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News and aid resources if you are feeling powerless and on the outside. These are cobbled together from a few places.

Things to read:
The Kyiv Independent. Still producing news.
Ukraine World - News, mostly not posting new, but an excellent and up to date twitter feed
22 Meanigful Ways You Can Help Ukraine.
Want to support the people n Ukraine? (NPR)

Support for Refugees:
United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) - Working with governments in neighboring countries calling on them to keep borders open to those seeking safety and protection.

Mercy Corps - Currently on the ground in Romania and Poland providing support to refugees. Previously supported the war in Ukraine between 2015-2017 (annexation of Crimea)

Medical Teams International - Currently shipping medical supplies to Ukraine

Support in Ukraine
UNICEF - Supports health, nutrition, HIV prevention, education, safe drinking water, sanitation and protection for children and families caught in the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Red Cross - Bloodbanks, mobilization and other emergency activities.

International Medical Corps - Frontline Emergency Health Services with an effort to also address Covid-19 protections among those currently displaced.

Doctors Without Borders - Actively adapting their efforts in Ukraine to support people on the ground, working with local volunteers, organizations, health care professionals, and authorities to help people travel to and access healthcare

CARE - The Ukraine Crisis Fund is raising money to rush urgently needed water, food, hygiene kits, and ongoing support in Ukraine.

Save the Children - Global organization iis on the ground right now delivering essential humanitarian aid to children, and has been since 2014.

Voices of Children - A local, Ukrainian organization committed to helping children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine. With many teams stationed on the frontlines, they provide psychological and psychosocial support to children with resources like mobile psychologists, art therapy, and video storytelling.

OutRight International - Specifically a LGBTIQ organization, looking to make sure that already marginalized groups are taken care of during this conflict.

Nova Ukraine - previously a 501(c)3 focused on American - Ukraine awareness, now putting proceeds to humanitarian aid.
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An NGO-involved friend suggested the following: Stand with Ukraine.
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Someone in my neighborhood started a grass-roots fundraising effort - he asked friends to donate handmade items or online classes and has assembled them all into a raffle, where a $10 donation gives you a chance at one of the items. All proceeds benefit the Canadian Red Cross. That site is here.
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Chef José Andrés (Twitter) and his World Central Kitchen are feeding refugees.
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The Kyiv Independent also is accepting donations, via both a Gofundme, and a Patreon.
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An idea via Twitter: find an AirBnB in a hard-hit city, check that the host is an individual not a company, and book a stay.

AirBnB confirm they are waiving fees for bookings in Ukraine; they are not profiting off this. I know they're generally not great but this seems like a good way to use their system to reach people.
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Does anyone know any charities supporting Ukrainians who have - through serendipity -happened to be out of Ukraine when the invasion started? I have a friend with three Ukrainian relatives who were visiting Hawaii for a funeral when the invasion started. They are now stuck in Hawaii with little support. (I realize that this is a much less needed ask than supporting Ukrainians currently in Ukraine so thank you for your help).
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Ukraine military -- Account at National Bank of Ukraine is used to crowdsource military funding.
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@bluesky43 by chance, they would still be refugees. UNHCR would be a start.
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Regarding the expected losses of Ukrainian cultural heritage and research, a group of librarians, archivists, researchers and programmers has come together as Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO), "working together to identify and archive at-risk sites, digital content, and data in Ukrainian cultural heritage institutions while the country is under attack. We are using a combination of technologies to crawl and archive sites and content, including the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, the Browsertrix crawler and the browser extension and app of the Webrecorder project."

They have a call for volunteers to help identify content to preserve, see:
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Boosting this tweet:

Hey, @Apple @AppStore! I work for @meduzaproject, part of Russia’s last free press. The Kremlin blocked our website today, so users need our iOS app desperately. The latest update circumvents Russia’s censorship, but you’ve been sitting on it for a week! Please approve it now!
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One of our neighbors' parents are in Kyiv,Ukraine.They told us about this organization where you can buy items on their lists online and ship it to that organization who will deliver the goods to the Ukrainians in is a link to the Nova Poshta's website about the Humanitarian Aid
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Students in Russia are trying to spread the word about protests while avoiding fines. (Reddit comment)
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I just did the AirBnB trick to get a little money directly to those affected in Kyiv. Thanks, Pallas Athena, for the reminder.

I have another small amount of money sitting in Kiva that I can send over, but I'm not seeing any loan requests for Ukraine. Anyone have any ideas where to put that money?
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For UK mefites, the Disaster Emergency Committee has launched its Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. This brings together 15 UK charities to provide food, water, medicine, protection and trauma care for people fleeing the war, using local affiliates to help directly on the ground. The UK government will match all donations to the DEC appeal (up to £20m) making it one of the most effective ways for UK people to donate. If you pay UK income tax or capital gains you can also add Gift Aid which adds an additional 25% to your donation, claimed by DEC from the tax you've already paid. Direct donation link.
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Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that a combination of MeFites and non-MeFites contributed $445 USD to Ukraine's emergency defense fund at the Central Bank of Ukraine. I sent the funds via wire transfer yesterday, which turned out to be a mild pain in the ass (not for Ukraine reasons, more for just big-banks-being-dumb reasons), and ate the cost of the transfer so 100% of the money went to Ukraine.

