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what are you listening to? open music thread. share what you're listening to. feel free to link to a youtubes, spotify, or soundcloud, just share some tunes with the rest of us, sending good vibes to you all
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I’ve been enjoying Hiatus Kaiyote quite a bit these days (skip the remixes of you want to check them out for the first time).
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I have been really enjoying Midorinomaru this past week; one of their songs popped up on a Spotify playlist and I have been working my way through their entire discography. Drum and keyboard jazz with really snappy chemistry and a richness of texture.

I’ve got symphony tickets in a few months when my brother visits so I wanted to listen to one of the pieces that will be performed ahead of time, fell down a rabbit hole, and now I’ve remembered how delightful I find Dvorak’s symphonic poems. In particular the Water Goblin, which always gives me a sensible chuckle since that’s kind of also my name.

I’ve definitely entered the segment of winter where I need to make myself listen to lots and lots of music to slog through until spring. If anybody has a bunch of lyric-free eclectic Spotify playlists that aren’t primarily ambient please leave a link.
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Someone made a Spotify playlist that closely captures the sound of 1990s 99X, Atlanta's powerhouse alternative music station. I used a widget to rebuild it in Apple Music and it's been my jam of late.
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I don't run, but I like this Nike Run Club playlist (Spotify link) from Janaya Future Khan.
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A lot of Stormzy and Little Simz as they both had albums out at the end of last year, and Loyle Carner and Rina Sawayama before I see them both in concert this month and next month.
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Bach and his big organ
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NewJeans "Ditto" (side A) and (side B) and OMG. The three videos should be watched in sequence to make fuller sense of what's going on.
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Going down a rabbit hole of hunting down the original songs that Van Dyke Parks rerecorded on his 1972 album Discover America. I did not know that Lee Dorsey had originally recorded "Ocapella" and "Riverboat", or that the full version of Mighty Sparrow's "Jack Palance" is one big extended rant about how many elderly women there are in nightclubs.

I also came across an instrumental cover of "Ocapella" by an entertaining group called "Slavic Soul Party!", which led me to look at the rest of their work.

Courtesy of the Caribbean connection to Discover America, I also found a good (and surprisingly faithful to the original) cover of the Ides of March's "Vehicle" by Bajan musician Richard Stoute. For unrelated and perhaps obscure reasons, I also found a (rather more experimental) cover by Shirley Bassey, who seems to believe that "guy" rhymes with "sedan".

So, uh, lots of covers and/or tracking covers back to their originals. With that note I leave this utterly-missing-the-point performance of "Ol' Man River" by Hungarian pop group Metró, who (a) forgivably enough, have weak English and kind of mumble their way through the lyrics they don't know, and (b) less forgivably, seem not to have grasped that "Ol' Man River" is not a breezy pop song.
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Pretty much anything recommended by Women of Noise. Note: there's a podcast now.
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Right this minute I’m listening to Brazil by Cornelius, my wife put on a mixcd I made her for our 3rd wedding anniversary, and it’s on there. Earlier today I stumbled onto a recommendation for the album On tullu mietittyä kuolemaa ja semmosta by Ite Eerola, which is lovely Finnish indiepop that kept me company while I was cleaning the apartment this morning. Oh, and in the time it took to write this comment the mixcd moved onto To the East by Electrelane.
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A friend of mine introduced me to Polyphia, a primarily instrumental prog rock band that blends a bunch of styles.
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Somewhat late to the party, and was thinking of doing an FPP on them: Wet Leg, an indie duo who've been around for a few years now. Chaise Longue is a joy to watch and listen to. They have three nominations in the Grammy Awards.
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I used a widget to rebuild it in Apple Music

Would you mind expanding on that a bit?
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I've been listening to the 2021 Korean cast recordings for Jekyll & Hyde (three diff casts in vol. one, two, three). The second one with Hong Kwangho is truly stellar. *_*
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Would you mind expanding on that a bit?

I used Songshift for this. We found it when we jumped from Spotify last year and used it to import our playlists. It's free to use; there's a paid upgrade but I never needed it.
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Somewhat late to the party, and was thinking of doing an FPP on them: Wet Leg, an indie duo who've been around for a few years now

Wet Leg is a phenomenal duo. My wife and I were driving back from Pittsburgh last summer and our AC broke mid-way through the drive and we had all the windows down in 100+ degree temps. That album was the only thing distracting us and preventing us from absolute misery.

