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the funny thing is , no media coverage exists. the abortion pill, legal in europe, has become available in the u.s. f.d.a has just approved it. want to try getting it ? only a few states carry it. not that i would know or anything.
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it was mentioned here:

And there was something in the NY Times about how difficult it is for doctors to dispense it.

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i was listening to NPR the day it was officially approved and they went into quite a bit of detail about how Drs in the US have already been using several other drugs for the same purpose for years and years, which work pretty much the same way, with the same side effects etc etc. looks like the whole RU-486 "abortion pill" was just a bunch of hype...
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the real issue of course is lack of widespread education about family planning/reproductive rights/contraceptive choices etc. why don't most people know these drugs are available? why have doctors never suggested these safe & legal abortion drugs when women in my life have opted to terminate pregnancies? it's really a shame..
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