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After the success of the Holiday and Valentine card swaps, I propose we organise a few more opportunities to send nice things in the mail!

I was thinking Solstice, World Stationery Day (20 April) and World Letter Writing Day (1 September). If there is interest I am more than happy to organise and run these ones.
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Join MeFi Card Club! You can sign up to send/receive as many as you want! Every month! And specify any occasion, too, from, “It’s my birthday” to, “I just want to get some mail.” It’s great!
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The Mefi Card Club got started from exactly this sentiment -- after the Christmas and Valentine's Day swaps, people were having such a good time that they wanted to keep on sending/receiving. I was actually thinking about making a Metatalk post, just to let newer members know that it's a thing. It just passed its 4-year anniversary!

It's basically an on-going card swap. You sign up for when you want to receive cards - this can be specific days, months, or every month, and then on a monthly basis, you get a form to let me know if you want to send out cards, and how many. I take those two inputs, do some matchmaking, a lot of copy/pasting, and then send out the assignments.

If you are interested, send me an email at

If you want to do larger , more specific swaps, go for it! I think your holidays are good ones. I'd probably sign up, at least for the solstice ones.
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Welcome, Megami, I look forward to exchanging with you!
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I put your comment on the sidebar, Sparky Buttons, but feel free to make a Metatalk post, too! (I can update the sidebar post to include it)
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My "send me cards!" months/events are equinoxes, solstices, and my MF anniversary, so hello future astronomical-celebration friends. :D
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How do I join MeFi Card Club?
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Send sparky buttons an email at
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