Every song on that disc is worth a listen. :-)
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2022 stuff on repeat: Bartees Strange, The Beths, Sudan Archives

Discoveries from year-end lists, especially the Bitter Southerner's: Alex G, DOMi & JD BECK
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I have been building a playlist around a very moody grove I have been in recently. Thundercat, Moses Boyd, Robert Glasper, among others.

here is Robert Glasper with Yebba Over
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On-line I've been enjoying the videos posted by NYC-based trio New Jazz Underground.

On CD I've been listening to some other recent jazz including Makaya McCraven and Mary Halvorson. Also (not jazz) to Lucretia Dalt.

And on old vinyl (but new to me) I have been enjoying Roberta Flack's wonderful debut album First Take.
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I just finally set up my stereo in my now-no-longer-very-new apartment and I'm having a ball. Right now I am listening to the low-key electronic stylings of GAS. (Just remembered one thing I don't like about it, which is some of his samples have pops that make it sound like I damaged my speakers when I moved them.) I've listened to the Beethoven violin concerto in D about 30 times as well, I think most often this recording.
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It's not my usual thing but I'm enjoying Khruangbin, e.g.

For a nice vibe around the house, Hania Rani.

For mixing business with pleasure, a song that mixes bluegrass, moonshine, murder, and looting archaeological sites.
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Billy Nomates just released their new album Cacti today, which I preordered through Bandcamp, so I will be listening to that later today. Tickets just went on sale for their North American tour too.

Agree with Wordshore and Fizz on Wet Leg, their album was my favourite of 2022.
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Wet Leg have been nominated for 4 Brit Awards!
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The new Pulse Emitter is my go-to cassette listen. It's been in the tape player for two weeks.

I listen to a lot of the soundtracks of Pikmin and Yoshi's Crafted World in the car and at breakfast/before-school-hype-up-time because my kid is obsessed with them. While I think it's actually good music, I'm really tired of it. Except the Pikmin end-of-day music. I think of that whenever I want to pack up and go into a ship to space, away from a real situation.

And also: D I S M E M B E R

I missed them in the '90s, and I'm glad I accidentally had them "in reserve".
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Yeah, I recently discovered Wet Leg. They're fun.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard probably wins the award for dumbest band name ever but they're pretty damn wild. I've only just skimmed the surface but I'm digging them.

I've been trying to get into Goose but they're not really clicking for me. They're like easy listening Phish or something. They're great musicians and they seem to have some very savvy marketing behind them but I find most of their music bland and uninteresting. I expect they're going to get pretty big though.
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Neutrals — Bus Stop Nights. Post punk indie pop from SF and Glasgow. Got the title track in my head all the time even though I can’t decipher a good portion of the lyrics.

Liquids — Life is pain Idiot. Punk/garage from Indiana laser targeted at me, specifically.

Strange Attractor — Good Boy Bad Boy. Snotty garage punk from Sudbury, Ontario.
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I just remembered yesterday how much I loved Garth Brooks back in the day. It feels like it’s been decades.

Also, I’ve been wondering why so many country songs reference Chris Le Deux. I had never heard his music before but I hear him mentioned in country songs all the time and I don’t know why that is.
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Yesterday I listened to Lou Reed’s Transformer album for the first time in a while, just to make sure I still don’t like it. Guess what? I don’t like it.
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...And Take The Black Worm With Me by One Leg One Eye (Ian Lynch of Lankum) is just tremendous. Monumental drone folk.
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"Tin Cups" by ZZ Ward. I recently discovered her music on a local community college radio station and was entranced. I ordered one of her cds; to me she reminds me of Lady Gaga on her "Joanne" album, and also Adele, depending on the track.

Next one I'm checking into: Lissie. Similar sound, which I love. Looking forward to checking out more suggestions upthread.
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Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat in which Charanjit Singh, armed only with a Jupiter-8, a TR-808, and TB-303, invents (and possibly perfects) acid house a decade early.
From the present day, Landwerk no.3 by Nathan Salsberg - ambient, hauntological but actually really good.
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Keep returning to “Life” the new all-originals mix from Traumprinz
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South African rock musician James Phillips' s album Live at the Jamesons

He died too young.

