Newsletter 6: Happy belated Valentine's Day! February 24, 2022 10:02 AM   Subscribe

There's a new newsletter, and it's in your inboxes! Wanna subscribe or read it?
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Thanks for this! I missed the creepy ad thread when it came out. I still don't understand the two parallel dimension threads; they both pointed to a nonexistent twitter thread by the time I got to them. Oh well. I can be out of the loop on some things.
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As I proofread the newsletter, the "creepy ads" post came close to totally derailing me. The thread is really nifty.

About the parallel threads: there's still a mirror of the Threadreader copy. The original author has since written that it was fiction, but it's still both eerie and hilarious. It fits the original tweets to (accidentally) have two threads about it.
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I didn't get mine yet.
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kathrynm: I can confirm that your email address is listed as a subscriber. Have you checked the Promotions category in the Gmail UI, and *maybe* the spam folder? It's listed as going out on the 22nd on mine.
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I turned off those different categories a long time ago. I just turned them back on and there is nothing in promotions. Also nothing in spam. *shrug* We'll see what happens with the next one.
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Thanks Pronoiac!

I would have completely missed the newsletter without this reminder. It appears Gmail tightened up their spam filters again, so I was missing TONS of e-mails. Like... e-mails from my work domain which also happens to be my health provider! (Missing both personal and professional e-mails.)

I am humbled and honored that my (very first!) MetaTalk made the cut! I only mention that because I was so not sure it was appropriate, I reached out to the mods before even drafting and then reached out again before posting to make sure it was appropriate. (And still it seems like there may have been some grumpiness? I missed what was deleted at first....)

Glad to see mention of the newsletter. I went down a couple of rabbit holes on this issue. Well worth it. Thanks to Eyebrows McGee for curating, Pronoiac for promoting and all the peeps who made content worthwhile to share!
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