Paperwork & Bodywork: short virtual anti-procrastination calls May 7, 2022 11:36 AM   Subscribe

Is there paperwork or light exercise you've been putting off? Would mild peer pressure from other MeFites help you get started? Join or start a short call! As a followup to recent FPPs on fitness, on Hybrid Calisthenics, and on accountability and body doubling, I'm setting up several IRL (but actually online) events May 10th-14th. And I'd love copycats.

Paperwork: 25-minute calls where everybody gets started on tedious/terrible stuff like tax returns, finding a new doctor, expense reports, making maintenance appointments, etc. A few minutes of "Here's what I'm working on" settling-in, 20 minutes of quiet work, and then a few minutes of "here's what I got done". And if anyone wants to stick around to chitchat after they can. Videocalls -- camera on or off. Feel free to share your screen for increased accountability!

Bodywork: 25-minute calls where everybody does a light exercise video together via the magic of the shared embedded YouTube player. Starts with 5 minutes of checkins and "what are you ok with doing today?", then 10-15 minutes for the exercise, then a few minutes for "how was that for you?". And whoever wants to can stick around for more chitchat and stretching. Videocalls -- camera on or off. Past IRL example.

I'm scheduling 4 of these over the next week via IRL and tagging them PaperworkAndBodywork. I will feel more successful in this if other MeFites go ahead and make a few of your own; I know my times won't work for everyone!

Free videocall platforms you could use include Zoom, but also Jitsi and Whereby, which work in the browser on desktop and mobile:

Jitsi -- no one needs to make an account. Up to 100 participants. Open source. You can make a moderated meeting or require a passcode to keep it under control. Easy to share a YouTube video for everyone to watch.

Whereby -- only the room owner needs to make an account. The owner can lock the room and screen who's allowed to join - users entering "knock" and give their names. Group meetings for up to 100 people for up to 45 minutes; 2-person meetings free for unlimited duration. Easy to share a YouTube video for everyone to watch, which is helpful for the exercise calls.
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I am not planning to join in either of these but I think they are both BRILLIANT ideas and I love that you are doing them.

Yay for amazingly great ideas!
posted by kristi at 1:46 PM on May 7 [3 favorites]

What a terrific idea! I'll see you on Tuesday for the paperwork session.
posted by mochapickle at 5:14 PM on May 7

I am excited by the paperwork session and deeply need this.
posted by corb at 2:54 PM on May 8

brainwane, what a fabulous idea. Not sure of my schedule this week but I’ll make one or another.

Thank you for this and for making them a manageable amount of time! I can do most things for 25 minutes.
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Can we make the paperwork call 4 hours long? I have about 50 insurance claims I have to file.
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yes please.
posted by aesop at 1:46 PM on May 9

I will set one up for decluttering/cleaning!
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