.

If I'm allowed a third, debunking wank re. Australian Burgers.
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Jilder, your hamburger comment made my mouth water.

My favourite popular reminisce is a comment from another life about happy cows. I remember blue sky and the animals nearby when I wrote it. We sold them all in drought and now I've left the farm. Sigh.

I still agree with my comment on the 2015 Quick Design Improvement Test thread.
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In This post, I intended for the song at the top to be a jumping-off point for a deeper dive into whaling, especially Moby Dick, Melville’s sources, and Philbrick’s non-fiction work about the same. I put some thought into the flow of it, but he majority of the commenters just said “great song!” Alas. I was proud of it at the moment I hit post.

Also, I put an outsized amount of work into this comment, for me, anyway.
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I finally registered on metafilter after a decade or more of lurking, to bear witness for the late Cindy Stowell, with this comment.
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Favourites for me always vary from day to to day but today I was using my father's 78 to plane down the jamb of the garage man door at my mother's place and feeling a bit maudlin about the whole process so I'm going to nominate this story of my father outfoxing a Mini-Trump as one of my favourite comments to the site.
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I think my favorite comment of mine was my data-driven breakdown of political megathread participation. It took a lot of work to gather and clean the data, figure out what I could pull out of it, and summarize it in a comment. I'm pretty pleased with the result, though I wish I'd had more time to dig deeper.
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I doubt this is close to being my all-time fave, and I'm pretty sure I was at least half-drunk when I posted it. And yet, maybe for that very reason: I still can't really tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. ...
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no one reads what's written back here
"I love the one were Eartha Kitt is brought in for the embassy job."
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