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Hey, I was touched and honored by the megapost about my works, such as are currently available. I was going to comment in that thread but I decided a better way to show my appreciation would be to re-launch my post-Brunching clearinghouse of waggery, Bad Gods.

Obviously, I could have both commented in the thread and revived the site, but I there's a part of me that apparently thinks announcing something is more or less the same as doing it, so I wanted to keep my nose to the grindstone by keeping my cards close to my vest. So now my vest has grindstone dust all over it, but the site is up and running.

There's a lot I want to add to it, including new material, but I probably shouldn't talk about that if I want it to happen.

Anyhow, thanks again, you guys are the best.
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Yay! More Lore! Huzzah!
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This is WONDERFUL! Thank you Lore and I'm glad it'll be easier to revisit my favorites and share them with folks -- I appreciate your work past and future.
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Once upon a forum dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten Lore—
While I wanted something better, suddenly there came a MeTa,
As of Sjöberg gently posting, posting news that there's more.
“’Tis that Sjöberg,” I muttered, “posting comedy galore—
Only this and nothing more.”
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Oh, that's excellent news! I'm looking forward to exploring again!
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I took a woodworking class a while back and all the workbenches had the name Sjöberg on them so I spent a good chunk of the class thinking about various Brunching Shuttlecocks jokes. So, indirect thanks for that.
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lore, Apologies, but I never saw your stuff when it was originally published. Missed the mega thread too. But!, I just went to the Bad Gods site, Funny funny shit! Laugh out loud funny. Thanks.
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For years, I used to drive under a particular well-graffiti'd bridge in the Pacific Northwest every day on my way to work. Amidst all of the other graffiti, one word was prominent: Lore

Which is how I was gently reminded every morning of my love for Brunching Shuttlecocks.

Nice way to start my day.
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dear god i forgot about nine inch noëls
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Any chance for a new run of your Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season shirts?
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Oh man, the Book of Ratings is the best thing I ever bought. Thank you for that.
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Lore 4: More Lore
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> So now my vest has grindstone dust all over it

I am certainly glad it's not nose dust.

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Awesome! Now can we please get a Netflix series of Sean and Wormwood?
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So now my vest has grindstone dust all over it

With some chaps, he could be a grindstone cowboy.
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I was the one who made the post (which is actually a repost from some years ago), but I consider the work involved in making it minor compared to all the fun you and Dave gave me and my roommates back in college.

I so greatly miss that era of the internet, when Brunching was updating and there was this awesome "Homestar Runner" site with cool comedy on a frequent basis, and the worst thing about the internet was that people were making porn about crazy random things, and not people weaponizing net culture to push Nazi memes and awful presidents.

And hey, at least we're in a time where you and Dave and the Brothers Chaps are still around and occasionally making new things! And Metafilter is still around so we can talk about them!
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Also missed: the Order of the Individual Cereal Unit. There were so many great ideas from Brunching. More favorites: the ad for Placebo, the Open Letter to Metallica, and of course, Porn Star or My Little Pony?
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Thanks, everyone! MetaFilter's take on the limerick poetry schtick is one of the highlights of my career as a humorist.

@sevenless (I don't remember my Metafilter etiquette, are we using at-signs?) I've made and sold enough T-shirts to last a lifetime. It looks like others are making garments with the same slogan, and apparently in some cases the exact image, you have my blessing to buy one of those.

@zompist If you know anyone at Netflix, let me know. I do think it could be a fun series.

@zamboni Some day you will face your creator and have to answer for that pun.
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I'm especially glad to see the archives of Monster Manual Comix, aka Speak With Monsters, back online, as I've searched for those more than once.
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At-signs mark you as Twitter filth and we must now proceed with the ceremonial round of public shaming!

Just kidding, I think some do and some don't.

I actually just wanted to take the chance to second JHarris. It's the doom of every generation to eventually bemoan how much better things were when they were young, and when I remember the optimism and creativity of the Internet of my youth, I feel the crotchetiness of middle age descending upon me. Brunching Shuttlecocks is almost like a shorthand in my own mind for everything that was great about that era of Internet culture. Thanks for all the laughs, lore, and helping a young me feel like on the Internet, anything was possible. The relaunch of Bad Gods is great news.
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When I first discovered how to convert Flash blobs to YouTube I converted the one* that always sticks in my head to video and posted it on YouTube. I was gonna be a YouTube star!

* Your roommate plays The Indigo Girls, duh.
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[this is good]
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