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I haven't been on-line -- and so visiting Metafilter -- for some time (three months). Can anyone suggest some key threads I should read to catch up? I just logged onto the front page only to be told there have been over 1400 threads since my last visit ... would anyone like to volunteer to be archivist?
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With the follow-up question ... who are all there new people ... suddenly I feel like I'm part of history ...
posted by feelinglistless at 5:10 AM on September 19, 2002

posted by MiguelCardoso at 5:28 AM on September 19, 2002

posted by machaus at 5:48 AM on September 19, 2002

All of them - every single one. And we want to see notes to prove it.

You have no idea who I am, as I have only been here since you have apparently been away, but I have seen many of your comments, so what MiguelCardoso said.
posted by dg at 5:49 AM on September 19, 2002

Read the thing about the vibrating broom. It is hilarious. It's this toy broom that vibrates, you see.

posted by Fabulon7 at 5:50 AM on September 19, 2002

No, wait, it vibrates?!

Welcome back, feelinglistless. Don't worry - all these 'new users' are just an AI experiment - some Metabots that Matt coded up to assist in his evil plans for world domination breathe some fresh air into the place. He's asked that we hurl vitriolic abuse at them* at every available opportunity to test the robustness of his flame-retarding subroutines.

*This is a lie.
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posted by Tarrama at 6:17 AM on September 19, 2002

<voice="teacher">Well, haven't done our homework have we?!</voice>

*Raps ruler against open hand, schoolmarm style*

posted by zpousman at 6:32 AM on September 19, 2002


(welcome back!)
posted by triggerfinger at 6:37 AM on September 19, 2002

*This is a lie

No, really it's the truth. Abuse us, hurt us, we cannot be burned by any flame yet devised.
posted by dg at 7:46 AM on September 19, 2002

Just wait for the MetaFilter magazine. It'll have all the good threads in one compact edition.
posted by eyeballkid at 7:51 AM on September 19, 2002

Spot of Tea?
the bathroom was repainted and deliveries are from 1-4 P.M. now. the copier is on the fritz...were using slash dots.

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Don't listen to dg, not all them are worth reading, just all of mine.

Seriously though...

The 9-11 was nice. Man awakens from 7-year coma was really funny, maybe a little tasteless.
Those are the first 2 that come to my mind.
posted by Blake at 11:33 AM on September 19, 2002

Welcome back punkin! Wondered what happened to ya.

And oh, holy mother of god, has it been a bloody zoo around here...a random selection of thingys in the archive would probably be just as valid as any other selection choice. That being's some links anyway. ;)

Miguel has been posting some really groovy links. A lot of the stuff I'd recommend recently has come from him.

There was a 911 thread that was really outstanding.

The I/P flamefests have actually been at a minimum, which is nice.

July and August had some interesting and intellectual, non-political links, they're pretty easy to spot by just skimming the archives.

We got a little crazy with the NewsFilter aspect over the summer, but it seems to have toned down a bit now. Since the floodgates for new members have opened, we've seen a lot of recycled Fark and Memepool stuff in the last couple of weeks, so if you check those sites at all, you'll see a great deal of redundancy.

In MetaTalk, there's been a fair amount of "dogpile on the newbie"...some of which has been fairly justified, as some of the new people seem to be deliberately annoying...some of which is just cranky curmudgeon old-timers resistant to change. :)

Since you've been gone, we've added probably 2500 new people or so, and there have been some growing pains. A goodly number of the old-timers seem to be taking vacations away from the site, as some of the new folks have been a tad vulgar and profane, but the usual band of suspects...and we know who we are...are still about, leaving intelligent comments here, and a snarky comment there.

And may I close by offering you this sacrificial stack of vibrating pancakes...which we saved just for you. ;)
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vacapinta's been on a streak
posted by y2karl at 8:43 PM on September 19, 2002

Oh you guys (etc)

About three months ago, by clapped out old computer finally went to silicon heaven leaving me bereft and off-line at home. And wouldn't you know I'd just given up my job (too much commuting) and so my meagre funds meant I could afford a replacement. Then I moved flats (nightmare), then I volunteered at the Commonwealth Games, and began hunting for a new job, so time passed me by ...
posted by feelinglistless at 5:17 AM on September 20, 2002

time does go by quickly when you are not in front of a monitor all day.
posted by adampsyche at 5:32 AM on September 20, 2002

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