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Should there be an easy way to mark links as rel="nofollow" or otherwise indicate that they are not endorsements?

While making fun of "tacticool" products, my comment looks almost like keyword-stuffing link-spam. I edited it to manually add rel="nofollow" so that (maybe?) search engines wouldn't see it as an endorsement by metafilter. wikipedia says "as of March 1 2020, Google is treating the nofollow link attribute as a hint, rather than a directive, for crawling and indexing purposes". So, my questions are:

A) Does this keyword matter anymore? and if so
2) Should there be an easy way to mark links as non-endorsements?
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Hey there, people can talk about this whole topic generally (I didn't know about the "hint" thing! harumph!), but I just wanted to mention that in terms of coding something up, this would pretty far down on frimble's big list of So Very Very Many Things, and also let folks know that they can contact us if they have a situation like this and need help to do a no-follow. IOW, we (mods) can do it for you.
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One option is to take a screen shot of the product page and then link to that (using the image hosting service of your choice). People can see the product and the sales context but no Google juice is generated.
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Sadly, I suspect the days when MetaFilter had the kind of page rank juice that made a significant difference to the things we linked are probably over.
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I like the older, less popular or zeitgeisty MeFi, to be honest. Rather be the quirky little bar with a bunch of cranky old-timers, a snarky bartender, and a few hipster college kids looking for something 'authentic', rather than the hip, trendy joint with a line outside and people recording tiktoks.
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You haven’t been able to stop a crawl with nofollow for a long time (I mean, there are so many other ways Google will get to the site.) But they supposedly do still prevent a search rank boost.

Personally I don’t think adding the attr it’s worth the time, but if it helps someone be comfortable sharing something they don’t endorse but that adds to the discussion, I certainly don’t mind.
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Should there be an easy way to mark links as rel="nofollow" or otherwise indicate that they are not endorsements?

You can use the Ironic Detachment tag
< GenX > < /GenX >
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Signal, me too...
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