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This is your MeFi Holiday Card Exchange appreciation thread! I have received my most awesome cards ever and am feeling like I definitely need to up my card exchange game next year! ALL cards have been lovely but I especially want to thank whoever sent my dog the brilliant little crinkly dog toy and the person who sent the rainbow solstice window cling thingy. In typical fashion I mislaid the envelopes, but THANK YOU! <3
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I got my first card in the mail today! It was posted on the 28th of November. I'm impressed - mine are going in the post box... Tomorrow - which is definitely too late for Christmas. Perhaps it will start a trend for Christmas in January/February? I did buy the stamps on the 10th, but only recently was able to escape the small children to get cards.

Excitingly, the card I got was one of the ones described in this fpp - and it looks so good! Thank you amtho!

At the start of the year I heard about a friend who collects the stickers on fruit (my Mum busted her picking up and looking at the fruit in her fruit bowl) so I've been collecting them, thinking that maybe we get different stickers here. Just yesterday I filled up the card, so I'm going to use this card sending momentum to post them along with a card as well.
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I love the card exchange. I got a few last week, including one full of stickers :-D I'm sure there are more now at our PO box but I haven't been there for a week.

I plead with my recipients for forgiveness, though. I realized belatedly that "holiday" in "holiday card swap" was meant to modify the word "card" and not simply the time of year we were exchanging them. So the ones I sent were all themed about where I live.

Anyway, happy holidays/new year, all. MetaFilter rocks!
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The card exchange makes me so happy every year! Six had made it to Paris before I left for England, looking forward to the rest when I get back. Especially loved the ‘I’d rather be in Birmingham’ sticker!
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I couldn't afford to do the card exchange this year, but I've saved all the cards from previous years and have them out as decoration. It's a real spirit-lifter.
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The Underpants Monster, please memail me if you'd like a valentine in February because I'd love to send you one! I'm going to do garlands again I think.

I've received a nice set of cards, another one just arrived today. I don't decorate for the holidays so I just have this happy concentration of holiday cheer in a spot in my living room where I see them every time I walk by.

Many thanks to needlegrrl and to all of you!
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Yes! THANK YOU NEEDLEGRRL! I can’t believe I forgot to say that! Thank you so much for making this happen!
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The Underpants Monster, I also keep cards to put out the next year. Some of the ones I've gotten in past years from y'all are real pride of place mantel decor!

My cards just went out this week, so happy new year! They are coming though.

In related news, I've been running the Valentine swap the last few years, but will be traveling/busy at work in early January when I usually put that together. If anyone is interested in organizing that in my stead, send me a MeFi mail. I think I can still make the swap happen around my other plans, and will try to do so if no one else wants a post-holiday project. So watch out for a Valentine swap post near the beginning of 2023, one way or another!

Many thanks to needlegrrl and all the people who sent holiday cheer.
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The cards have been a delight! My French-learning teens loved a recent one en francais, some delightfully whimsical snow people, including one that resembles a live-action Calvin & Hobbes re-enactment of a family. Lovely bears and a delightful fox diorama amid gorgeous holiday colors and good cheer, you all are awesome! Every card brings joy, especially when it’s bitterly cold like this, thank you.
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Oh yes thank you needlegrrl for organising!
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You're not alone, freethefeet. Power outage interfered with my plans to assemble cards yesterday, but will get my cards out as soon as I can. I so enjoy the card exchange, thanks everyone.
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Thanks Needlegrrl for organizing and to everyone for all the lovely cards I’ve received so far. And special thanks to the mefite who sent me the rainbow window clingy thing too. Happy Holidays everyone . Stay warm!!
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Thanks so much needlegrrl for organizing. I've gotten stickers and pictures of people's cats, homemade cards ... all fun, and all prominently displayed near my mini tree. I also enjoy the ones that arrive later - extends Christmas out for me, which is a good thing!

Here is a virtual/ecard, as a bonus for all.
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I got the loveliest cards!! Its been exciting to go to my mailbox every day. Thank you all for sending them, and thank you for organizing, needlegrrl!
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I am enjoying my cards from my swapees! And Gorgik that letterpress fish is gorgeous, I ain't fussed about theme.
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Agreed with OP! I've received most of my cards, so lovely and clever. I'll post more later, but I'm in the middle of also trying to thank some Secret non-denominational Santas who also sent cool stuff.

(I sent my Mefi cards out earlier this week. I promise they finally did go out!)
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This was my first card swap on metafilter and its been so great! They have brought a bit of fun and joy to my week. Thank you needlegrrl for organizing the swap!
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I really love doing the card swap! It motivates me to get my whole list done and I really feel happy when I get to put out all my stamps and cards and stickers! I love getting the mail, too :-)
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I loved this year's card swap! We have had some strikes in England though, so I'm not sure if all of them have arrived as planned, but I did get one from Seattle, one from Australia and one from France. ♥
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Gorgik, you send out stickers too, don't you? They've been well appreciated, I love stickers. Perhaps I sent some out this year too...
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I just updated my Card Swap list with notes about the cards I've gotten, lovely cards and rainbow thingy stickers yay! I'm always always late about sending out cards, this month will be no exception despite good intentions. A fractured shoulder in the household and we go right off the rails. That, and getting a message from a friend that, yesterday, they got the card I mailed in late November. Anyway, I'm helping Mr Busted Shoulder make family cards today, so here's hoping they make their way into the world soon.
Thanks to everyone who does the card swap, and especially needlegrrl for running things!
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I had all good intentions in early December and finally got my cards out 12/26 after dealing with various issues relating to middle age and caring for elderly parents. I love this exchange and thank you needlegrrl for organizing it again this year!
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I sent my cards out in two batches, for special postmarks - and one batch went to oregon, and was fine, and was sent out. the other is circling the postal system and I am not sure they will ever make it out. I did, however, send out new year's postcards, because I don't know whose cards actually made it and whose didn't.. so on the plus side, more mail! :)

I also have cards from previous years that I bring out, and I have cards from this year all hung up in my office/craft room, and they bring me joy every day,

thank you, everyone, for participating!
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Two more cards have made it to me in Australia - thanks needlegrrl and danceswithlight!
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winesong, your lovely card just arrived on Monday!
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