Also, here's my Spotify list of ambient music I listen to while writing

When I'm feeling freaked out I listen to this Skanderna an album by Strom. It's got a bit of a sentimental edge to it but I find it very calming.

I made myself a playlist of songs to stim to that instantly cheer me up. It's a bit of a bizarre list that includes Plastikman, The Beatles, Robert Palmer, Dolly Parton, Sonic Youth, The Specials, Talking Heads, INXS, Beck, Midnight Oil, The Breeders, The Clash, Beck, Eurythmics, Prince, Depeche Mode, Aswad, Tina Charles, Grace Jones,etc.
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From the present day, Landwerk no.3 by Nathan Salsberg - ambient, hauntological but actually really good.

Listening to this now. Really good. Thank you.
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When I want some music in the background while I work, Celtcast is pretty good.
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Louis Cole released a new album recently, Quality Over Opinion (Spotify link) which is just great. Park Your Car on My Face is an especial favourite.

If you're not familiar with Louis Cole's bizarre funk-laced nu-jazz shitpost music, this three minute live performance is the single best place to start.
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been listening to a lot of final fantasy and assorted video game lofi remixes

some spotify playlist links:

Lofi Lia - this is my fave right now

Final Fantasy LoFi
Final Fantasy LoFi Mix
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I have been cycling through three Spotify playlists the last few weeks. The Regrettes (pop punk rockabilly etc), Meet Me @ The Altar (punk/metal.
Spotify is doing something shitty and adding songs by other bands to this one, even though I made it), Parquet Courts (dunno how to categorize them, indie?).

Thanks for the thread I always find great new to me music from other mefites \m/
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For anyone looking to get into King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, might I suggest Ice, Death, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava? It takes all the genres they’ve been messing with—jazzyness, jammyness, psychness, metalness, thrashyness, and millenealness—and blends them all in a very satisfying way!
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Should read, *Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava.* Ffs, how could I forget the planets?

Also, the seven tracks were built around the seven greek modes, which works right into my timetravel aspirations for 2023.
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Harry Styles' House. Yeah, uncharacteristically for me, some contemporary sounds have filtered through, since I'm back in the gym after a two-year hiatus, I hear this and I like it! So I got the CD from the library.
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Mulatu Astatke
Ethiopian-rooted jazz. The up-side of the-beast-that-is-Spotify is introduction to crazy-cool music. This is one of those, totally worth it. In the same vein and source, there's a band out of Munich(!) 'Karl Hector & the Malcouns' that makes music with roots in North African Jazz, and then Kahil El'Zabar who has some really great stuff as well.

The kids stumbled upon this and holy shit. I feel like an absolute dolt for not listening to this before. It's straight, exceptional, remarkable. "Madvillany" and "Mm... food." are just - sublime. The variety of the samples, the sophistication of the rhymes and rhythms. A little bit it makes me think of "Paul's Boutique" in how various it all is. Not quite there but also particularly good is OG Keemo's "Mann Beisst Hund" ("Man bites Dog") - German rap but not fixated on re-producing the sound/style of American rap but just taking the form and going with it.

Domi + JD Beck
I listen to this and then I am smarter. (Also I feel like their best is yet to come, like they're gonna make an amazing album.)
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The Mommyheads continue to put out new albums of insightful progressive pop at a brisk pace. A lot of people won’t look past their unfortunate name, but I can’t emphasize how good this stuff is.
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So a friend of mine in Hamburg posted a link to a new thing he’s doing in a private forum. He has been a working musician in various cover and tribute bands, and he’s pretty good. Last year, he started posting some original stuff- he’s fallen in with a crew of folks doing a retro thing, real instruments (he hauls around an actual Hammond B3, a Rhodes, etc) and recording to tape old-Skool style. He has a funky trio doing instrumentals which is great, but then he posted a link to this collaboration which caught me off guard.

It’s fucking stunning how good it is. When it comes on, I tend to get stuck on it for several listens before I can move on.

The Angels of Libra, with Maiiah. Obey.
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I found myself suddenly thinking last night of a pop song I came across via a dorm CD sale in college and spent a couple hours trying to pin it down before finally making some "a ha!" mental connection, and so I have now finally listened to, for the first time in probably twenty years, one-off hit Mouth by Australian artist Merril Bainbridge.
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(If you like Mulatu Astatke, check out the French band Akalé Wubé--they play a very Ethiopiques-influenced jazz.)
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I was driving home from hiking today, and Spotify decided to play only Joywave for me.

