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This post is now closed to new comments, so I just want you all to know, I JUST FOUND MY JEWELLERY. It was in a re-useable supermarket bag on the floor of my closet right next to my jewellery storage mirror thing (which I put in my closet when I had a baby).
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That’s awesome! Congrats. Gives me hope maybe someday I will find my jewelry. A couple of summers ago I packaged all of my most important pieces together because I wanted to have it ready to grab in case of an evacuation (we were having lots of red flag warnings for fire danger). Anyway I haven’t seen the package since and don’t even remember what I put it in, probably a ziplock but who knows.
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Ooo I love a happy update! Congrats!
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Congrats. I am also hoping that those two salticid spiders I found as inclusions in a piece of amber at a Colombian flea market will turn up some day.
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This story is pure gold! Congrats!
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Good, now please come help me find the key to my bike lock.
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saladin, have you looked in the lock? When I cannot find my housekeys, they are usually in the lock on the door. Or in the couch cushions, or under the la-z-boy, or in my pants pocket that I put in the hamper, or my gf hung them up where the extra set of keys go, or on my desk under a bunch of paperwork, or they fell behind the bed, or...
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I love good news; YAY!!
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I still haven't found the damn sneaker. I even threw the other one out, certain that would cause its partner to materialize. nada...
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There is hope yet for all of us!
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this is great. my grandmother once hid her jewelry in a old bathrobe and forgot about it and sent it to my sister for Christmas.
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Congrats! Hoping the jewelry finding vibes will flow towards me in time....
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I just read that thread this morning so it’s pretty cool to find your update. It’s like you found your jewellery right away!
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Oh, yah, I thought you looked in there or I woulda said somethin'.
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Yay!!!!!! I love a happy ending!

I once lost the stone out of a favorite ring (large light blue topaz). No idea when I lost it; I just looked down and saw that it was missing. I checked the grocery bags I'd just brought in and my son's diaper bag...nope. Gave up as gone forever.

About four days later, on my way in my house, as I unlocked my front door, I glanced down...and in a crack on my cement steps, there it was! And I had just swept snow from that step the day before!

I still can't believe my luck.
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Happy sigh... Reading this thread is refraxing. Or releshing, if you prefer.
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I am vicariously enjoying your relief! and it has reminded me that, when she used to be allowed in the bedroom, one of my cats used to hide my jewelry under throw rugs and even managed to wedge my engagement ring into the frame of my box spring so that I couldn't find it for a month. But I have also done a good job of hiding my stuff from myself on occasion!
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Not precisely the same as expensive and sentimental jewelry misplaced in the house, but sone years ago I related how I lost a contact lens at night in the woods and then found it again with no artificial light.
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