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I've installed a language learning extension in my browser called Toucan which changes an assortment of words on whatever page you're looking at into your target learning language -- in my case French -- with the idea that you will learn that vocabulary in the context of your primary language. But what's currently cracking me up is that when I open a page on Metafilter: communauté weblog, it often chooses to translate bits and pieces of peoples usernames.

The first one I saw was Blue Jello Elfe, which seems more old-timey curiousity shoppe than French, tbh. So far, other new Mefites I have noticed include:
the corpse in la bibliothèque
grim réfrigérateur
Pape Guilty
Winnie Le Proust
Fille Cuisinière
lumineux and shiny
Les Sous-Vêtements Monster

I have nothing more consequential to add here, this just makes me giggle and I thought you all might be amused, too.
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These are great. “Fille Cuisinière” took me a while; I assume it is this user?
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hee hee hee
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C'est moi!
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Ooooh do me do me!
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Seriously though is there a list of usernames somewhere? Wanna see more!
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Hey that's me!!
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A good way to find lists of usernames, tiny frying pan: Check highly favorited comments in the infodumpster. In some cases upwards of 1000 usernames will be found.
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Canard Gris!
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Who am i?
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That is great - thanks for sharing with the rest of us :)
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If mine says Qulbutoké, that extension is spectacular.
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Sadly, it doesn't translate all words or anything consistently, so I can't make it do anyone in particular. It *really* likes the corpse in la bibliotheque, though -- that one gets translated pretty much every time it appears on a page. Sometimes it also translates corpse to corps.

Since then, I've also noticed Lyn Jamais, which I like very much, and Your Enfance Pet Rock.
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I am very intrigued by this idea. Thanks!

But, either the linux firefox integration is broken, or I'm too tired and or dumb to figure out how to make it work, or it's conflicting with other plugins. Highlighting text and clicking on a flag that is not English. . . doesn't seem to do anything at all. Am I missing something? It sure sounds fun.)
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For some reason it seems to be working in wikipedia and elsewhere, but not here. (Which I don't understand, but isn't really a problem that needs to be solved.)

I'd forgotten about it, even though I was talking about it here minutes ago, and I was surprised to learn that Dick Van Dyke got his big start in Chance of Una Vida and Sala de Exposiciones. I spent more time than I am proud to admit considering whether Dick Van Dyke might actually have been originally a Spanish speaking actor. The answer is no. This is quite fun.
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I'm sure mine won't work with the translator, so here you go: Je suis Kim suis-je!
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Who am i?

If only I had un pinguino...

(I am using Toucan in Italian)
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vin la chansong; hey I'm a winning chainsaw! ooh that will be my stealth username.
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going to need to get a sockpuppet account

Les Sous-Vêtements Monster hahahahahhahahahahhahahahaaaaa!!!
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L'ardeur de Cambry (google translate apparently knows from post-apocalyptic English puns)
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Cher MetaFilter:

Hon hon hon.

M. Mauvais Exemple
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Je suis tarte aux pingouins, apparemment.
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OK and now you've got me translating my username into every language on Google translate

byrek me pinguin
torta de pinguim
pinqvin pastası
paii Penguin
ፔንግዊን አምባሻ
bánh chim cánh cụt
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This thing is really fun. I keep forgetting about it and then being surprised. The translation of only a single word, rather than whole phrases, is jarring in a good way. This morning reading twitter, I was really confused by "Residential schools were partially funded by los estudiantes' own treaty dinero," which both seemed *plausible* as a thing someone could say about Spanish-speaking places and also incredibly weird choice of wording. [Edit: I also now realize the distinction is a lot more obviously visible when not also running the dark reader plugin. I think I actually like it better when it's not obvious.]
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OK and now you've got me translating my username into every language on Google translate

This is so fascinatingly amusing.

French: solide comme un roc
Hungarian: szikla szilárd
Welsh: graig yn gyson
Samoan: papa mautu
Yoruba: rọọkì duro
Irish: carraig seasta
Ukranian: скеля стійка (skelya stiyka)
Haitian Creole: wòch fiks
German: felsenfest

These are all going in the sock puppet name bank. Rọọkì Duro! Skelya Stiyka! Felsenfest! Papa Mautu!!
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I sometimes regret using a name as my name here, rather than something more interesting. (It's not my name, but it is *a* name.) A cursory search tells me that if you interpret my username as a unit (which it is, in addition to being a name) in Mandarin, which I don't speak at all, it translates to "source." That seems. . . not wrong, but also far too general to possibly be true. In Japan, it seems it's just the Katakana transliteration of the Hungarian word, similar to most languages in which it exists. Oh well. I need to figure out how to make this plugin work on metafilter, 'cause this is fun.
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Rock Steady: Rọọkì Duro! Skelya Stiyka! Felsenfest! Papa Mautu!!

And also Rotsvast.
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Rock Steady, your name in Italian is solido come una roccia! Last word pronounced at the end like focaccia (rocha).
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'box' in Romanian is 'cutie,' while 'box' in Polish is 'skrzynka.'

Something to keep in mind, maybe, when planning travel in Eastern Europe.
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Hon hon hon!
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Now I want it in English to see if I’m “new-person” or “news-nobody”
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Rock Steady I think(?) you’d be Constant comme une pierre (Constant like a stone) or comme un rocher (like a boulder). I only have high school French so I might be wrong? But I think Solide is a noun, like “milk solids” not an adjective, and roc is more like the material than the individual piece of rock so it would be a bit off, akin to saying “solid item like a granite”. (But then again my name is news-nobody and I can’t conjugate verbs so I may very well be wrong.)

May I suggest Pierre Régulier or Pierre Constant
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Apparently I'm Potchat, which is probably going to be the name of my podcast so I dig it
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I still can't make the plugin work here for some reason. But, jarcat would likely be tarrogato in word-by-word translated LA Spanish, which is fun to say. (gato del tarro is probably what a human would actually say, but less fun.)
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A few new ones:
Licorne chaser
See you demain
taquito level de soleil
Well I jamais
Ender's ami
une boîte and a stick and a string and a bear

Some pages it won't translate usernames at all, but it seems to like the favourites pages.
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oh MAN i wish Dutch was an option
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I'm le démon qui vit dans l'air in Canada and made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup
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I remain delighted by just how often I get tripped up by this. Someone liked a tweet of mine and I clicked on it. . . and was absolutely befuddled by what the hell I could possibly have been talking about. (I was making a joke about a badly chosen acronym by making another badly chosen acronym, in english. It really doesn't work in two languages.)

When the universal translator is on the blink, life gets more interesting.
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I'm "cygne orange" in French, but I don't know what Jacq's translator would do with it.
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It's flabdablet! let, let!
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Je suis tarte aux pingouins, apparemment.

Toucan prefers "manchot pie". And yet, it also offers " If only I had un pingouin" on the same page. So it's not consistently translating the word penguin.
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bonjour, je m'appelle un humble nudibranche
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TIL that manchot means South Pole penguin, and pingouin means North Pole penguin ... and also that North Pole penguins aren't penguins at all!

This language learning extension is way better than the old-school way I learned French (la souris est en dessous de la table)

- gangliondebase
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