Nice House came on first, and I thought to myself "I really like this early album, I think I discovered them around here. And it's the album with Destruction! Hahaha, remember that time they played that like 8 times in a row at a show?"

Then Little Lies You're Told came on, and I was like "yea, I actually think Content might be my favorite album of theirs"

Whereupon Blastoffff came on, and I was thinking about when I saw it debut live and how much I love that album too!

And then Buy American from 2022's Cleanse came on and now I JUST DON'T KNOW which is my favorite album, OK??

Nobody wants you to know about Joywave...
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Some of you will remember Röyksopp, the Norwegian electronica duo who had a 2001 hit with "Eple" and released a string of fine albums in the following decade before signing off in 2014 with The Inevitable End. I loved those guys, and was sorry to see them go.

Well, it turns out it wasn't so inevitable! After some one-off singles and archival collections in the intervening years, in 2022 they were back, with not one but three instalments of Profound Mysteries, a music and video project that they refused to call a trio of new albums but which totally was. I couldn't have been happier. A few highlights: This Time, This Place - Oh, Lover - Speed King. The soundtrack of my car stereo for the past year.
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At this exact moment I'm listening to the new one by Sleaford Mods. Who I haven't liked before, but UK GRIM is ... quite something. As is the Cold War Steve video which is going to get talked about a lot, so have slapped a post up about it on the blue.
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Freakons, a collaboration between Freakwater (not as much my thing) and the Mekons (very much my thing). Songs about mining and capitalism from the UK and Appalachia. Extremely dark. You would not have thought, perhaps, that Mekons-adjacent content could get too much darker than some of their earlier stuff, but dark, dark, dark. Of course in a way the times are a lot darker too. This is an excellent album, really up there with the best of both bands.

I'm surprised, actually, that it hasn't made a bigger splash. I suppose it's not cool enough stylistically for, eg, the Quietus, but it is really awfully good.

I have also been listening to Purple Mountains, David Berman's last album, quite a lot. It's not all available on Bandcamp, but a quick youtube of "I Loved Being My Mother's Son" is worthwhile. Again speaking of dark, it's a sad, dark, moving-toward-death album and unlike the Freakons one, I would not recommend it if you're not in a good place to hear something like that. I'd say that I knew my pandemic depression was lifting just a little bit when I reflected that "All My Happiness Is Gone" no longer totally, absolutely described my emotional state.
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Spiritbox, especially this one-take of Circle With Me, it's truly amazing. Also their song Rotoscope, which sounds like Garbage if Shirley Manson had been listening to Cannibal Corpse.
Also JINJER - Who Is Gonna Be The One (Live), and this version of their song Pisces.
Also also, ANIMALS AS LEADERS - Monomyth, astounding.
Also also also, NewJeans' new songs, but they've already been linked above.
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Fans of WetLeg should check out Momma - Speeding 72 . They were obviously huge Throwing Muses fans, a real '90s throwback sound, but this song came out 6 months ago and the band are just past teenagers.

Parker Milsap - Hades Pleads this guy really loves Led Zepplin, but instead of their inability to edit and blues riff/jam mentality he keeps it moving having about 5 different musical sections in 2.5 minutes, and basically acoustic instruments.

Heavy Heavy - Miles and Miles kind of a like a Neko Case New Pornographers track with harmonized singing.

New Pornographers are actually coming out with a new album soon, but their new song Really Really Light is just ok.
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At this exact moment I'm listening to the new one by

Ah, sudden memory of that campground in Florida in 1975 one evening when I first heard Kashmir, emanating from another campsite, and desirous to identify this great new sound, asked "What is that?" and the only answer I could get out of this bearded, smiling hippie was "The new one."
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Also currently listening to Pop Muzik (1979) by M, hence another post on the blue.
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Wet Leg have been nominated for 4 Brit Awards!

Wet Leg just won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album!
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And another one for Best Alternative Music Performance!
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There's already a 2021 post on the blue about Chaise Longue {thinks hard} so here's a post on the blue about the French lyric version of Chaise Longue - enjoy!
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Wet Leg have been nominated for 4 Brit Awards!

Wet Leg just won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album!

They just won Best New Artist at the Brits!
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And Group of the Year!
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