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No Means No Dinosaur Jr. Jawbreaker and more... on the radio!

My beloved Vrakatar will be hosting an hour of music on our local radio station, WMVY Radio — tonight at 9pm EST.

Tune in to 88.7 if you're on the Cape, and if you're not you can listen live at — just click the button at the top of the page.

Listen in! When do you get to hear this stuff on the air??
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This is great!
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If you missed it, it will replay on air and online on Sunday, March 6th, at 10pm EST.

I had a blast recording it and I think it came out ok. And f-cakes got it for me for my recent birthday, because she is the awesomest person, the cutest person, and the most important person in my eternal life.
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Oh man, thanks, I will make an appointment to tune in Sunday night! @vrakatar, is there an online list of what you played?

This is absolutely not equivalent music, definitely not The Punk Rock, but apropos to a live radio event requiring appointment listening: Yo La Tengo should be making their annual marathon-of-covers appearance on WFMU either this Saturday or next, probably 3pm-6pm. It is absolutely not archived and the only way to hear it is listen live. The music in the OPP is more my style than YLT, but their annual covers show is an absolute riot to listen to and should not be missed. Here is last year's thread about it, which links to the prior SIXTEEN threads ...
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The Yo La Tengo Request A thon is Saturday,March 19th, 2022 at 3 pm EST. There will be a thread up on the blue as is tradition. It's a fun tradition.
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is there an online list of what you played?

Nope, but I'll post the set list here after the replay, in case anyone who might listen does not want spoilers. At least a few of the songs are nifty curveballs.
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Here's an amuse bouche. Something I did not play that I might next time.
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Ima gonna guess you're from the Boston area, what with the Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh, and now I know that MVY means Martha's Vineyard :)

Nice to hear both pre- and post-surgery Blake (Jawbreaker). Were Boat or Jinx alternate takes or demos? They both sounded a little different from the album version, but also had same production sound so maybe from the same session. Or I'm just going senile and imagining it. Anyway, you'll get no argument from me that 24HRT is in the running for best album ever -- I wish they were playing THAT during this upcoming tour instead. My top five would include Superchunk No Pocky For Kitty or Jawbox Novelty or Melvins Ozma or well, probably countless others ...
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I wish they were playing THAT during this upcoming tour instead

If they were playing that, I'd have front row seats. And I'm from central Mass, wormtown and environs. Boat and Jinx were from spotify, I think they both had remastered version in the title so maybe?

Tonight the program before mine ran over, and I swear I kept hearing little blips, skips in the music as if they were trying to catch up on running time. Anyone else hear that?
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Okay! Couple of busy days but I got that list:

1. Nomeansno, now, 5:08, 0+2=1, Alternative Tentacles
2. Dinosaur Jr., Severed Lips. 4:02, Dinosaur, Homestead
2.5: Sebodoh, Gimmie Indie Rock, 3;23, Sebadoh, Homestead (also Domino 2006)
3. Nomeansno, approaching zero, 2:20. Mama, Wrong
4. Jawbreaker, Want, 3:22, Unfun, Shredder
5. Dinosaur Jr, Little Fury Things, 3:06, SST
6. Jawbreaker, The boat dreams from the hill, 2:39, 24 Revenge Therapy, Tupelo-Communion
7. Architecture in Helsinki, Heart it races, 3:16, Places like this, Polyvinyl
8.Dinosaur Jr., They always come, 4:37, Bug, SST
9. Jawbreaker, Jinx removing, 3:13, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, Tupelo-Communion
10. Alice Donut, Tiny Ugly World, 4:23, Mule, Alternative Tentacles
11. The Hanson Brothers, Get it right back, 3:15, My Game, Wrong Records
12. Dinosaur Jr., Don't pretend you didn't know, 5:30, I bet on sky, Jagjaguwar,PIAS
13: Nomeansno, Till I die, 3:33, All roads lead to Ausfart, Wrong Records

If I do another one it will be the same bands but only live or acoustic (nomeansno loves going acoustic!) or covers, or any combination of those. Thanks for tuning in. mp3 of it available, mefimail me if so desired.
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