It would appear there is no further reason to screw around with wire transfers, though! The Central Bank now has the ability to take donations directly via Google Pay and "LIQPAY", which takes major credit cards. I do not know what their fees are like, but it's likely less than an international wire transfer.

Website here:
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My wife and I gave $200 to the Ukranian military fund on Friday.
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Volunteers for Ukraine is working to vet and support U.S. personnel to go overseas to help Ukraine.

You can donate dollars or airline miles.

They are also looking for lawyers to help with things such as wills and powers of attorney.
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Timothy Snyder has updated his substack with updated info on supporting Ukraine.
Included is info how to support refugees in Poland and the Polish helpers.
I did not copy the whole list because i don't know how to keep all the links in the text.
I know him in IRL and trust his judgement.
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An appeal to all Russian speakers, published by Eurozone:
You speak Russian. It matters
Russian intellectuals appeal to all Russian speakers. As writers we are appealing to everyone who speaks the Russian language. To people of all nationalities. To those who are native speakers. To those for whom Russian is their second or third language.
Independent sources of information have been almost entirely destroyed in Russia. It is critical to reveal to Russian citizens the full truth about the suffering of the Ukrainian nation. An appeal to Russian speakers worldwide from prominent members of the Russian literary intelligentsia

For details visit Eurozine
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Does anyone know of any UK-based charities which are supporting animals in Ukraine and will accept cheques or card payments by telephone? A friend wants to donate but doesn't do money online. I have offered to make donations for her but ideally she would do it directly. Thanks.

And for anyone looking for animal-based charities to which the above does not apply, I have found

* Sirius Animal Rescue
* Save the Dogs
* International Fund for Animal Welfare
* Four Paws International
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Timothy Snyder has updated his substack with updated info on supporting Ukraine.
Included is info how to support refugees in Poland and the Polish helpers.

The umbrella company of my current employer, on the advice of their Polish branch office, has set up a collecting fund for which they will quintuplicate received offers up to €1M, to be divided equally between the Polish Red Cross and the secular Polish Centre For International Aid.

[file under Support for Refugees.]
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Wondering if it might be worthwhile to either pin this, link it in each thread on the blue, or start a new thread with updated ways to support?
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Easy ways to get money to people in Ukraine right now

Timothy Snyder
Mar 16

As the sieges become more murderous, and the bombings and shellings more numerous, people in Ukraine need help immediately. More and more Ukrainians are cut off from their sources of income. But the banks and the ATMs and the credit cards still work, and we can supply the cash. Some of you have asked if there are ways to get money to Ukrainians in need without overhead or delay. There are.

1. The anthropologist Dr. Anastasia Piliavsky has contacts in southern Ukraine, where some of the worst fighting is taking place. If you entrust her with a donation, she will then screen individual applicants in Ukraine and get your money to people in need directly. You can make donations via her bank accounts here or read about what she is doing here.

People have been using Airbnb to transfer money to Ukrainians by booking rooms they do not intend to use. A number of people I know have done this, and it has become common practice. If you do this, make sure the phone number of your host has a 380 prefix (country code for Ukraine). Contact the host ahead of time, and explain to your host that you are not intending to come and that you want to help your host's family, friends, and community.

3. Another widespread and reliable way to get money directly to Ukrainians is to make a purchase on Etsy from a Ukrainian vendor. You can either buy a digital good or purchase something physical and explain that you don't need it shipped.

Let me also mention three organizations in Ukraine devoted to the survival and healing of Ukrainian soldiers to which you can donate directly and easily.

4. The Hospitallers are medics working at the front line in Ukraine. You can donate to them with PayPal under

5. Come Back Alive concentrates on protective gear and other equipment for soldiers. You can donate to them directly with a credit card here.

6. Army SOS includes medical gear but also tilts towards everything soldiers need. You can donate via PayPal under

I am now going to down this list and make several donations. I hope that you will do the same. If you want to give through recognized charities in the US, Canada, or Europe, I will have more suggestions about those soon, and I have mentioned several in previous messages. I will also write a message about NGOs in Poland helping refugees. If you would like to make a charitable donation for humanitarian assistance to a 501(c)3, a safe bet among recognized U.S. charities is the emergency fund at Razom. Please share this post with others who might want to help right away. Thank you

For the embedded links lost through Copy and Paste, and source see Timothy Snyder's Substack
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Book Aid for Ukraine - auction.
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Kyiv School of Economics humanitarian aid campaign.
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I am trying to donate to the Ukraine Red Cross and get an employer match, but I have two problems:

1) currently shows: "THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF
again has suffered a cyber attack".
2) I can't find the EIN/Organization ID using Google (needed for match).

I'm also happy to redirect my $$ to another recognized org for now. Suggestions?
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If you want to help buy armor for the International Legion of Ukraine, I hear from guys on the ground that these people have been supplying them.
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